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  1. I saw three copies of the slipcase edition in JB North Sydney on Thursday. I won't be back there for two weeks but perhaps someone else can help you out.
  2. For sale cheap. HAMMER HORROR BLU-RAY. Australian versions. New and unwatched, but unsealed. Will add padding inside the case to prevent slippage. All $12 each posted in plain envelope. $20 for two. Dracula: Prince of Darkness The Devil Rides Out Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell Frankenstein Created Woman The Plague of the Zombies The Quatermass Xperiment Rasputin the Mad Monk The Reptile PayPal as gift preferred.
  3. Lowered to $18 each.
  4. For trade or sale. Brand new and sealed US releases of: Zombie Hunter (with slipcase - Region A) http://www.blu-ray.c...-Blu-ray/77793/ Night Train to Terror (double play - Region A, B ) http://www.blu-ray.c...-Blu-ray/81969/ $20 shipped each (plain envelope, no tracking), or trade considered for very recent, new (or like new) horror blu-rays (any region).
  5. Same deal for me, except swapping The Castle for The Brood just released today and part of the deal! Australia is the only country currently with an HD copy of that film. Will go back next week and get Spaceballs too, in the deal but on preorder.
  6. "Currently unavailable online and in store." I think you got lucky!
  7. US version is apparently cut.
  8. Did I read correctly that the newer individual releases of each film that come in the slipcases are new transfers? Or are they identical to the box set?
  9. Two discs for sale: Total Recall "Special Edition" - Region ABC, AU release - $7 The Terminator - Region ABC, US release - $7 Prices include postage in plain, unpadded envelope. Payment via PayPal 'personal gift'.
  10. Miranda Target is appalling, even worse than usual. Big W I got Total Recall, JB the slipcase Terminator edition. Nobody has Expendables 2 yet!
  11. Corman's World - $12 posted in plain envelope UK release documentary on B-movie film maker Roger Corman!
  12. The first one. The disc is fine, the label says it's wrong AR.
  13. Here's two discs that are listed to be incorrect ratios but ARE actually correct on disc. Exorcismus by Vendetta Films is listed as 1.78:1 but is actually presented in the correct 2.35:1 In the Name of the King by Eagle Entertainment is listed as 1.78:1 but is actually presented in the correct 2.35:1
  14. James Bond Casino Royale (case has a crack) $5 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 2 disc - $7 Prices include shipping in plain envelope.
  15. Got the UK set on preorder from the days of free shipping, works out to 122.50 landed. Would probably still be 130-ish now with VAT still removed.