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  1. Hi All, As a "potential" owner of one of these SXRD's, I'd like to think that I'm representative of a number of members/non-members who currently follow this thread/topic with interest. I've followed the entire thread, and a large part of the previous one which I recall was about 120 pages. Not being an owner, I'm often reluctant to post here through fear of offending the owners, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. I just wanted to say that there are people like me out here that read and value each of your contributions to this topic. I'm impressed with the way people talk about the vivid colours and the excellent blacks. But likewise, I also want to know about those that are having problems and how these are being addressed. So yes, I want to know the good and the bad. Whether it's Owen's radical efforts to dismantle his new set, or AndrewWilliams issues and hopefully resolution. For me, when it comes time to purchase, price will be a considerable factor. Whilst my heart will probably want the biggest screen possible, I may have to compromise and thus I'm interested to see the 60" issues identified and corrected. So thanks to all who contribute here (+ve & -ve). I follow keenly. Cheers, Long.1
  2. Does this mean it will be "potentially" easily upgradeable ?
  3. Can anyone advise if the "removable speakers" on the 70" are a factor here - with respect to the weight of the unit ? Can one go for a bench with a lower load rating ? Is the weight of the speakers significant ?
  4. Owen, Very impressed by those photos. Thats backing up talk with action !! After spending all that money, I can't believe your willingness to virtually dismantle it. I know I'd be crapping myself to see my new big screen TV exposed like that. Here I am wondering how much bubble-wrap to cover the remote in (if/when I can afford an SXRD), and you're taking a screw gun to the TV like it's a broken kids toy. My hat comes off to you. If you can, keep the photos of the mods coming. I'm very interested in your progress, albeit intimated at the same time. Cheers, Long.1
  5. MLXXX/Greebs/pietro/crusty180/Versus/Owen/drsmith, Thanks for the lightning responses and debate. My desire is to purchase a display and complementary electronic equipment in the near(ish) future. As you can expect though, it will be subject to available funds and "wife approval". I certainly appreciate your comments with respect to FTA. At present I'm a big FTA viewer and my oldest son has Wiggles DVD's on very high rotation. Having said that I'm someone that really likes to do his homework before purchasing, and when I take the digital plunge I want to future proof myself as much as reallistically/financially possible. Naturally I'll need to make a number of purchases, but I'm treating the display as priority 1. Firstly I need to sell my now redundant 3rd car to finance things. I love that notion - selling a car to buy a TV !! Cheers, Long.1 PS. Kendrew, This may be just a newbie comment related to the unwanted shutdown problem, so please take with a grain of salt if necessary. I have not seen/read any of the 70" owners reporting this problem. Is it possible it could be related to the inbuilt tuner on the 60" ?
  6. Hi All, My debut on DVT as well, and I can't wait either. I'm not an SXRD owner yet, so I'm also hoping not to get too burnt by posting in this thread. I'm confessing to being a closet reader of the forums for a few months now, and specifically the other large thread on the SXRD's (before it got ugly). These SXRD threads have really sparked my interest, so thanks to all who contribute here. I guess I'm representative of the typical newbie out there, that basically wants to know the answer to the following question: Is one of the Sony Bravia SXRD Series for me ? I'm not naive enough to expect a simple answer. My hope is that I'll figure it out for myself, based on any valuable DVT feedback I receive after posting my viewing specifics and raising some questions. For now though, in an attempt to keep this brief-ish, I'll just raise my first query - FTA SD. I've read with interest in this thread that some members say that the SD on FTA is of average quality. I guess I'm really wondering if these comments are more "relative" to HD viewing, as opposed to the "Average Joe" who's currently sitting in the lounge room with a 68cm Sony Trinitron watching our favourite 6 FTA analogue channels (like me). Surely there will still be a WOW factor for me if I take the leap from 68cm/Analogue to SXRD/Digital viewing, even if it is this "poor" FTA SD ? Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Long.1