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  1. I will try that tomorrow. thanks Mixo
  2. Hi Guys, Put up the projector screen, then the benq 1110, but the projector is not square. Keystone is at 0, could not find any other setting to fix it. I am assuming I haven't put the projector in the right place. Top is straight but the bottom right is lifting up.checked the screen it straight. Anyone who how I fix this? mixo P.s OMG the picture is magneficent..Can't wait to move in and just sit back and relax.
  3. ok good to know, what thinking of some sort of L shape bracket that I could put a few screws in. I'll see tomorrow when I install.. mixo
  4. are these going to be good enough?
  5. from what I saw in the pack there are NO mounting brackets. there are 2 holes at each end caps
  6. here is the manual, well the bit about installing. Are those hooks going to enough to hold the screen? mixo
  7. I get you, but the screen will fall about 60 cm from the tv to miss the audio/video cabinet. thanks Mixo
  8. mine is going to attach to the ceiling as the screen will fall in front of the tv. mixo
  9. I'll find out tonight, but I am pretty sure there are no mounting brackets in the box as the bloke said I had to buy them. Hope to get it up on the weekend mixo
  10. I have put timber running where the screen is going to be so I can screw say an eyelet(but I want it to be somewhat safe so not if thats enough) in the ceiling knowing it's not only supported by the plaster. the picture you have is different to what i have. like below(but the 130" version)
  11. its a tcc 130" electric screen..
  12. Hi Guys, Last year when TCC was having its final sale I picked up an electric screen. the bloke then told me I had to buy brackets to mount on my ceiling. The screen had metal o-rings(is that what you call them?). So the question is what sort of bracket do I use and can I get them from bunnings. If anyone has a youtube video on how to do it or website that would be great too. mixo
  13. all these tuners for computers really need a very good ariel, i.e buy the biggest you can afford. I also run an amp just in case. I have 4 tuners in my pc(2 cards) and it all works. mixo
  14. Oh god don't get me started on the supermarkets and their penny pinching and now they are blaming the consumer. Should not got rid of the kids(and some grans i have seen) getting some extra pocket money.now you wait in queues and serve yourself.. I have no sympathy for the big chains losing money. I see aldi who is in the tight ass of supermarkets hasn't got auto self-service machines. Maybe it's all those who had lost their job at colesworth pirated the fight feed! Anyway who watches boxing these days..barbarian sport.. mixo P.s can't wait to see what happens in these new amazon go stores..how long before someone figures it out and gets "free" groceries..
  15. It must be a typo..are people really that dumb? mixo