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  1. brake, is this one sold yet?
  2. pm'd, cheers!
  3. received this in the post today. thanks for a great transaction, disc was expertly packed in bubble wrap...had to cut it out can't wait to watch this again, haven't seen it in years, best car chase EVER!!
  4. amazon UK 60% off in their January sale: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=pe_1...e-bin:383380011 picked up the Ocean's Trilogy ordered last night and got an email they had shipped it this morning.....they have been VERY quick on my last 2 orders with shipping!
  5. I would like region B copies of the following please Kill Bill Vol I Kill Bill Vol II pm with offers ...stupid JB trying to sell them for $40 each
  6. I received my copy of the bank job yesterday. Came in one of those brown packing envelopes with the bubble wrap on the inside. arrived in perfect condition and working order, not bad delivery time too took 7 days from time of order considering the price and the quick delivery time i'll definetely be using them again!
  7. well i've got to say i received a rather unexpected surprise from amazon uk in the mail when i got home! placed my order on the 21st, dispatched the 22nd and turned up today via royal mail! what a nice way to start the weekend with 3 new blu's to watch in this rubbish weather...tis a hard life
  8. hah i had my finger poised over the "order" button last night! damn this thread for making me want to purchase every blu-ray i can get my hands on i can see why there is the blu-ray anonymous thread...i've only had mine for 3 days and am already going crazy with the ordering!!
  9. i placed an order for the bank job last night....~$17 delivered is pretty good i reckon. wanted black hawk down bu they're out of stock...so i had to take advantage of the Amazon 3 for 2 offer...what a shame!
  10. For the uninitiated (like me!) how do you know that they are region free? Nothing on that page seems to suggest that they are...
  11. absolutely unbelievable!! the picture looks fantastic especially coming from my old TV. i'm using the supplied cables so it is displaying 1080i over component....beautiful! Must admit i was worried about image retention/burn in but this has never been an issue and i've been using it with the xbox since day one!
  12. Was this in the city? They were my first two stops, Myer only had the 70A and no stock of the 600. DJ's didn't have any in stock but the rep reckoned there was still a couple in their warehouse, he said that he could get one shipped here probably turn up Thursday. But I had to have one and boy is it worth it!!
  13. Lucky for me i took pictures of the damage, it is very severe as you can see from the following pics: The thing with this store is that they have an advertisement going on ATM about their factory seconds and they specifically state in this add that even if the box has slight damage to it then it becomes a second. This was sold to me a brand new warehouse stock which, according to their advertising, it is not. I'll go in there Monday and sit down with the manager to work something out
  14. Thanks mate! straight after i posted i went through the whole thread. I've got my settings at or below half and all the other stuff either off or normal for the 1st 100 hours or so. I could rave about this set for hours, the PQ is simply amazing!! especially coming from an old Sony rear pro that couldn't even do 720p I only have an xbox ATM which doubles as my DVD player and this screen just makes it look fantastic!! Currently have it connected via component so it outputs 1080i, just looks teh sex0r!!
  15. HOORAY!!!! I can finally add myself as the proud owner of a TH50PX600A owner!!! After researching and chasing deals i thought i had left it too late, but lo and behold i managed to purchase the very last one in the Rick Hart warehouse here in Perth for $2890 on 1 year interest free with free delivery!! Seeing how there are almost none left i am more than happy with this price! Went through an absolute nightmare to get it tho but boy is it worth it! First because they had computer troubles someone from another store bought my TV, luckily the salesperson said that the other person could wait.....phew! then because they left the phone call late the warehouse closed early and turned the courier driver away Got the manager to get them on the phone and they reopened so he could pick it up. Then the courier driver turned up and left without dropping it off because my partner was asleep, tried to tell his company he waited for 20 minutes, pfft rubbish!! He dropped it off on the way back tho, although the box it came in was damaged! i immediately took photos of everything and called the manager of the store to get his ok to open the box. He assured me that if there was even a single mark on it he would do the right thing by me......thank god there is nothing wrong with the TV. it was a breeze to set up, found all the channels really easy and looks FANTASTIC!! What a mission, i hope all my hair grows back from all the frustration i went through!! Its worth it because the screen is fantastic but i think i will call them again and discuss the fact that they sold me a "factory second" since the box was damaged, maybe i can get a stand out of them or something? So disappointed with the service but in love with the TV!! I will definetely be putting something in writing to Rick Hart expressing my displeasure! Now to troll through these threads looking for ideal settings A BIG thank you to everyone on these forums for helping me make an educated and informed decision and for getting an AWESOME screen!!