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  1. @Eli not sure it makes me feel any better, but I do have an oppo (I think it's a 103D too). It's not a cable problem. I am going to unplug my Oppo entirely.
  2. @mikeyday no, I can see it any time.
  3. The Sony is on the Ceiling so a source direct isn't really very easy, and given the intermittency of the issue it would be very difficult to detect that way. I'll try the idea of having everything else turned off at the wall. If that helped what would that indicate? Faulty Amp?
  4. Ultra HD (4K) pass-through and upscaling I'm guessing this makes it 1.4a? Might be 2.0 actually, apparently a firmware update enabled it. I have my firmware up to date.
  5. Hi. I have a A3030 Yamaha Amp, and Monitor Audio RS6 5.1 setup, which sounds great. I bought a Sony VPL HW50-ES Projector and I have been having some issues I thought I'd get some advice on. 1) Randomly the projector image will go black or show fine static. It's usually quick but might happen at random intervals sometimes 1-2, then a minute later 3-5 times, then 10 minutes later 6 times. I changed the HDMI cable for one of those new Fibre ones, with the latest standards and the issue isn't much better, but the black or static screens are much shorter. I changed to a different HDMI Output on my Amp, no difference. Source doesn't seem to matter, I've had 2 PS4's and a Sky Box, and a FireTV and they all do it. Sometimes unplugging and replugging fixes it, and sometimes turning the amp on and off for a few seconds fixes it. I can't easily provide another screen as the issue is intermittent and we don't watch massive amounts of content on it right now. Anyone seen anything like this? 2) The supplier said he would lend me an A2060 Amp while they test mine (for a small fee which he will refund if I buy the Amp). I have always had the higher end 3000 series or equivalent and trying to determine if I will notice much difference between the A3030 and A2060 vs A3060, with a stock standard 5.1 Setup. Differences seem to be 140w vs 150w and Atmos/DTS:X with Cinema DSP HD3 (Whatever that is). I like to future proof myself, but I am not sure if to make use of the DSP HD3 I'd need different/more speakers which I am unlikely to do in the next 3-5 years. What I will do is move to 4K projector when they drop under 10K but I suspect we are 12-18 months away from that. 3) When I play sport like Rugby which is in 720P from Sky, when the field is showing, the green seems to cause a noticeable "flicker", which is distracting. Seems to only be if the field is shown largely without players, during the actual game when you are zoomed in, it's not as noticable or not present in most cases. Thanks for any help you might be able to recommend.
  6. I think I want a 16:9 screen don't I? I can't really wait for the screen, since I have nothing to project onto without one. The screen is going over a curtained window.
  7. I feel silly, I went to check exactly what I have, and they are audioquest type 4 solid core. I can't see any point spending for better than that honestly. reviews at 4.54 out of 5 on 391 reviews.
  8. Hi There! I am very close to the purchase of a Mitsubishi HC6800 and I am trying to decide what screen to get. I have seen screens from $300-$9000 but really I am not sure what importance to place. I don't have a massive budget and would prefer > 80 but < 105 and prefer motorized from the bottom. I am not in a light controlled room, in fact, it's just a regular living room. I was offered this: for $2545 with a motor included. It's considerably outside my budget, but seems good value. (VUTEC 103" Diag 16x9 ) and the Screen Pro 100" as well for a more modest $850. Was also offered a Vmax2 Elite 100" screen for $1299. Assistance appreciated.
  9. Hi There! I currently have a Pioneer LX70 and am considering the upgrade to a Yamaha RX-Z7. There are a lot of reasons but one is I am hoping to get more out of my Monitor Audio RS6's for Music. My 5.1 sounds great with the LX70 There are lots of other reasons for considering the upgrade such as a second HDMI Out, and another HDMI In (Which I will need in the next fortnight). I like the idea of the Audessy volume control, Internet Radio, some more power, better DLNA support, and no requirement for another box in my rack which I don't really have room for. The Newer units have newer codec support which is nice future proofing. I know this isn't the LX70 thread, but anyone made the similar upgrade and have any comments to share?
  10. Hi There! I have the Monitor Audio RS6 Speakers and currently a LX70 Amp. I was trying to work out if spending some money on cables is a reasonable idea. Right now I have solid core stuff. I am considering a change to the Yamaha RX-Z7 and I would ideally like something suitable for both to cover me. I don't want to spend stupid amounts of money, but if I am likely to notice the difference I will spend some. I think the MA RS6's have been described as tending to brightness so I presume I want speaker cables which tend to Neutrality or Warmth, though the Z7 is a warm sounding amp based on the reviews I have read. Any help much appreciated.
  11. heh I felt plenty bad enough asking him to bring back 8KG let alone 28
  12. Hmm we can get the room pretty dark, but that doesn't really sound like you think it's worth it esp for every day tv watching etc, since it's not ideal for the kids to need to sit in complete darkness to watch tv! (not that they will). Do you think the 65" Panny is as good as the SXRD for Picture Quality or dare I ask, better? Primary uses, tv, blu-ray movies, and gaming though my ps3 and xbox360.
  13. Hi There! Because we have a little fella about to start crawling we have started to consider how to best make use of the space we have in our lounge. We have rearrange the TV etc but are starting to look at the merits of getting rid of the SXRD, and the massive cabinet it's on, and replacing it with a projector since the SXRD was on my list of things to upgrade to a larger unit originally. It would give us a whole 8sqm of our room back which is a lot really! I was wondering if anyone thought there were any projectors that would be comparable PQ wise at 80-85" with a decent pull down screen that I should consider? I have not seen one bad review of the Panasonic PT-AE2000, 3000, 4000 and they are certainly within the price range I'd be considering. The Mitsubishi HC5000 seems also very good value and so many great reviews from it. Are these suitable replacements for what I have? We are considering about 10K Max Net cost to get a projector, av cabinet, installation, and a good screen (perhaps motorized) after taking into account selling anything we don't need. Any experience anyone could share would be appreciated.
  14. Hi There! Well I have had the guy around to tune everything. He found a number of issues. 1) Rears were plugged into rear surround rather than surround, made the rears actually work! 2) He changed the sub to "plus" mode and changed the speakers to something else so the sub works below 80hz and speakers and rears work above 80hz. 3) BiWired the speakers 4) Moved the floor standers around a little. 5) Re Ran the MCACC and then did a tiny bit of tweaking. He doesn't use a SPL meter in a room the size of mine he said. 6) He said he was concerned that I was using banana plugs on solid core cabling and they should be soldered and has quoted $400NZD to do this, and shorten the cables, run the cables under the carpet, and run the cables for the rear inside the walls to avoid my son from messing with them. He also said he would rearrange the way the components are in the cabinet. 7) He commented he thought my speakers seem harsh, but likely a different receiver would help that along. He prefers the Yamaha's and Denons. Things are MUCH improved, though still not quite the room filling awesomeness I had been expecting. It's about where it should be he seems confident. He says either a bigger receiver the Yamaha Z7 (His choice) or a power amp would help things along somewhat. Today I ordered a Oppo BDP-83 from Amazon which is on a really good special of $499 (USD) and a $65 hardware Mod region kit. A friend of mine will bring it back with him the week before xmas!!! Cost to buy locally would be around $950USD.
  15. Woah easy there guys..... My post for a power amp came about first as a request for advice on a new receiever when my speakers were in the old location to which I was then pointed in the direction of a change of room layout and speaker position. Whilst trying that I was talking to the rep at my cabling/av place who said perhaps a power amp would be a better spend than an upgraded recieiver. I asked for confirmation in this post, because I was interested in others opinions. It has morphed into my current issues related to the move where my sound quality has died since the move, and somehow I've given the impression to everyone that I was looking to upgrade my receiver or get a power amp to SOLVE this shitey sound issue, when in fact I full recognize that they are seperate issues. I would NOT be spending money to upgrade what I have to solve this problem, but I like to upgrade and so naturally when the sales guy was raving about the power amp difference I thought I would at least consider it. I will however get someone in to look at the problems I currently face. Perhaps it's fine and I have over blown expectations which is always the hardest thing to work out. I thought in a room my size, with the new layout, and the gear I have that I should be blown away by how full the room was of sound, and the bass would be huge. I'll certainly get someone in to give me a second opinion.