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  1. Is it possible that the new transmitters on Collins Street are causing interference to existing installations currently pointed at Mt Dandenong? We live in Port Melbourne and have real problems with picture break-up and squarking audio of late - especially in the evenings. It's affecting two TVs, which each have their own antenna. Sorry for butting in, I won't take this thread off on a tangent.
  2. Talk about the wrong way to run a business. Cave in to the PIA's who whinge and **** - and who'll you'll never really make any money off anyway. And then insult your other customers, the ones who'll pay whatever you ask, by not offering them a refund - especially when the transaction was the day before. These are the customers you want, these customers will make you money. Talk about stupid.
  3. I'd already seen it, and I downloaded it. Let's hope the bar has been raised for good.
  4. Well, they just pushed out a service update, so things seem to be progressing behind the scenes. And online scheduling is now working as well... Maybe Hardly Normal has Smarthome in their pocket and used them to take a swipe at Tivo AU. Perhaps because Tivo AU had internally taken a swipe at HN due to poor sales (hence the loss of exclusivity) As someone who has messed around with PVRs for 8 years now, it's nice to have something that just works...and my wife loves it.
  5. Has it shown up in any stores yet? I'd like to pick one up this weekend in Melbourne. Thanks...
  6. Why do Mac mice only have one button? Because any thing more would require a decision.
  7. Oh well, I'm happy with the Strong 5390 which I've dedicating to "slinging" ( Let's see how much the 5000's are after Christmas...
  8. Hmm, apparently the Slingbox just won Business Week's Product of the Year award - edging out competition like the XBOX360, iPod Nano, etc... Take a look, if you havn't come across one yet.
  9. Extra $100? So is the 5000 available for $799?
  10. Here's hoping that the new Topfield 4400PVR supports the ICE EPG system. Anyone have any idea?
  11. I bought one in the US recently. It's an NTSC device, so I can't use the internal tuner, but the composite and s-video inputs work well here. I've just setup IR control of the attached Strong 5390 and it's working really well. There's going to be a PAL version of the SlingBox announced at CES in Jan. Streaming and IR Control is nothing new, but the great thing about this is that it's just a device - you don't need to leave your PC running. Worth checking out - (I also have Sony's LocationFree Base Station setup in HK which streams to my PSP - but the SlingBox is the pick of the bunch)
  12. Have you noticed on Whirlpool that all of those monitors (that hadn't been delivered yet) were recalled due to poor quality? This is across the board, not just group buy orders. I had a bad feeling about the Whirlpool group buy - glad I didn't go ahead with it.
  13. I just ordered one for $1331.10 through the forum, along with a couple of hundred others. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Enjoy the 4 week wait!
  14. Any new experiences with this monitor, guys?
  15. This may not be a problem with a HD box. You just select 1:1 and you are pretty close to native res - no "fitting" needed. And as for SD broadcasts, can't you tell the HD STB to upscale them? So, would it be fair to say that WS broadcasts at SD-res maybe a problem, but if the image you're trying to display is HD (whether upscaled or not) widescreen shouldn't be a problem. You must have a HD-STB though. Correct? (makes this monitor's ability to handle HD via DVI even more important!)