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  1. I've been fairly fortunate with my 60". The occasional shutdown aside (maybe, once every two months) there hasn't been a problem with the optical block.
  2. Any developments, John?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm in no rush to import a player as my OZ PS3 is okay for the time being. There should be new players revealed at CES in January, right? I can wait until then. Edit: Found this one on ebay. Item Listing
  4. If I import a U.S. stand-alone Blu-ray player, I will need to buy a voltage converter, or something like that, right?
  5. My copy of Cars is also on the way from Amazon. I would have got Ratatouille also, except for it won't play on my Oz Playstation 3. Disappointing.
  6. I have owned the 60"SXRD since early March, and I have experienced a single shutdown, back in May. I haven't reported to Sony. I'm not sure who at Sony to report to and I wouldn't know what to say really. Here is my post in the Shutdown Thread Shutdown Thread- Post 95 I know that the internal tuner is always on, and it's probably just a coincidence, though I experienced my shutdown in a space of time (a week, perhaps) where I was regularly watching FTA through the internal digital tuner. Since then I haven't even switched my tv off of the HDMI 1 input and I'm yet to notice any problems. Again it's probably just a coincidence and a shutdown could happen at any time. Though, if I do experience another, I will ring Sony and get a case number. I will then report it to Priory. A technician coming to my house or to take the television away would be useless, no?
  7. That is a bit of a worry, especially for us 60" SXRD owners. For those who think they have missed the SXRD boat, perhaps importing from overseas is an option? I remember Owen saying he was contemplating importing the Qualia 007(I think that was the model) a few years back. So that seems possible as a last resort, if you are unable to find a set in Oz.
  8. The SXRD's deserved to be far more successful then what they were in Australia. Like Australia, it seems they haven't done to well in the UK.
  9. Experienced my first automatic shutdown-start-up sequence last night while watching The Cable Guy on Ch 10, through the internal digital tuner of m 60” SXRD. I will list some problems I have had with the set in the last couple of days. 05/02/07- After using the PS3 through HDMI 1 for a couple of hours, I switched to the internal digital tuner to watch television and there was no sound. I then played with the sound settings for a while to no avail; I then try the analogue tuner…. sound on all channels. I went to bed and left it. 05/03/07 –I didn’t use the television on Thursday 05/04/07 – No problems to report of on Friday after a long night of gaming, films, and TV. 05/05/07- I turned the set on at 09:30pm with the intention to watch Spiderman 2 through the internal tuner on Ch 9. Once again, no sound from the digital tuner, the analogue tuner had sound on all channels. So I reset the settings to factory default and re-tuned the tuners back in. Sound returned, great. After Spiderman finished, I was watching The Cable Guy on 10 for an hour, maybe more, then during a commercial break, the television screen automatically turned off. The green LED was flashing and I could still hear that the fan/projector was still powered up. It took maybe 30 seconds for the picture to restore, and when it did, there was an incredibly notable purple tinge (?) across the screen. It did not take to long to restore to normal, so it seems there has been no harm done. I played Oblivion to almost 5am and noticed no further problems. 05/06/07 – I haven’t had the TV on today, I will later tonight. I hope that I do not run into any further problems. Do any of the more knowledgeable people on the forums think these “shutdowns” harm the television in any way?
  10. Silk Screen Effect isn't source related is it? Because I only ever notice it when watching FTA television through the internal tuner of the 60". Never when playing games or watching movies on the Playstation 3. BTW dose anyone watch Letterman on channel 10? It looks great. The best pq I can remeber seeing on FTA televsison. Oh and I have had my 60" for over a month and I'm yet to notice any issuse regarding automatic shutdown/restart.
  11. Funny you should say that. I have turned my SXRD on from standby using the remote which comes with the television and a couple of times my Playstation 3 has automatically turned on from standby as well.
  12. I registered, got my "Welcome to PLAYSTATION®Network" email at Mar 23, 2007 1:36 AM and still nothing regarding Casino. LAME Looks like If I want the movie I will have to shell out.
  13. Hi all I purchased a 60″ SXRD on Saturday from Bing lee Campbelltown for $4050 + $150 for 5 year warranty. I paid cash, not too much haggling. The television was delivered late this afternoon; I guess it should be quite a step up from the 26″ Mitsubishi CRT I’ve been watching for years now. Here’s hoping that I (or any of the other new 60″ owners) don’t experience any problems like the automatic shutdown/reset problem that earlier adopters of the 60″ have experienced.