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  1. Bugger, I would have bought all of those at $8.61 (as no doubt you all would have)
  2. DrP, Do you have a suggestion for a different program? I currently use VideoReDo but I like to try other programs out there.
  3. Great news!!!! Now all we need is Nemo.
  4. From what I have read that remote hack is to make the player dvd region free, not blu-ray. Overseas models are not region free for DVD out of the box, where ours are
  5. Had an order ship on Dec 11th arrive today. This was shipped via normal airmail. Not too bad and just in time for Xmas
  6. It plays ok on my BDP-S370. Firmware was last updated about 3 weeks ago.
  7. I do mate, it's in the kids room.
  8. That Harry Potter boxset is an absolute steal. I purchased it immediately and then went to the wife....."honey, I've been naughty again" although this time they are for her
  9. How does rain sound in 5.1?
  10. Have read in Whirlpool that some people have picked it up today from JBs.
  11. This fixed itself a few days ago. I wonder if WTV visit this forum??? Anyway, well done WTV.
  12. Do WTV do something different with their EPG? On my Panasonic it does not show anything on the now/next screen but everything shows fine when I look at the full EPG. It's fine on my Sony/Samsung Tvs.
  13. Plus they also have Cars, Monsters Inc & Ratatouille. The above (including TS 1&2 and Wall-e) are all Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. I believe that all the combo packs apart from TS1&2 are JB exclusives. I bought them all much to my wife's annoyance "we already have them on DVD". Will they never understand?
  14. Hi All, Well I've finally managed to decommission the last of my CRT TVs. I have a Panasonic 68cm CRT that is now surplus to my needs. I'm willing to give away this TV to anyone in Perth who wants to come and pick it up from the Guildford area. From memory it has 3 composite inputs, a SVHS input and a component input. There is nothing wrong with the TV - it would suit a bedroom or kids toy room environment. The remote battery latch has snapped so is held onto the rest of the remote with some black tape. I'll even dig out the instruction manual for you Please PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Paulo
  15. Guys, the final episode (airing 23/5 in the US) has been extended to 2.5 hrs Obviously they were struggling to fit everything in.