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  1. Allow me to repeat my experience one more time for those that do not seem to get it: I went to JB in chatswood, NSW last Sat (where there's not even a BigW in the area!!), grabbed a guy and said: BigW has 2 titles I want (300 and Shooter) for 29.48, can you match it? He said, which store? I said, it's public news, it's on their latest catalouge. So, he said, I will call them up to check. He disapeared into the back, but returned only 30 seconds!!!! later, with new price stickers on those 2 discs for 29.48. The take away from this is: it does NOT matter if you missed out on BigW, go to JB (or EzyDVD etc etc...) someone WILL be willing to match price!!!! End of story. Now, go and make sure all of you gets a copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just went to JB Chatswood. Mentioned BigW prices, this guy went inside said to check with them, came back only 30 secs later with new stickers on them for 29.48. no fuss whatsoever. Got 300 and Shooter, happy
  3. Cool, thanks a lot of the updates mate! Unfortunately, I am actually after only 3 titles: 300, departed, and shooter Well, maybe just getting the shooter first...
  4. VERY eagerly waiting for your intelligence... I am planning to go there tonight...but if they havent got any Actually, I am wondering if JB in the same building willing to match it....