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  1. Finally got around to scanning my receipt (TH50px600a - $4300 with 5 year warranty) http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/3576/receipt1he6.jpg
  2. Not so great for ebay Mine sold for $26
  3. I'd like a few opinions on what settings you have it on when watching movies. I was watching Harry Potter last night on Channel 9 (broadcast in DD EX) and noticed that I wasn't getting any sound out of the rears when I had it set to AUTO AFD (I thought this just let the sound 'play as it was originally recorded', without any effects? Guess not). I switched it to that 'Cinema B' setting, and that did the trick with the rear speakers, but I'm sure that setting messes with the sound a fair bit. Anyway, just wondering what you lot generally use Ta
  4. Won't you be chopping off the ends by doing this though?
  5. Seems to me it might just have been something that was overlooked. Now it's "oops, too late"
  6. May as well add that I'm also a happy Z500 owner. I've had one since release and while the initial release had it's share of problems I rarely have any issues with it now. Yes, it occasionally does crash, but hell, Windows crashes more often and we all know how much money and time has been pumped into that The unit has always played what I needed it to (although I've recently upgraded to a plasma and am looking for a solution to convert those pesky x.264 files ), without hassles, which is what it was built to do. I bought it to watch videos on my TV from my PC, and that's what I've got. I'm very happy with it. With regards to the forum, well lets just say I have a position on another popular forum that involves me dealing directly with customers, and regularly see people banned (not by myself, I don't have the power ) for mouting off, acting like children and generally being nasty peices of work. Being exposed to this as much as I am, I act like a normal person (polite!) on forums for the most part, and have never had any problems. I ask questions on the Z500 all the time and get polite answers in return. Act like a dick and don't be surprised if you get banned. And frankly, good riddance.
  7. You're welcome A lot of it is just trial and error and basically just having a good play with it. You eventually work out what you can do (which is quite a lot)
  8. It's possibly called something else. If it appears on the screen when you just have the Foxtel Device activated (ie, not an activity), you could go into the setup of that (again, change button layout I think), and see what they have it listed as. Then you can just find it in the dropdown list and select it for the activity. Basically, the lists are interchangeable, so anything listed in the device mode will be available in the drop down list for the activity mode, and vice-versa. Alternatively you can forget trying to find it and just make the remote learn it from your original Foxtel remote. Then you can name that whatever you want and it'll appear in the drop down list Sometimes it's just easier to do that In that case you just need to scroll down to the bottom section (where you can add items to the LCD) and right down the very bottom left there should be a button that will allow you to add a new item (NameNewCommand or something). Just rename that to Box Office, and then select the box office item in the drop down on the right
  9. I'm by no means an expert (not even close), so the best I can do is put your mind at rest a little and tell you that yes, it's normal to have the bars at the top and bottom. All I know is it has something to do with how the content is filmed (might just be a US thing, not sure). I guess it's not 16:9, but something else. As for the burn-in, yes I expect it would cause it if left running for hours on end, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just lower your settings a little for the first 100 hours or so, and maybe flick channels after every movie if you're planning on watching a heap in a row. I wouldn't stress too much about it to be honest, I'm not
  10. You can, you just need to add them yourself. In the setup screen, select Activities and then choose OPTIONS for the activity you want to edit. In the list that pops up, choose "Cusomize button layout" (something like that anyway). Here the layout is divided into two sections. The top half allows you to change the physical buttons on the remote (so, for example, find the GUIDE button on the left hand side, then find the button for your Foxtel guide in the drop down box on the right (just make sure you have the correct column, as there will be a seperate column for each device in your activity (eg, TV, Foxtel, Amp). So under Foxtel, scroll down to Guide and choose that). So now, when you're in the Watch Foxtel activity, everytime you press GUIDE on the remote it'll bring up the Foxtel Guide. The bottom section allows you to add buttons to the LCD screen, here you can type your own label for the button, and then associate an action to that button using the method above. Hope that makes sense
  11. Right, I see. You'll probably have to teach it each button then, and have them all on the LCD screen. Then when you press one of those, you should still be able to arrow left or right using the 785 arrow keys.
  12. Just find the original button on your Yamaha remote, and tell the 785 to learn it. Then you can either assign it to any button on the 785, or a better idea is to create a 'new' button on the LCD screen. That's probably a problem with your inputs. If you redo the setup, you should get to the point where it asks how you cycle through inputs. Make sure that's correct, then on the next page make sure all your inputs are listed. On the next page you can tell it how to access those inputs (for example, press TV/AV, then red), just verify those are all correct. If you used the setup provided, you'll probably find that a lot of it is wrong and you'll have to re-learn a few buttons and change the input settings around. I'm in the process of doing that at the moment with my TH-50PX600A A lot of the buttons don't actually work (the arrow keys, Guide etc etc)
  13. I'd have to say this is definitely a problem at your end. I've never had a problem connecting to the software or updating the remote, and I make changes a lot I would try disabling all firewalls/peerguardian/anything that may mess with your connection (even line filters) and try it again.
  14. I emailed them (see here: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=43934) and the response wasn't too promising
  15. I currently have all the settings below 50% for the first 100 hours, but after that I suppose I'll be guessing, unless some smart person wants to mock up some sort of online ruler we can all print out and use to set the values by holding it up against the TV