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  1. What's the optimal viewing distance with the ones that bend to the left?
  2. Any where you can get the Delorean edition from now?
  3. Yeah, $58.83 at Big W, pretty good price imo
  4. Anyone get any audio lag on there TV? I have noticed this happening quite regularly
  5. i own this TV but i didn't know that
  6. lol at the insurance fraud thread
  7. Yeah i can't wait either, Fable 2 was a blast, good not to have delayed unlike some others...
  8. lol crazy explosions
  9. so you need a 1.4 AVR even though the ps3 is 1.3 for 3D?
  10. So a downgrade on the sound then?
  11. What is the 3D playback like from the ps3 in comparison to the Samsung Player?
  12. and sorry about the links, i forgot how useless linking to the source material was
  13. sigh, you are clearly a man on a mission on your anti-hacking crusade, so power to you. i am not sure why you even post in this thread considering you are so against this. anyway there is just about to be a 3.42 update for the jailbreak and this is the first step in custom firmware . ciao.
  14. lol, where exactly did i say that i have personally contributed to the modding scene? clutching straws much? there is more to the modding scene then "piracy", but i wouldnt expect you to understand that, but continue on with your "nobel" crusade against all who have an interest in modding
  15. SNES (snes9x) Emulator Ported to PS3 - Hackers Re-Enable OtherOS on PS3 - Dreamcast emulator 'running' on PS3 - Pong Bounds onto the PS3 - Hacked PS3's gain universal remoteplay functionality - lol