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  1. sorry, mailbox was empty now. did a quick check on postage came around 10$ express upto 500g wt to 3087. let me know if still interested.
  2. For sale : Bond 50th Anniversary collection from Amazon UK. Still in sealed pack never opened. asking 130Aud . Pickup from Adelaide CBD or 5068. if you want to post, you have to pay for shipping.
  3. For sale: Dirty Harry collection-- sold to wolfmanoz (pending payment) $80+ postage or pick up available (Adelaide CBD) Condition: Brand new (never opened) Region: B
  4. For Sale MOON Region B- sold pending payment - $30 including normal shipping in plain envelope - (add$2 for padded bag)- watched once Pick up available in Adelaide
  5. I am after (any regions will do) Che Boxset, Motorcycle diaries Redcliff part 1& 2 Ta
  6. hi folks, Looking for 1) wall E 2)the dark knight
  7. hi folks, currently i am living in Kensington park and I have sammy 26 LCD with inbuilt HD turner. I dont have an aerial, i am looking to but DSC digital indoor antenna. If i brought that one can I get good reception of all signals?