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  1. Many thanks mate. Yes, I will certainly be posting back here when I purchase the TV, hope I can get close!
  2. sorry double post!
  3. Hi everyone! Would anyone be kind enough to send me a copy of LOSTDOG's receipt for the $1600 plasma? Really keen to get a new TV for my parents and would love to get a price somewhere near that! My email is cazzy160344 AT gmail.com Cheers guys!
  4. Holy crap...$3200 for the 50PX600A?? That's not including 5 year warranty is it? lol $2999...that would be an AWESOME price even without 5 year warranty!! Yay!! I love life on the East Coast hehe Also... TH-42PA-60A for $1499 Just thought I'd let everyone know, you can get that model for $1499 at Umart Enfield. http://umart.net/au/product_info.php?produ...5738dedb4adc316 It's on special at the moment. When I went there last week, they had about 6 in store. If you're in the market for one...grab it! I posted this in the other thread but thought people might not see it there. =)
  5. Is that $3800 including the $30 delivery? Or was the total $3830
  6. Great to see it going but um, shouldn't you write which TV? I know you mean the 42" but just to avoid confusion for people looking for the first time =)
  7. Wow yeah that price IS awesome! I too am wondering whether this price will be offered in Sydney...and, could I also get a copy of your receipt? Cheers!!
  8. Ah cheers, thanks for that. Yes I guess it does seem appropriate to get the extended warranty considering that I'm going to be paying a few thousand for it. Better to be safe than sorry! And if it covers all faults, then hurray! Hopefully I'll get it for a good price then. Thanks again for checking
  9. Thanks heaps Jeab! Tell us how what you think of it after you set it up!!
  10. Hey there, would you mind sending me the receipt for this as well? My email address is ferrero.pham@gmail.com I'm looking to purchase the 50" Pana as well and the price you got it for is AWESOME! Much appreciated
  11. I think THAT'S the best price so far...yes please post the receipt if and when you get it, would be greatly appreciated! . I'm slightly confused though, with the extended 5-year warranty is this with the store you purchase the TV from, or is this from Panasonic?
  12. Hey there, I think this is the best deal yet! I'm looking at buying this TV also...would you mind sending me this receipt? My email is ferrero.pham@gmail.com Thanks =)