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  1. Ok nevermind! figured it out!.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen this or posted it already (I did a search) but : Samsung PS58B550 for $2,599 @ Streamaster;products_id=72 Looks to be the cheapest so far!
  3. Wow, well done on the great price!! I'm also looking at purchasing the 52Z5500 and all the recent price drops are getting me even more excited to buy one! Will let everyone know what price I'm able to get it for when I buy in Dec (fingers crossed stock will still be here!)
  4. Looking for GTAIV is anyone has one! Would like it to be in mint/excellent condition with on scratches on disc or sticky stuff on case. Around $50 would be great! Thanks =)
  5. DarkMatt - Thanks heaps! That information is exactly what I'm looking for. Yeah I'll tell my relatives to have a look at a few stores and see what they can come up with, I guess that's my best shot! Thanks again for the info.
  6. Dang! It's times like these I wish I was in Melbourne
  7. Hey everyone, not sure if you guys can help out, but seeing as we've got no more Toshiba HD DVD players in Aus (except for the ones going for crazy prices on eBay), and I have some relatives going to USA soon I thought I'd pick a few up over there. Just wondering if anyone knows what stores over there still have these players? If any? Or can you guys recommend a forum similar to this one but based in USA so I can ask? Also, in USA, are they still selling HD DVD movies in stores? Or is it all only through Amazon etc these days? I would appreciate any info anyone has! Thanks
  8. Thanks buddy but I already saw that thread, replied, and they've been sold:(
  9. Ahh I see, someone snatched up the last one then. Poop! If you see anymore please let me know! =D
  10. Product not found? Hmm, is their stock updated according to people who order on the website? Or is it manually updated? How accurate is it? =\ I wonder if they're going to be getting anymore in.
  11. Hey there! Been looking for a spare one. How about $50 for one inc. post to Sydney?
  12. Yep I got a DVI-HDMI adapter and am using a HDMI cable from there to back of TV. I changed it to the other mode (i think horizontal) it's the one where the PC is the main, and on the TV it's just the wallpaper, but with this setting it was a square shape, and there were bars alongside. I wanted the full widescreen picture! Help! =(
  13. Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my HDTV as a second monitor (for viewing HD-DVD/Blu-Ray). I've got the Panasonic 50PX70A and the 2400PRO. I've got the image on the TV and it's perfect but everytime I go to play a HD-DVD movie, it says I can't play it in clone mode? How is everyone else using this card with this TV and playing Hi-Def movies?? Like what settings are you using (e.g. clone, or horizontal, what resolutions etc). Much appreciated!
  14. Many thanks mate. Yes, I will certainly be posting back here when I purchase the TV, hope I can get close!