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  1. Still available. Leqt didn't realise I was in Perth.
  2. Yes, I’m sure it could be repaired, probably quite cheaply with the right electronics/soldering skills. I was just using it as a power amp by feeding the output from my Integra DHC 80.2 to the analogue input and setting the Denon to Direct. Not perfect (it still passed through the volume control), but seemed to work fine. When it blew I immediately replaced it with an Integra DTA 70.1. Can’t really say I notice much difference, but that might be my old cloth-ears, or lack of proper calibration, etc. It’s the Black model BTW, and is in otherwise perfect condition. The 2 large capacitors don’t seem to be bulging or leaking, so I’d be surprised if they were the problem. I’ve probably still got the remote, original box and documentation somewhere. Cheers Dave.
  3. It appears that this is still available if anyone wants it. Cheers, Dave
  4. I can't bear to throw out my old Denon AVC-A1SR after 11 years of good service! When I bought it back in 2003 it was Denon's top of the range integrated amp and cost me over $8,000, but unfortunately it has developed a fault (blinking red light). Having no HDMI I assume that it is pretty much worthless, but might suit an enthusiast or for spares. The case is unmarked and it was working perfectly until yesterday. If anyone wants to pick it up from Duncraig, Perth, they will be welcome.
  5. Anyone know what's happened to the BeyonWiz forum? It's been down for a day. Dave.
  6. Thanks Tony I've PM'd him, but he probably won't need it. Seems a shame to just throw it away, but I suppose that's the way of things.
  7. I find my JVC X3 does 3D OK until the lamp ages when it becomes too dim for this purpose. There is still plenty of room for improvement though. The issues are: - Noticably dimmer than a 2D movie, even when viewed in 3D mode (extra bright). - I immediately notice additional flicker when I first put the glasses on, though I get used to it after a short time. From other people's comments here and within my own family, I get the impression that the 3D effect is a very subjective experience which varies widely amongst different people. Personally I appreciate the extra dimension, though the glasses are a bit of a pain.
  8. If anyone's interested, I have a Topfield PVRT 5000 SD PVR that I'm about to put in the bin. If anyone wants it and is willing to pick it up (I'm in Perth), they are welcome. Haven't really used it in over a year, and I seem to remember it had some issues with freezing up now and then, and occasional glitches.Also, I will be removing the HDD. There are also 2 remotes, both working OK AFAIK. Cheers Dave.
  9. Yeah.. what happened to all the content in this and other forums? I'm sure it's still there, but how do you enable it for browsing?
  10. Thanks very much for the advice. Never thought to look for an X9 lamp! Might also consider a bulb-only. They are much cheaper. Cheers Dave.
  11. Turns out they don't have the full lamp unit in stock, just the bulb for US$150, so I won't be buying anything yet as I want to keep the old lamp as a spare. How hard is it to fit a bulb in the lamp unit anyway? bbar - Thanks for the info, but PriceJapan don't seem to have my lamp (PKL2210U). Dave.