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  1. I bought the Kogan bluray player last night since my Samsung BDP-1500 stopped running blurays for whatever stupid reason (it still plays DVDs). I was pretty tempted by Kogan (although skeptical at the same time) for its region free capabilities so I ordered it for $210 incl delivery which I think is a fair price. As long as its reliable I'm sure I'll be happy with it, would've loved to get an Oppo but not for an extra $400 & I don't own any fancy audio gear
  2. Thinking about purchasing this as my Samsung BDP-1500 has kicked the bucket, refuses to run any blurays now & the latest firmware I installed last night didn't help either Since I've had a bad run with a few Samsung products lately I'm steering clear & looking at the Sony range to replace. Basically all I want is something cheap yet decent, region free for DVDs & has DIVX. But from what I've gathered this player doesn't have DIVX, never mind its not too much of a deal breaker for me - but region free for DVDs is quite a big issue for me Review wise this player seems pretty competent, fast loading, has a front USB port (thank GOD!) & it only costs $200 (RRP$230) & its this year's model which means it'll be better supported. I can't find any information about the region free dvds - any confirmation? I suppose I'll probably have to bring an import DVD into JB or something
  3. That's because it was 4 hours & 40min Where are people getting this 5 & 1/2 hours from? Its 282min
  4. Renchi US$56.90 http://www.renchi.com/renchi/Movies_TV_Blu...ay_Disc_Set.htm
  5. Whereabouts in Perth do you live? I'm coming over to watch it
  6. Have you seen the Amazon.com listing price? US$41.49. Hopefully it'll be US$20 cheaper by the time it comes out, not paying that much just because its Pixar
  7. I had some ram delivered a couple of days ago (computer parts, not sheep) and the guy put it underneath my doormat, didn't notice till I stepped on it Wow, that's a great place to put it! Instead of you know...in my huge mailbox!
  8. Still waiting for my bluray, should've been here already! A 3 week wait?!
  9. Haha, I like throwing people off the scent into a "wtf" moment Better than 'Made in Taiwan', the tag would still be attached to their hair net
  10. Checked out my Red Cliff blurays that I received today, PQ is okay I suppose.... http://home.exetel.com.au/backslashio/redcliff001.jpg I kid, it looks friggin awesome! You can clearly see that the guy is wearing fake hair too, lol
  11. Heh, I remember seeing a Retravision advert with a map which said "We are here!...Behind McDonalds" I know its an actual store (I've seen it) but it made it sound like it was a dodgy dealership at the back of McDonalds next to the bins I find it worse when you spend a whole hour in a video rental shop until closing time and still can't find anything you want/stuff that hasn't been completely hired out (my rental store only has 1 of each bluray and a tiny selection)
  12. Depends what you're buying really (there are many titles to be had for $15-20 if you import/keep an eye out for specials) but yes, many titles are still expensive - don't forget that DVD has been around for over 10 years now and is cheap as chips to produce them. You get what you paid for basically
  13. Got my copies today That's really fast from Renchi, they were sent on Friday last week and I chose standard mail!
  14. Warlords is okay but turns from semi-decent action movie into a drama with characters that just aren't very interesting. I'll be watching An Empress & The Warriors soon, heard the romance is kinda sappy but its one of the 3 recent Dynasty movies besides Red Cliff which seems like it may be worth watching
  15. Wondered where it went to, that special features disc is so hard to navigate through and everything's split up into 2-5min mini sections! Argh! Annoying. After watching 2 things I ejected the disc because it was just too much to put up with