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  1. Bugger, I would have bought all of those at $8.61 (as no doubt you all would have)
  2. That Harry Potter boxset is an absolute steal. I purchased it immediately and then went to the wife....."honey, I've been naughty again" although this time they are for her
  3. Plus they also have Cars, Monsters Inc & Ratatouille. The above (including TS 1&2 and Wall-e) are all Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. I believe that all the combo packs apart from TS1&2 are JB exclusives. I bought them all much to my wife's annoyance "we already have them on DVD". Will they never understand?
  4. I can't wait for this. I miss the old C31.
  5. Yep, confirmed at thewest.com.au http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?Men...ContentID=89589 Community television station Access 31 has collapsed, only one month after supposedly securing station-saving funding from a Perth property developer. The station was broadcasting a farewell test pattern tonight saying: “June 18 1999 to August 6. Access 31 thanks all our loyal viewers, sponsors and program providers for your support”. A $500,000 rescue package in July pledged by Perth architect, property developer and sustainability expert Garry Baverstock seemed to have secured the station’s future. But producer and host of The Couch Fred Mafrica said he had received a call from the station’s operations manager Dallas Ford today saying that he had five days to “clear out all his stuff”. Mr Mafrica said that Lotterywest had withdrawn its $250,000 grant, which led to Mr Baverstock pulling out of his commitment. Mr Mafrica urged volunteers to come forward to help keep the station running, offering to oversee the channel while new funding could be sought.
  6. Really? When I go to the access 31 web page it says "It has been confirmed that the Federal Government has committed to a digital future for Access 31!"