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  1. Maybe not related to this topic....but my 58' although switched off (standby mode) wakes up suddenly for around 3 secs and then switches off by itself (nothing appears on the screen though). I noticed this for the 3rd time since I connected my PC to it...but unsure if they are it doe to my wake on LAN?. Anyone with similar issues?
  2. It was via Easicare Extended warranty provided by Bing Lee...I have had this issue for a long time and just did not bother as it was used in the garage. Just thought I'd try calling support and bang..went through. I may have been very lucky to get a full refund . Note that I purchased a display/seconds stock from Bing Lee at 2/3rd the price back in 2007 and that could one reason.
  3. Just so that you all know...I received a full refund on my 60' SXRD today after 3 years of use which had extended warranty purchased from Bing Lee. Issues stated were Blue tinge, shutdown issues, OB (small patch on the centre of the screen) and the occasional disappearance of stored channels (but not related to weak signals).
  4. I think it is about time we get Sony to get serious about this issue. I haven't ever been in a claims court..but I am happy to join the battle if required.
  5. I thought someone got PS58" for $2700 - $2800 mark?....anyone??
  6. HN in Castle Hill will be having 58" on the floor this weekend!
  7. Did anyone ever get through SONY Australia to acknowledge and offer replacement units for the Optical Block issue. HD Guru - SXRD Optical Block Issue
  8. I am trying to understand the difference between the Samsung UA46C6900 and UA46B8000? It may have been answered elsewhere....apart from new and old..what else...Internet Access??
  9. Not really..i have enough RAM and have fine tuned the PC..the graphics card is impressive. But I think i need to change the fan as it gets too noisy..looking at some quieter ones. I don't have many HD-DVD titles either, but games like Dirt, Far Cry run well..
  10. Thanks for the quick response MLXXX I am ordering the XL-5100 as suggested on the forum from Discount-Merchants for my 60'. I will let you know the performance once I fit this..Cheers
  11. It's been a long time I visited this forum...I am getting 'lamp to be replaced' message everytime I switch on my 60 SXRD. - How long do you think it would last with this message (got my in-laws coming in soon ) - Where do i source one from? How much $$ - My Binglee extd. warranty..what can I claim? The system shuts down abruptly and then starts up with a blue tinge..then settles down slowly to normal
  12. check the review here:
  13. Yeah, i am facing this problem...not sure if it has something to do with Sat connection. Any fix for this issue?
  14. Hi, I would just wondering if you could shared any good deals you may have received: a. If you are an existing customer on IQ1 and want IQ2? b. If you are an existing customer without IQ1 and want IQ1? c. If you are an existing customer without IQ1 and want IQ2? d. If you are a new customer and want IQ2 (makes sense)? Please do mention if you had to get into any new contracts or were allowed to stay out of a contract especially with IQ2 upgrades! Thanks!
  15. Thanks a lot...I will check my system today!