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  1. Hi all. I have just received my Black 26" LCD. Brand new & unopened - asking $750. Can pick-up evenings in North Ryde NSW, or during business hours at Crows Nest NSW (near North Sydney). Please PM if interested or if any queries. Thanks, Cameron
  2. Pulled the trigger on my P9 today; 50" P9 1 year extended warranty (total 3) XBOX 360 HD-DVD add on drive All for $3,300. In stock and picking it up tomorrow. Bought from JB HiFi Macquarie Centre NSW. Probably not the sharpest deal out there, but considering the free 26" LCD TV, I'm more than happy I waited until December. Thanks very much to fast700c & Jezz for the receipt copies. Made the haggling process quick and painless Cheers all, Cam
  3. Hi jezz Please add me to the receipt request list [email protected] Shopping for a deal tomorrow - Thanks! Cam
  4. Awesome price. Any chance of a receipt scan please? Best I've been offered so far is $3195 (cash) delivered with standard warranty Haven't been shopping it around too much though, hate haggling. Cheers, Cam
  5. Hi Owen Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've been following your project with great interest. I'm ready to order the 60" as soon as someone solves the XBOX360 1080p input issue. If you haven't found one already, I know where you can get your 86mm+ Multi-coated ND filter from. Not sure if posting a direct link will be construed as advertising so... Search for Madsens Filter Shop - B+W Schneider Screw in Filters - Pick a size 86mm or above - MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) is the version you want. I have no association with Madsens. Best of luck, Cameron