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  1. Yeh the outer cardboard sleeve is easily removed from the very sturdy boxing. Mine just had two pieces of rolled up sticky tape holding it on. Careful removal left no residue or damage to the boxing. Discs are securly held in place in the fold out book. Looks like each of the frames from the movie are 'unique' and serialised. Mine is from Raiders where Indy meets face to face with the cobra snake, nice !
  2. Picked up a copy from JB Hifi castle hill (NSW), same as preorder price.
  3. Surprised that no-one uses these features ? Anyway... OK so i have been moving some data around and put a 2TB WD external drive on the TV and it works just fine for pausing Live TV. Shame it doesn't work with SD cards because i don't really want to hang another device off the TV.
  4. Hi all, just got myself a 55GT30A and wanting to make use of the pause/rewind live TV feature. I have bought a 64GB A-DATA Class 10 SD Card which is working perfectly for recording scheduled programs (except for when the guide is a few minutes off an it chops the end of a show off ... ) However, the PAUSE function for live TV doesn't work. I have set the REW LIVE TV to AUTO, i have toggled it on and off and still can't get it to work. The light on the TV blinks to say that it received the IR command, but nothing happens. One Touch recording also works fine (so yes i have changed the code for the lower section of buttons). Is the REW/Pause Live TV a HDD only feature (although the manual says it should work for SD Cards too). Have i overlooked something simple here ? I tried a 500GB 2.5" external USB hard disk but it didn't work on the TV (couldn't format it) so i assume it isn't compatible and don't have another one that i can format (all have data on them).
  5. Says it all there, recoreded images are TRANSMITTED (i.e sent out) not RECEIVED unfortunately. Also after having a look at the user manual the unit doesn't have an HDMI input anyway.
  6. Sounds like they screwed up, monsters inc was stickered 2 for $50 when i picked up ts1&2 today. For $15.98 i would definintely have grabbed it !
  7. There will also usually be a grey box on the outside of the house, sometimes near the power box which will be the coax distribution point.
  8. Price is now $189 according to the Clive Peters website... I guess they figured there's more profit to be had...
  9. Considering that the technology that makes 3D work is polarisation, i don't really see how a normal, unmodified PC monitor could work? Anyone have anylink/details for that? and if a normal PC monitor could work, why couldn't a TV display work in the same fashion, even if lower resolution.
  10. Line In and Power are the only 2 you should need to have connected.
  11. This must be a joke right? Glad i have the HD-DVD sitting on the shelf to crank up.
  12. Yeh i've reminded them to keep the remote clearly pointed at the TV until they see what they want to be watching. Then if it doesn't work they can always (in an 'emergency') revert to normal remotes but i want to avoid that happening as much as possible.
  13. Everything so far after tonights effort (teaching the folks how to operate etc) seems to be working good. Just have to get used to it being more "directional" than the foxtel remote used to be (could bounce the foxtel remote off the back wall, off the roof to the TV...!) Yes the database doesn't have a descrete for HDMI2 which isn't a problem as i don't have anything on that, the main thing for me was getting flawless "everytime" switching of inputs, which it does now. I have started to setup some favorite channels too and that feature has got the tick of approval too so its looking like it might of been saved from eBay at the last minute. Usually i persist more with things like this but the confidence (by others in the house who would be easily stumped by a missed input command) was lost early on when a few times i failed to operate so they went back to using the original remotes. Seems all good now though, thanks for your help Shonky*
  14. OK i programmed the discrete codes to soft buttons and they all worked. I have 2 separate listings for setting the AV inputs. One is "InputVideo1" /2/3/4 and there is also SetInputAVS1 /2/3/4/HDMI1/HDMI2 in the same drop down box listing. However, the SetInputAVS series was not available to be programmed into soft buttons so it must be a sequence made by logitech for controlling the device rather than a discrete code as such. There doesn't seem to be a descrete input code for the HDMI inputs which is a shame (at least not listed in the box), but for now i'm going to play around some more and test to see if just changing to use the right discrete input set will help but it looks promising. Thankyou! EDIT: Found the HDMI Discrete input its labelled "AVS DVI" (which i figured was for a different model with DVI instead of HD15 input). I think this will sort out the issues totally. Thanks once again!
  15. Programming the codes into custom buttons is an excellent idea i hadn't even thought of, i'll try that right now, thanks! Thanks for the link to searching too, will come in handy! Cheers.