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  1. As someone who paid a squillion for an early Sony Beta, then HD Dvd players (and a mountain of disks) PLUS the seemingly low support for Blue Ray still, I don't feel inclined to part my readies on yet another sub-format. (Hope your feet are dry Ben )
  2. See you've changed your avatar lol.. How was she when she wanted Jim to turn around lol
  3. I agree, a good concept but not a "just home from work,had tea-let's watch a movie" type movie. Concentration is required!
  4. Ahh but his loss is my gain ;-)
  5. I pm'd after your last sale post and have heard nothing back, yet you've advertised the titles I was after again.
  6. Get some more posts up so we can PM you. I'll take Chuck thx
  7. Nah I was including Rouge as the start of her obvious decline. She did play a good corpse in Dead Calm though!
  8. Lol.. has Nic done a decent movie since teaming up with Baz for Mullet Rouge ?
  9. Tilll then your local Cash Convertors sometimes has some bargains. lol
  10. It's not too late to change shipping , just go to "Your Account" top right corner of Amazon page and change shipping method,you should see the Super Shipping option.
  11. Don't forget that Amazon UK remove VAT and are having a FREE postage to Australia for purchases totalling over 25 pound till May 15th!!!! Grab those titles while you can.
  12. For sale .. a guilty pleasure- Piranha 3D (plays 2D if you don't have the gear) US Region A Locked and sealed (ordered 2 in error) $30 posted in plain envelope.
  13. LMAO.. did you hear the one about deregulation ? They threw open the banking system and no one came. It seems that we don't have the population to make it pay (like they do in the USA, and where there are no banking guarantees..your bank goes broke stiff do do). All you whiners carry on because the banks make a profit.. and what do BHP, Coles & Woollies make.. oh right profit. Banks aren't altruistic businesses that hand out money for free, get over it. They have shareholders and infrastructure to run. You expect the banks to have branches and ATMs at your disposal. When did you last whinge when the supermarkets rose the prices on your staple items (again and again)? You are just brainless puppets of the media. Bark doggies, when they tell you to!