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  1. I purchased Weeds Season 4 from Amazon without knowing it was region locked to the US. I therefore have a brand new, never been watched copy if anyone is interested. Please send me a PM.
  2. Well I'm certainly glad Michael Luscombe came in here to personally clear it up!!
  3. So online gaming is not a priority for you? I am led to believe that any imported consoles are limited in which networks you can access.
  4. Thanks for the input!! I don't have the budget for decent speakers at the moment, so I don't think sound will be a big issue for me. I'm just using my default TV speakers (40" Samsung M-Series 1080p) and they are fine. As for your BD quandry, is a PS3 too far out of budget range? Even if you get the new $900 deal for the console, two controllers and two games?
  5. For those with the HD-DVD add-on, can you please give me a brief overview of how it performs? I have a PS3 but am thinking of also getting a 360 after today's announcement from Paramount as a "cheap" HD-DVD player. Have you had any problems? What's the quality like? Or am I better off just buying a stand-alone player? Is there any hope Microsoft will release a 360 with in-built HD-DVD capability? I don't like the idea of a box plugged in via USB.
  6. I missed out at Big W at QV so tried the following stores: Target (refused to match) Myer (refused to match) HMV (refused to match) David Jones (matched, but had bugger-all titles) Jb-Hi Fi (refused to match) I only managed to get my hands on 300 and Shooter in the 5 or 6 hour window that JB seemed to have them ALL reduced to $29 (thanks to a certain member of this forum alerting us!)
  7. The $15 you saved on the DVD's was not worth the petrol or your time driving all that way.
  8. While I really loved the movie, there were parts of it that just didn't do it for me. Good, but not great. Looked pretty though!!
  9. Just got Shooter and 300 for $29 from JB.
  10. Maybe I should get down there in my lunch break. I'm chasing Shooter and 300 and don't think they'll last the day!
  11. You've got to be kidding. I was there the other night and they flat out refused the price match, saying "we can't even buy them for $29 each".
  12. Which JB? If you scroll up a bit you will see the bastards refused to price match for me.
  13. It also struck me as odd that you could "Win a Blu-Ray player" if you buy any Blu-Ray disc. Is it just me or are they preaching to the converted?
  14. I must be the only person to not have any luck yesterday. I went to Big W and they had sold out of 300 and Shooter which are the only titles I am really after at the moment. I moved on to Myer and they refused to price match. HMV also refused to match. Ezy DVD was closed. David Jones WOULD match, but they didn't have the titles. Target refused to match. JB Hi Fi were on the verge of matching when the sales girl ruined my chances. She was about to put it through when she asked the staff member on the register next to her if it could be done. She said to check with a manager who told me they would ONLY price match if the Big W I went to had the DVD in stock. She made the call, told me they were out and that she wouldn't do it for me. I asked her what she thought of a budget family discount store outpricing arguably Australia's largest DVD retailer and she just got snippy and said it was a head office issue, not hers. It makes me even more mad to hear the JB matched prices for other people here. I might have to try again tonight but feel I might be wasting my time. By the way, is it just me or does every JB Hi Fi employee look exactly the same? And by that I mean, dressed in emo clothing, several tattoos on arms and stomach and no fewer that seven piercings in the face. They look horrible.