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  1. still an issue for me. checked antenna and is done up tight so couldn't move. replaced patch lead, no change. might see if i can find a signal strength tester for my media centre and move the antenna around.
  2. antenna must have moved a smidge. Cabling was all new digital cabling and never a problem before. Might check leads in case they've kinked or something.
  3. Has anyone else had a reduction in their reception quality lately? I'm in Wulagi with the Austar supplied UHF antenna and seem to be getting random breakup, particularly on Ch 10 and 7 when before xmas it used to be crystal clear.
  4. I rang up to cancel due to poor reception after moving from Austar Cable in Darwin to Austar Satellite. We are all having to move as they're decommissioning the cable network. For a city that has rain for pretty much 6 months of the year Satellite doesn't really cut it as it drops out with any rain. First offer was to take off my sports package to help save. Sorry its not a financial decision Next offer was to offer $30 for the current month Next off was then $10 off per month for the next 6 months. After all that still wanted to cancel so they said would have to go through another billing cycle as I needed to give 30 days notice to cancel. I then asked for the $30 refund due to service. Oh sorry sir, that's only if you're staying. Rest assured, 5min later I got my $30 refund Oh well, no more Austar as of next month, but stored a free FTA TV antenna and install just for moving across to Sat
  5. adds another whole world of pain as it means I have to go get a TV antenna and digital tuner in my media centre if i want to get Ch10 since existing Austar won't provide it
  6. Just spoke to Austar. They had an internal email released this morning to all staff. At this time Austar will not be broadcasting the new DTD (Ch10) in Darwin via the Austar Cable Network. She could not tell me if there were any plans to change this decision.
  7. Yes we get Southern Cross TV (Ch 107) and Nine (Ch 100) so I'd assume there is a Ch10, but nothing on Austar as yet.
  8. I too have the ATS's and the AP-1's, but I have a CC120 as the centre. After using it for a few years its probably not the best matchup as I find the CC120 not up to the same level as the other speakers in the set.
  9. Rang these guys last week. They can sell the 76cm 200a for $1799 (catalog no: g7626) DSE powerhouse Batt St (cnr Mulgoa Rd) (02) 4721 1544 Alternatively you can also buy it from DSE Direct (02 96429155) for $2284.61
  10. I contacted the DSE Powerhouse Supacenta Shop T11 2 Todman Ave Sydney NSW (02) 9697 0244. They have the 76cm 200a in stock for $1898 and the 86cm 200a for ~$2500. I was going to pick one up myself except they don't take phone orders and wanted to charge $700 for freight to Darwin
  11. I was looking at that recently. Very nice. See my post from a couple of weeks ago...most people suggested to spent that bit more for a 200a.
  12. Got a quote from The Good Guys for a 76cm 300a shipped to Darwin with 5yr warranty for $2500ish. I'd still be interested to find a 200a for less than $2k since I can't find much info on the 300a.
  13. Where did you pick that up from? The cheapest in Darwin for the 200a is $2799. I can get the 300a shipped to Darwin for $2300 but don't have details on what the new model includes yet. I just purchased a 200a Panasonic 76cm. Quite happy with it for under $2000, looks fantastic with the HD STB connection. I personally didn't like the 76PW60A. The Sony sets like the KVHX32M31 and HR version are fantastic, and have better geometry than the Panasonics, with better audio, not that it affects me because I use the AV receiver. I would have gone for the HR Sony but got a deal on the Panasonic that was hundreds of dollars less. Others will disagree with this, but I still think if you are happy with a 76cm set, CRT is still the way to go; and worry about plasma/lcd in a couple of years when the price has halved and resolution doubled. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  14. So I take it from everyone's comments that Austar Digital is not as good quality as SDTV. Does anyone know what type of sound comes out of Austar Digital, stereo, prologic or digital 5.1? I'm tossing up if I should pay $70 to switch to digital here in Darwin or just cancel my subscription and go back to SDTV.
  15. Doesn't it annoy you when a manufacturer has released a new model and not updated their website