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  1. My 60" has had the green/yellow patches for some time now. It has gotten so bad recently that even my wife is commenting on the problem. When I purchased the TV I took out the 5yr extended aftermarket warranty, time to give them a call tomorrow to get the ball rolling.
  2. My original lamp in my 60" was Philips UHP 100/120W 1.0 000003700 Made in China serial no 675061709 Replacement lamp Philips UHP AM0000394 Made in China Serial no 842112609 Arrived today after ordering on Wednesday.
  3. Well after 15 months of use my lamp in my 60" decided to fail with the element exploding into many pieces. I looked at buying a replacement locally but could not justify paying the local price compared to waiting a few days to get one from Bluestar in the US. Hope it doesn't take too long. bought two lamps so that I don't have to wait long next time. I have no idea how many hours I have on the old lamp will have to wait till it is going again to find out.
  4. There is no difference in functionality between the units apart from the BD drive and the larger HDD.
  5. I had the automatic update occur on my unit on Wednesday, it seems to have updated without any hiccup. Anyone else have their unit connected to the net and receive the update?
  6. actualiser - My BW-500 is region free for DVDs straight out of the box.
  7. My understanding is that it will make a direct recording to the blu-ray disc in the broadcast version with all audio/subtitle streams, if you want to make a DVD (ie not BluRay) then it must convert to a non direct record version.
  8. I am interested in either the 50" or the 58" - Melbourne
  9. I have upgraded my HDRM to 4.7.31 and have found the following: exporting to a network share is SLOW, 4 hrs to export 4GB! time shifting stops after a recording is finished if the box is watching the same channel (as before). This also stops the export function. If an export "fails" part way through, resetting the box will re-initiate the export from where it stopped I have had 1 3-4second loss of sound and picture I can no longer connect to the network media server (TVersity)
  10. I am also getting garbled sound when I stop watching a recorded show and the My Recordings screen comes back up. As soon as the My Recordings screen is left the sound returns to normal. I am using the optical out sound connection.
  11. Has anyone had issues with getting channel 70 in HD? I have been getting the channel changing to the SD stream whenever Ch7 want to bump up the bitrate on the SD channel, but the HDRM will not rescan back to the HD feed when it is available. I need to do a manually initiated rescan of the channel to pick up the HD channel again. I am using the version software, I did not notice this problem previously.
  12. Hmmmm, wouldn't it be nice to upload the firmware and distribute to all interested parties. Seems strange that TEAC would update firmware apparently before it has completed testing.
  13. 1 week is a short time after months of waiting. This sounds like the software is in testing at the moment.
  14. Why cant we get the Tasmania coverage? Live with no ads!