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  1. From what I've read the PQ is an improvement over the DVD release but instead of properly remastering all they've done is vamped it up to 1080p and applied DNR over it, still looks good but loses detail to cover up the film grain. Audio is apparently very impressive however Look at the backcover. On the US version it says "Includes both theatrical and extended cut of the film"
  2. Glad to hear it Let me know if you want to buy anything else It really is fantastic, goes for 5.5 hours too and includes 'Tales of the Black Freighter' (a comic within a comic - different from the seperate release and also different from the version that's going to be included in the live action Extended DC). I paid $40 for mine and haven't regretted it
  3. It is, I imported the US version months ago and its awesome! Better than the movie imo (even better if they had a female voice actor to play the female characters instead of 1 guy doing everybody - but he does a really good job at making them distinctive) I'm trying to decide if Troy DC is worth it, never seen the DC but I liked the movie (although I hate Pitt & Bloom looked gay). Anyone else seen the Director's Cut? Any additional action?