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  1. "How far do you sit from this TV?" 3.4m
  2. By the time my Sammy 75" arrived on Wednesday arvo I'd come down with a bad gastric infection and was as sick as a dog. I haven't been well enough to do a full check but this is what I've got so far (and I'm very happy). First, the buy price was $8799, $700 under RRP. I was happy with this given there were no Oz internet or other prices out there to use in bargaining. The set wasn't even on HN's data base at that time. Others should do better as the set becomes more widely available, but I'm told by Bing Lee and HN that it's likely to be in short supply for some time. Basically, what I've done is to check out the 2D PQ using a number of sources, blu-ray rips in ISO form played back with Power DVD 12, torrent downloads in 720p, and free to air TV via my Topfield PVR (but not the Sammy's onboard digital tuner yet). I wasn't happy with the PQ out of the box. Black levels, contrast, brightness and detail were excellent, but colours were overcooked (green grass and foliage looked artificially green for example) flesh tones were too often too pink, and faces sometimes looked like they'd had cosmetic surgery (excessive smoothness due to to a too high sharpness setting). It's too early for picture settings to be out there on the net, and I'm not a calibration expert. But I knew that the picture processing of the Sammy UN65ES8000 is very similar to the 9000, which merely adds two features from the D8000 back in, Cinema Black and Smart LED. So I found and applied some 8000 settings :www.digitaltrends com/tv-review/samsung-un65es8000-review/ I followed these but set sharpnes to 0. There are many others out there. Further refinement is definitely possible, but I'm now very happy with the PQ. Colours and flesh tones are now more natural, and the excessive smoothness has gone. Together with the excellent blacks, contrast, detail and brightness, this makes a great picture, perhaps the best I've seen. Anything not mentioned, I haven't checked. I'll post again when I have more to report. George2
  3. Hi Everyone, Bing Lee in Armidale (Northern NSW) are delivering my Sammy 75" tomorrow. They say it'll be the first one delivered in Australia. It replaces my much loved Sony 70" SXRD which died recently. Cheers George2
  4. I've just signed up. Many thanks Webbsy.
  5. Cross me off the 3/03 club list. I received mine today. Duplicates* Stardust* Sahara* Shrek the Third* Ray Born on the Fourth of July Red Dragon 300 The Holiday Mission Impossible 3 Blades of Glory
  6. Thanks Daniel. Email sent. Good luck.
  7. Please add me to the 3/03 club too.
  8. All items bar one in this order have now shipped, including those listed as no longer available (Babel, The Cowboys, The Searchers). Only In The Wild is outstanding, and it's listed as available to ship in my pending order. It looks like Ezy are getting their act together.
  9. My order placed at c.8pm on Thursday 20 March is still pending. It includes Into The Wild. Several items listed as available when I ordered are now listed as NLA. I rang EzyDVD earlier this morning. Mary Ann informed me that a computer glitch regarding Into The Wild had delayed the processing of my order. It was in fact available but the computer wasn't picking that up. She would have it corrected and my order should be processed today or tomorrow. All items, including those listed as NLA, should be shipped. So it's good news. But can we believe it?
  10. Hi Foxy, My first order hasn't arrived yet (no doubt it will on Monday). But I've just added Samsung BDP1400 a Blu-ray player to my system so I need another cable. I've just ordered another 1m and paid via Paypal. I'm looking forward to hooking everything up when my new Integra DTR 7.8 receiver arrives next week! Keep up the excellent work. Cheers George
  11. Hi Keith, Order form submitted: 1x1m, 1x2m,1x3m. Payment made via Paypal. Chhers George
  12. Thanks, but I'm not set up to unzip the file and burn an ISO image to disc
  13. Hi Everyone Another New XE1 owner looking for the 2.5.1 region free and 2.8 firmware on discs. I live in Northern NSW and will happily send blanks and postage.
  14. Its advertised as "coming soon" for Aus $1049 here:
  15. Thanks for your help Owen. I have in fact been using your custom settings with the DVD input, but the red tinge is still apparent. I'll try other settings with contrast under 85. The red tinge does only appear with the DVD player (a Pioneer DV-655A), but it had no problems with the Panasonic CRT I repaced with the SXRD, and I doubt that it's developed a fault simultaneously with being hooked up to the latter. The cable is a possibility, but it's new, a decent quality Crest component cable. See my previous post for my current understanding of the lipsynch problem. I wasn't aware that Mpeg TV and Sat transmissions often have incurable sound synch problems. You buy a beaut new TV etc, and expect everything to be perfect, but life's not that easy! I'll keep trying to solve the problems. Cheers George