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  1. My lineup has been refined a bit more I think. Now looking at: 3 x flat megaphonix 2 x flat phonix 4 x atmospherix AS 1 x Volcanix Slim (with the option for another down the line) Ever evolving
  2. Thanks Mikey. I did have a chat with a Michael and he's suggested flat Phonix over Megaphonix due to size, so I'll likely go with that. The sub I agree is the one thing that (and I feel weird saying this) might actually be too much I'm demoing some Krix gear on the weekend but I don't think they have the Cyclonix, rather the Volcanix (and slim) so I'll see how I go after listening to that
  3. I'm definitely open to suggestions for alternatives. They're certainly expensive.
  4. Do you find you need to get behind it much?
  5. I believe it does It is the 18" sub yep, http://www.krix.com.au/cyclonix-active/. Open to suggestions with regards to placement. I'll have the 3 fronts behind the screen, will there be room for the sub as well do you think?
  6. Ok, well I've completely changed my mind with regards to equipment. Considering my room size of 5500 x 3700 (and 2700 height), am I making any glaring mistakes here (aside from spending too much money :D): Epson 9300W (the W just in case) 130" (TBD) 16:9 AT screen Marantz 7011 Krix Fanatix fronts x 3 Krix Megaphonix surrounds x 2 Krix Atmospherix A20 in ceilings x 4 Krix Cylonix Active Sub x 1
  7. I hear you. My room is 5500 x 3700 so I'd probably be in the same boat as you if I went with your speakers. Thinking about the Krix SX though. Thanks and good luck, don't think you'll have too much trouble offloading them
  8. How big is your new room out of interest? I'm thinking of buying a Krix set myself...
  9. Yep, I might have to find somewhere that has a decent range of speakers to demo. Any suggestions there? So Cinemascope. I like the idea of it, and if it weren't for the width considerations I'd definitely go with that, but if I think about it, more often than not I'll likely have a 16:9 image up (games, TV, some movies) whereas it's only certain movies that would use the full 2.4. I wonder if I'm better off just getting a 16:9 screen so that I can have a bigger 16:9 image, rather than effectively losing size if viewing 16:9 content on a 2.4 screen...
  10. I generally prefer to put parts together myself (I do so for all my other dorky hobbies), and honestly I'd probably prefer that in this case as well, it's just a bit overwhelming at the start with so many options for each component I'd say I'll be happy at this stage with the Epsom 9300 and an AT screen (probably from OZTS). I guess I just need to decide on a set of speakers really, and potentially someone to help install it (though my network guy may be able to help with that, just waiting to hear back from him).
  11. That's true, good point. Honestly I'm looking around to see if there's a decent all in one package anywhere that I can just buy and be done with it. BPP have a bunch but they all seem pretty overpriced (at least for what I could by the stuff for separately) and they don't have much of a range of speaker choices. Any suggestions for a decent package from somewhere?
  12. Ok! I'm finally at the point where I can think about buying some equipment. I haven't sunk too many hours into it just yet, but what is the forums initial thoughts on these components: Projector: Epsom EH-TW9300 (worth getting the W model?) Amp: Yamaha RX-A1060 (or 2060?) Speakers: Component 1 Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers Component 2 Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker Component 3 Klipsch RP-250S Surround Speakers Component 4 Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer Screen: Undecided, but should I go cinemascope or 16:9? And acoustically transparent or not? Thanks everyone, really appreciate the opinions. I'm not in love with any of the components so feel free to suggest better alternatives (the projector seems good bang for buck though as I'd really like "4K" and HDR if I can, and it seems to do a decent job with that).
  13. Thanks Kassan It sure is Buffy, I think I'll hold off for now.