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  1. I'll see how I go with either returning the item to JB (though really, they're not the ones at fault), as well as informing the distributer of their mislabelled product. For the record, I'm not on a crusdae/mission. I'm just a tad annoyed
  2. True, but the packaging is plainly wrong. Which is unfortunate.
  3. The disc menu is very (VERY) basic. It has two options, movie/trailer. That's it. Using the audio button on my player, yielded only one audio channel.
  4. This is the version I'm referring to ... http://www.ezydvd.com.au/blu-ray/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-the-original-movie/dp/6137332
  5. Hey all. So, I was wandering around a JB HiFi, and noticed a little ad for TMNT on blu-ray. Being super excited about it, I picked it up. The packaging stated that the audio supplied was Dolby TrueHD, DD 5.1 (and possibly French ...). When I attempted to play it on my Oppo 95, the only language track was the basic DD 5.1. Does anyone else has this release, and can they confirm that it only contains the DD 5.1 track ? If so, that's massively dissapointing.
  6. Has a tech come by today to look at the "sparking pixel" problem. Of course, the issue didn't manifest, as the TV was stone cold when he arrived (he arrived early ! how's that !). However, he did say he'll order a replacement motherboard for the TV, so he'll hopefully repair it next week
  7. Hey all. Amazon.co.uk are having a 2 for £17 sale, which has some fairly decent titles on offer. BUT! On checkout, the savings don't seem to be applied. I added 4 blu-rays to my cart, and it came to £40, rather than £34 ... Has anyone else tried ?
  8. What format/quality is the digital copy in ? Is it worth the effort ?
  9. Got mine on the weekend Beautiful piece of gear ! I could gladly sit there and watch it for hours ... then I might pop a disc in there, or something ...
  10. RF cable (and coaxes in general) have HUGE bandwidth, especially when it comes to digital signals, BUT, are not HDCP compliant, and no one likes to use existing tech, when you can lock everyone into something new and shiny
  11. Um, so yeah ... Can I be a tentative maybe too ? You know, expression of interest, et al.
  12. Hmmm ... Just went over the specs on Panasonics australian page for the bd35, and states that it uses a 192/24 dac for each of the 8 channels, despite it only having a stereo analog out ... Possible copy paste from the bd55 specs ?
  13. Before channel 10 used to play the PAL "speed up" version, which looked stunning. The oddest thing about these converted versions, is everyone's voice is notably different !
  14. So is it in actual HD, or an upscale ???
  15. Time for an epic bump ! Anyone catch the remainder of series 2 last night ? Looked stunning ! Channel 7 timed it pretty well, with the series set to resume after the Olympics, and the show being "fast tracked". Here's hoping they decide to play through the eps properly, rather than show a few, and tout them as the "series finale".