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  1. It sure is. That is the nature of TV and technology. I am sure you will be able to get it slightly lower now and that would be a great deal. I bought my tv last year just as it was being replaced. Got it for 50% off compared to when it was released. Biggest bargin I have got.
  2. More importantly, the Sony A1 supports the Dolby Vision variant of HDR (high dynamic range) alongside the more common HDR10 standard. Until now, LG was the only major manufacturer to do so – it's good to see Sony also offering consumers this choice.
  3. Personally, take it as a sign to buy a decent tv and to stay away from Nosense The Sony 85 inch looks very good in the shops.
  4. Personally, take it as a sign to buy a decent tv and to stay away from Nosense The Sony 85 inch looks very good in the shops.
  5. Cool. Sony will have the high end tv market sown up. They have the best high end LCD tv's now and will now have the best OLED with their superior video processing. If any company can remove motion blur from oled, it will be Sony.
  6. + 1000. trying to rationalise with people like this, is like trying to explain black equality with a Clan member. they do not even realise how wrong they are. In the mean time, how good was the FTA tennis last night with Federer and the BBL on Ten - I could not stop switching back n forth and the HD looked superb.
  7. LOL I enjoyed my Pioneer Kuro for 8 years, so not sure what you are trying to say. I am enjoying the larger screen, but using your flawed logic I should be hating the big screen with all its faults. I am absolutely loving it - the realism is out if this world. Guese what, when the sun is out in the real world, its bright. When the cricket is on at night with the giant lights - guess what, it's quite bright. I have day and night settings depending on the amount light whatever I am watching is producing. Its called having you cake AND eating it. Enjoy sitting in your dark room ( just to get enough brightness) insisting everyone else is the one with the problems. Now tonight, to sit and enjoy my ass off watching the the BBL and Roger playing in the Hopman Cup
  8. Plus 1. Amazing how stubbornly blind some people choose to be
  9. Absolutely. My Sony KD75X9400C looks sensational on FTA HD sports. The cricket on hd 90 looks wonderful. The bbl cricket on hd 13 looks excellent. The Hopman cup tennis looks awesome on hd 70. Zero blur and full motion. Makes my old Pioneer Kuro look, well old and lacking lifelike realism. Sd is obviously, nowhere near as good, but still acceptable if you have to watch it. Check out the current Sony 930D and 940D and as Mello has said the equivalent top of range Samsung. Anyone still saying Plasma is better than the top of range Sony needs to have their eyes checked and probably put down
  10. So if every Foxtel subscriber paid the $10 extra for HD, foxtel would decline their upgrades. Not
  11. How many people have bought the Smurfs in 4k?
  12. Oh derr. Really? I will slow it down even more. You said you hope Sony don't ruin it with their crappy android - lg web os is heaps better. I said Sony will not use lg web os. the only thing they will use is the oled panel . i hope that is clear.
  13. I think you are dreaming that Sony will use anything LG except the OLED panel.
  14. So tell me where do you see all the HD sports when one is boycotting Foxtel?
  15. LOL And mine is bigger than yours