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  1. Picked up Star Wars OT for $32 from JB Ask for an online price check though, it's listed for $40 online but still ticketed at $69. With the 20% off that's as cheap as you can get anywhere:-)
  2. Thanks for the heads up...this is an awesome show
  3. Plenty of circa- $20 titles at DVD down under, a few that aren't included in the JB sales atm: http://dvdownunder.com.au/ Also if you can't find stock at JB (and don't want to order online) try Sanity- they've just matched JB 2 for 30 offer with a "buy 1 get 1 half price" on $20 titles
  4. I saw Horton for $25 in the Rundle Mall EzyDVD just last week so they've jacked the price for this supposed 'sale' This just reinforces my dislike of EzyDVD their prices are terrible. Walk 2 minutes down to JB and they've got plenty of specials now and even full priced Blu are considerably cheaper.
  5. whole swag of marked down Blu Rays for $16-$19 at JB (Adelaide, Rundle Mall) in addition to the "2 for 20" deals Numerous titles such as 3.10 to Yuma (formerly $34), Dark Knight etc.
  6. JBs website is not completely up to date- they have Sunshine listed for 36.99, saw this for $22 yesterday They've got a heap of stufff going for $22, mostly what i'd call 'average' titles, such as Step Up 2:-)
  7. Hi Batistuta, I have an AVR-2550, which is the model the AVR-130 has replaced. I can tell you that I LOVE my HK! The sound, build quality and even the looks are first class for an entry level reciever. One thing about HK amps they always rate the output conservatively (and all channels driven), but they definitely have the capability to handle the wide dynamic range of a dolby soundtrack. It has a very pleasing, rich full sound which is not tiring on the ears like some cheap Japanese amps...even my wife commented that she didn't think amps "made that much difference" (coming from a 15 year old entry level Yamaha, it WAS a pretty obvious improvement though). It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but more than makes up for it in overall quality of sound and build. The DSP modes are limited but very good, although I must admit Logic 7 (which gets a good rap) is not as impressive as the Dolby Pro Logic 2 mode. Dolby 5.1 and DTS soundtracks are clear, dynamic and directional. I'd recommend a HK amp without any hesitation! cheers David
  8. It's a tradeoff. 100Hz- no flicker, but pretty obvious scanlines (have a look at solid white and you'll see what i mean) 50Hz progressive, some flicker, but much improved picture (no scanlines and fast movement\pans are smoother) And you can change to progressive over component on the Sony. This is what I do with my old Toshiba SD1300 DVD which has an interlaced output. Makes a big difference to picture quality. Having said that, the first day or so of running in progressive the flicker was quite obvious (to me only of course!) but now I don't see it at all. The picture in DRC100 should be absolutely rock solid, but picture quality suffers imho. cheers David
  9. I got one of these a little while ago to supplement the low end bass from my Energy bookshelf speakers. I too was pleasantly suprised. The sub does a decent job providing the really low "rumble" my bookshelf speakers cannot manage. Having said that it can be quite intrusive if you push the volume too high, the driver no doubt flaps around a bit and the cabinet is a bit too resonant (as others have said, some internal bracing\damping would be good to install). Works very well for movies, less effective for general music listing though. For the money it's very good.
  10. Look at the cost of setting up a system that is capable of displaying HD with a noticable improvement over SD. The average middle income consumer upgrading an old 4:3 is not going to notice any difference between SD and HD on a 76cm CRT or a cheap plasma. For most people at this point in time SD is a cost effective way of getting a vastly improved picture and sound (over analog) for minimal cost. HD uptake may have been faster had the legislation been different, but it will get there eventually as HD displays get cheaper.
  11. sigh i should have known better than to read this thread my HX cost nearly 3k about 18 months ago (well, I did get an extended warranty). As for the salesman who reckons there's a big difference between the HX and HR....bollocks. I did many side by side comparisons of these TVs and there was very little difference. (The 86cm model is a different matter entirely) Grab them while you can... also I believe the HX\HR series was the last of the Japanese made Sonys.
  12. Actually the HX accepts HD signals and does not scale them. The resolution limit is dependent on the apeture grill. The HX is physically capable of displaying a picture at slightly better than SD according to what I have read so is most certainly not an SD only display. A bit of a moot point on a 76cm but you *can* see a difference between SD and HD on the HX. Regarding the $700 price difference I would say go the HX.
  13. No it doesn't. >So my question is, can anyone confirm that the Super Fine Pitch KVHR is in fact a >better picture than the KVHX? Stewart the HR has better resolution than the HX but only on 1080i and only if you look carefully. In all other respects the picture is the same. On a 76cm display there just isn't a big difference between the Fine Definition HX and the Super Fine Pitch HR IMHO. The 86cm is of course an entirely different matter and looks amazing with HD.
  14. well that's really really wierd somehow I was logged in as tonygib??? logged out and back in all OK but that's a worry