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  1. That will be very welcome news if it is indeed the case. After struggling mightily (and semi-legally to get the last season of Battlestar Galactica, watching Lost in timely and high definition fashion will be much appreciated. Thanks Peter.
  2. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'd say muchas gracias but Sol Trujillo may think I'm being racist
  3. Thanks for the advice. I was targeting the NAD as next in line on the upgrade front. Sometimes I wish I had a less expensive hobby than A/V equipment, like collecting old beer bottles .... TM
  4. Thanks wheelz. I think I need to ponder what piece of equipment is next in line for an upgrade! TM
  5. HI all, I think I may need some advice from my forum colleagues before I decide on what HT custom option I take up for the Oppo. Reading this post by sschen has left me a bit confused: I am in a similar equipment position, and admit I do not know a lot about Blu-Ray sound and all the latest formats. I have an Elektra 5 channel powering a NAD T-163 pre-amp (no HDMI). My Oppo 971H DVD player goes directly to a Pana plasma via DVI --> HDMI and bitstream Toslink to the NAD to feed a 5.1 system. I have no plans to go beyond this # of speakers in the immediate future. So I was thinking of getting the Digital Transport Edition Oppo and doing pretty much the same thing as before. I always thought analogue outputs were necessary only if running DVD-Audio or SACD from the player, neither of which I will likely ever play. Are there sound formats on Blu-Ray discs that can only be sent via HDMI or analogue, and not optical/coaxial digital? Thanks in advance for any advice. TM
  6. Me too.
  7. Thanks, Mo.
  8. Hmmm .... access to the news one day early. I think we've found a way to make back the money on the Oppo, plus a lot extra! TM
  9. Thanks, already done. TM
  10. All right, count me in for the region free version as well. Now, if I can just sneak it past Higgins and get Robin Masters to pay for it ....
  11. Thanks momaw, acknowledged. TM
  12. Hi momaw, I appreciate all the work you are doing with these GB's, keep up the good work! I would actually be quite happy still with just a DVD player, and wanted to get my hands on a DV-983 with ABT chipset, although they seem unavailable now in Oz. Is there any reason you are getting the 980 instead, is that all that is available? Any chance of picking up a 983? Thanks, TM
  13. Thanks for the advice. I'm a bloody hopeless haggler, my Chinese-Australian friend was outraged when I told her of my price failure, but I'll do my best. TM
  14. Thanks Mick - it is less than two weeks old, but I was going for the repair option as I was told yesterday no one had any more stock, and I'm not sure how often DSE get new stock in, esp. of this model which seems limited to Australia only. Should I insist on a new one? I did not receive any discount or try to bargain with them, I paid full price $299 (in cash) for a display model but did get the extended 3 year warranty. Ta, TM
  15. Thanks for the responses and info. I did not realise there had been a sale on the 5010 recently, that explains why no one has any stock left. I will return to DSE Hurstville today and ask to have the unit repaired, hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again, TM.