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  1. Just received my Toshiba XA1 today. Popped in Aeon Flux HD DVD and was taken back by the breath taking picture on the SXRD. Even wife noticed the difference immediately and thats always a good sign
  2. BTW, good job Owen. I take my hat off to you for your effort. Must take a lot of work to get all that done.
  3. Hi, with the shutdown issue, does the sxrd totally turns off? Are there variations to this, like switching itself to a different channel for example?
  4. Owen, The settings you reccomended, are you still using that for watching HD material or have you made any other adjustments? Waiting for my Toshiba Xa1 to arrive in 4 days time. Pretty excited for to see how HD will look like with this combo. I have your settings stored and all ready.
  5. If I crank picture up to Max, will that affect bulb life? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I saw someone mention something about adjusting the lamp mode but I cant find it anywhere in the manual or settings. Any help greatly appreciated thanks.
  7. oops sorry, just realised you may mean HN Southland In Australia because there is one in NZ as well and in Southland
  8. Big guy is that from HN Invercargill? Last time I checked they said they didnt have any 60inch left in stock? Also thats a good price with the stand because the stand itself cost like $999?
  9. btw networkn, how much did you get your 60inch SXRD for and where?
  10. Ah of course, Freeview is not coming till May this year which is a month away. Freeview could be your answer then with regards to sports viewing. Rumors are that it will be clearer than Sky digital.
  11. Hi networkn, just wondering do you find much of a difference in terms of picture quality between FTA and SKy digital? I am from NZ too and would like to hear from you about this.