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  1. Globe update. Beginning of November I bought another globe from the same ebay guy in Scotland - cost $81 inc. postage My second set is running well & with the old one in the garage for spares it will be quite a while before I pension it off. So I thought I'd best get another globe to be ready for the inevitable. I keep seeing the new sets getting cheaper with more features & the prices still get even cheaper. And while my old 52SZ8R is still performing well, I'm saving buckets as the new prices continue to fall even further.
  2. WhaHoo! Bargain Look what I just found on eBay . Since that item will expire, the seller is lamps-4-less here's the link to his listings. With the Aussie dollar doing so well against the pound It comes out at about $120 inc free postage. I checked out his website where he has over 300 rear projection lamps listed. Then I rang him (voip of-course). These are the Belgium globes, manufactured under licence from Philips by Osram Belgium. I've read raves about the high quality of these lamps compared to the 'made in China' ones we get here. The cheapest I could find a bulb locally was $187. I'm a tight fisted character at the best of times so I clicked the button & bought the Belgium Osram for $120. It's coming from Glasgow & the guy reckons about 2 weeks for delivery - I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers J.
  3. Forgot to mention, needing a TV while the old one is indisposed, I turned to eBay & picked up another 52SZ8R-TB (needing a lamp replacement) & used the lamp from my old set.
  4. Well my 52sz8r-tb appears to have called it a day. It has about 28,000 hours on it & has developed a temperature problem that I've not been able to resolve. The current lamp has 5400 hours and still works well. TheTV will be working fine & at any time from 10 minutes to about 5 hours after turning on, the temp lamp will flash 3 - 5 times & the set will turn itself off. There is very little mention of this issue anywhere & most of what I did find was rubbish. There were two helpful threads that discussed the problem & discussed cleaning & replacing fans. What a great idea ..... checking & cleaning the fan behind the lamp box is easy - very accessible, not much cleaning required & it's working well. The second fan is another story. It's completely inaccessible, mounted on the connector side of a bundle of components which includes the SUB ENGINE ASSY, AL C/W SUPPORTER(WITH HEAT SINK & some sort of power transformer, it can be seen (sort of) by removing the access panel in the rear center of the set. But to reach it you'd need the forearm of a 9 year old boy (or a very petite female ), I don't have the assistance of either one. It appears that the only way to check, clean & if necessary replace this fan, is to disassemble the whole set. I hear some of you saying 'Have a go you got nothing to lose'. Well pulling it apart & reassembly doesn't phase me but the prospect of realigning mirrors, light tunnel etc .... I have the service manual - it's not particularly helpful. The Fans are available from the LG parts distributor in South Australia for $35 each plus postage. It seems there are two variants of the 52SZ8R-TB, AMILLA and AAULLSK-LGEAP. In the 52SZ8R-TB.AMILLA the two fans are identical - LG part number: 5900V09008F. The 52SZ8R-TB.AAULLSK-LGEAP uses the 5900V09008F behind the lamp box but the inaccessible one is 5900V09008E. Any info or advice is most welcome. Mean time I hope this is helpful to someone else with the temperature light problem. Cheers John
  5. Hi folks - just stopped by to add my 2 cents worth. I bought one of these on Sunday to replace my old DSE G1926 which was anything but top of the line & has recently developed HDD problems. My expectations for the Bauhn weren't high, I didn't expect the it to be 'top of the line' but I did expect it to be at least as functional & versatile as my 15 year old VCR. It's not! The whole experience has a prototype feel. The functionality lacks any user intuition. The firmware is of a standard that I'd label 'pre-alpha' Documentation is appalling - again lacking insight of users needs. Phone support is, to date, non existent Aldi were reluctant to admit they were the importer. It's Greatest Sin It lacks the most basic function of any recorder on the market for the last 25 years - an incremental 'one touch record button' - you know, press once - record 30 mins, twice 60 mins etc up to 3 hours. My first VCR (a beta) had this function in 1983 as has every recorder I've owned or seen since. It does have timer functions but only through the menus & it is possible to set the one touch record for 30/60/120 mins or unlimited but only in the menus - not practical when you're in a hurry. This is a ridiculously simple function to write, about 30 lines of code, that should have been included. I get the feeling that the guys who wrote the firmware have never actually used a video recorder. Any Aldi people out there please note this should be included in your first firmware update. It's Best Feature The HD tuners. They work well. I have 2 HDTV set top boxes & the HDPVR2400 hardware performs better than both. It has a reasonable processor speed & the rest of the hardware seems to be of acceptable quality. If Aldi can persuade their manufacturer to get a team of 2 or 3 coders (who actually use video recorders) to spend 120 man hours on bringing the firmware up to par then it will be a great machine. Given that it's made in China, such an excercise should cost less than $1500. Another 500 would take care of the Chinglish problems. You'd think that Aldi would save more than that on phone support if they resolved these issues. Conclusion Don't bother with this one. If you need HD buy a set top box & save yourself $200. If you need a recorder - use the 200 you saved to get an older model & plug it through the set top box. The future of my Bauhn It's either going back to Aldi for a refund or to the vet to be put down.
  6. Hi Guys & Girls, Well last weekend marked the end of my infatuation with the 2080. Of the 4 programs we recorded on the weekend 2 would not playback properly. It'd play the first few minutes of a 2 hour program & then jump to the last 5 minutes. A bit of perseverance & I sorted it. Combine this latest episode with the fact that Coles still haven't come up with an exchange unit (mine won't recognize DVD+RW) & I'm over it. I want a recorder that just works. So I packed everything into the box, marched up to the Coles service desk & got a refund. I think I'll be spending a lot of time reading these forums before I buy a replacement. Cheers & good Luck all. John
  7. Has anyone got any ideas on my "wrong format" problem? With DVD+RW discs my 2080 simply says "Wrong Format". It reads & writes everything else including '+R'. Any suggestions?
  8. Thats them. I bought a set top box from them (for $20.00) that gave me an excuse to call in & pcki it up in the hope I talk to their tech staff. - no joy. THey did't want to know about anything prior to June 2006. John
  9. Hi Glen, You'l find that an scart to rca adaptor is a much cheaper option than the full cable. Then you use whatever rca cable you like. Check this one out for 13 bucks. Dick Smith have the same thing for $23, their cat number is: P6676. Hope this helps Cheers John
  10. Hi Glen, Firstly check your scart cable is not crossing power leads or passing to close to any component power supplies. As to the quality of the lead, if it came with the equipment then its not going to be high quality or for that matter very long. Suggest you try Jaycar they have a good quality 1.5 m for under $10 & 3m for $16: Jaycar Website The last time I bought from them online their delivery charge was $5 & it arrived in 2 days. The also exchange / refund without hassles. Cheers John
  11. Hi All, Ive got a problem with DVD+RW discs. My 2080 simply says "Wrong Format". I bought it from Coles Miranda last Friday & thanks to this thread, especially the comments from MDDawson Colin & Techno, I had it sussed, fully tested & timer programmed for the next week within 4 hours. My 2080 works with all DVD media (including +R) BUT NOT +RW. I have tried the following brands Imation Ricoh & Sony Accucore. All were brand new unused, straight out of the plastic. Has anyone else had problems like this, or got any suggestions. The +RW is a problem for us because one of the other players we use reads + but not minus. So on Monday I rang the 1300 number found here only to find its no longer connected. Googled TinShed in Australia & to my horror found that ASIC had struck them off in June 2006. Rang Coles "Customer Service" & as expected the phone center staff were cluless but a very courteous guy promised to track down the warranty situation & keep me informed. So far he has rung back twice to let me know firstly that he had sent off emails to relevant buyers etc. & again on Thursday to let me know that he had some answers but no details about warranty yet. They have offered a refund - but Ive fallen in love with this machine because of its versalility. Despite the flaws mentioned in this thread, this is a very powerful little unit with great functionality. It is far superior to the DSE G1926 we have & I'd say that even allowing for development improvements its superior to our original Panasonic DMR-E20 (still in use). Having said that the remote layout really sux. Tracked down some tech support (see below) they suggested a new disk & factory reset which didn't help but the info may be useful to others. Tinsheds International website ( ) states their local "agents" as: Studio Media Pty Ltd (Australia / NZ agent) Unit 32, 1a Coulson Street, Erskineville, NSW 2043 Tel: +61 2 9550 3233 Fax: +61 2 9550 5488 Curious phenomenon was common with computer retailers in the nineties - same shop, same people, same everything, different company name. The company you bought yours from is gone. Another interesting tidbit about warranty, the box states "Imported by Tinshed Trading Limited for Grocery Holdings Pty Ltd, 800 Toorak Road Tooronga, Vic 3146" This would provide compelling evidence that Coles is not only the retailer but the "importer" - Grocery Holdings being a Coles Myer subsidiary. The signifigance here is that there are Trade Practices obligations on the importer / manufacturer that are greater. It is also important in terms of "misleading statements". Meantime I still think this is a great unit, don't ant a refund, just want one that works the way its described so I can get on with enjoying it. All advice & assistance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers John