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  1. PM sent. cheers k_
  2. I was at Chadstone JB Hifi tonight. Chadstone shopping is having their VIP night tonight. Anyway, picked up 4 music BDs for a shade under $100, this with 20% off the stickered price. I was tempted to pick up the Star Trek BD box set, sticker price was $199. k_
  3. Just saw it. Today's Melb Herald Sun, bottom of page 17. 2-disc BD Wall-E = $31.93 (special purchase) 1 disc normal DVD = 23.48. enjoy k_
  4. I called BigW QV Melb yesterday evening and asked for BD Wall-E. According to the salesperson it's all sold out and was "probably" retailing for ~$38. She could not confirm :/ She also said new stock may come in next week. I then called Target on Burke and they were going for ~$35 with about 7 left in stock. cheers k_
  5. About the same from a HN in Melbourne recently. And they had stock too. I'm still deciding between this or the Samsung 9 which had no ETA. cheers k_
  6. I just watched the DVD. My local had it on the shelf today. I haven't watched the movie before. Anyway, interesting DVD. Started up straight into the movie. No menus at all. All this via PS3. IMO very good video even on my lowly 720p plasma. Most scenes were letterboxed on my plasma but there were some outdoor scenes in full-screen. Interesting indeed. Popping in the 2nd disc. Not sure which version to buy now. enjoy k_
  7. Picked up Kung Fu Panda BD at Borders Melb Central. Used the 40% discount coupon on RRP ($49.95) = $29.97 Interestingly it was stickered "Great Price $39.95). As someone else mentioned that the BDs are behind theBorders sales counter, I asked why? It seems some $2K worth of BDs were stolen from the cabinets recently Unfortunately, no KFP stock at Big W in the city. Not sure when they'll get it in. Their BD display is unsorted making it difficult to find stuff unless you have time/patience. enjoy k_
  8. Region-free Kung Fu Hustle - $25 I'll take this Super Greg. cheers k_
  9. hello, I'll take both. thanks k_
  10. Sorry. Interest waned. No reply from you via thread nor PM. k_
  11. hello, I noted that you have a "revised" list of BDs after this thread that did not include the 2 above. Do you still have these 2? I will confirm "Flags.." tonight, can't remember if I have this or "Letters.." cheers k_