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  1. Where's the "like" button.
  2. And someone in this thread had image retention for 10 months after a soccer game. At best plasma appears pretty hit and miss, many are seemingly completely incapable of handling Foxtel sport watermarks.
  3. OLED has killed off LCD with high priced smart phones and tablets; TV's will be next.
  4. I don't believe your last model VT could function watching FOXTEL sports without permanent burn in. I remember one being destroyed in my local JB HIFI shop when the manager left a static signal on overnight; of course all of the LCDs were fine.
  5. I hope you like it. Just study the instructions carefully.
  6. Read my previous post again because I've since edited it. What exact model do you have?
  7. From memory it should be supported by some of the soft packaging that is suppose to be placed on top of the box. The screen goes face down on top of the soft packaging towards the floor. Yeah I have an LG OLED65B6T.
  8. I did this about two months ago, there are instructions in the box. You have to lay it down on its screen on top of some of the packaging. Scary yeah, but that's what the instructions showed to do.
  9. I don't know what you're worried about, both are absolutely fine in real world use to me. While plasma has better motion resolution it seems to come at the expense of "flicker" which is another great way to remind you're looking at a screen. Sure ABC news looks pretty rough but it's crappy SD. I prefer to watch all of my FTA via a Foxtel IQ3 so I'm at the mercy of what it outputs anyway.
  10. I use to have one, a great set. I just found it too small, it did not enough pixels and I hated the 2-3% over-scan causing image loss which was impossible to turn off.
  11. Image retention was so bad on my ST60 that I couldn't use Foxtel because of the watermarks and I suffered burn in damage from something else. For my purposes a last model Panasonic plasma TV couldn't cut it as a general purpose everyday television. Just google how many people have image retention and burn in problems. I'm so happy that I replaced it with an LG OLED. Don't get me wrong, the ST60 was a very good set but I had to babysit it, especially with Foxtel Sports watermarks. The horizontal line bleed/ghosting use to **** me off too: There's no problem with off-axis viewing or motion or screen uniformity (provided you don't turn brightness up too much) with LG OLED and as usual you're making a mountain out of a molehill.
  12. No way, for starters the fly screen effect is visible for at least 3 meters for a 1080p plasma in large white area scenes which always reminds you're looking at a screen and not the real thing. OLED has a higher contrast ratio then plasma, not just better black levels. Then there's plasma buzz which is audible and the heat produced by large sets is significant. Unless I'm mistaken OLED is more efficient.
  13. Pretty sure LG OLED beat Panasonic plasma TV's and JVC projectors for black level and contrast long ago. Oh and I've owned all three