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  1. hmmm, this is quite tempting! would i be correct in thinking that the UMC-1 & XPA-5 would be a significant upgrade over my Denon
  2. HA! I bought my couch from them on the weekend and saw these....they were amazing!! Unbelievably comfy!! Sticker price was $4999 but the guy said they are doing a major release in a couple months and would drop by ~$900 Would love a copy of your receipt if it is still lying around so I can ask him what he's on about
  3. Ok so I finally got my quote! I have 2 windows in the theatre, they are 1500mm x 710mm. Blinds are $670 each window Not sure if this is comparable or not, would be interesting to see what others have done and what it cost, but it does seem a little steep to me!
  4. I emailed the sales rep here today about these: I believe they have locations all over Oz...hopefully I get a quote in the next couple days so I can report back
  5. indeed me too! man havent seen this movie in ages...can't wait
  6. brake, is this one sold yet?
  7. no worries Ian, if anyone else has a copy please let me know!
  8. never fear i have it in writing!! (famous last words?) she gets to do what she wants with the kitchen and ensuite, HT is mine allegedly!!
  9. indeed, i think this looks a treat and is giving me some inspiration for my eventual colour scheme....even though i have been told i can "do whatever i want" by the wife!!
  10. pm'd, cheers!
  11. well seeing as how my arcade is now almost 3 years old and i have some vouchers for JB i'll definetely be picking one of these up on the weekend i think! mate of mine will buy my old xbox off me, really looking forward to having the HDMI and larger storage space from 20Gb : ahhh fond memories of chasing down a linksys router and putting DD-WRT firmware on it to use as a wireless bridge will be long gone now, and from what i've read its going to be much quieter than what ive got so its win for me!
  12. oh they're making a second one? that will be great!! I really enjoyed Donnie Yen in this, interesting to watch the interviews and see how much effort he put into the role, inlcuyding eating 1 meal a day to get thinner and taking up smoking after quitting for 10 years!!! loved the fight scenes too, very classic with only minimal wire work i thought!
  13. I watched Ip Man 3 times....cant get enough of it!! Think I'll go hunting for more kung fu movies now!!
  14. hmm havent bought a BR in a couple weeks, count me in for GB if it goes ahead!