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  1. Hi Alan, My personal messages are enabled, but I can't find where to empty them. They should be empy anyway, because I only registered a few days ago. Would you be able to send the info to jonne_hannon@yahoo.com instead? Thanks, Jonne.
  2. Hi Alan, I have lived in houses at Joyner, Lawnton and soon Bray Park. I had major reception problems at Joyner and had the house re-cabled twice and a digital/analogue antenna installed - didn't really help the reception problems. I then tried installing a purely digital antenna with quad shield coax and f-type connectors just to the STB - still had interference. I have since moved to a house at Lawnton (approx 700m north) and my main problem is ABC HD. The house at Joyner was a bit lower, so i think that attributed to the interference problems. I am currently building a house at Bray Park. Is there anything special i should do since i have lived in three of the suburbs you mentioned in your post? Thanks, Jonne.