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  1. Great, thanks for that Mark What did you use to treat the wall around the speakers? As I'm building a false wall to place the speakers in, and the screen on, I should be able to treat it properly, just not sure what to use. I'm guessing acoustic batts in the frame for starters?
  2. Yep, all fair enough. I don't think the cavity sliders are going anywhere so I won't bother doing any soundproofing and will just live with it as is. That said, how about sound treatment within the room to keep things sounding as good as possible? Does anyone have a preferred treatment (wood? rubber? etc) and a reasonable place to source them?
  3. Ok, well, unfortunately the cavity sliding doors are back so is there just no real point in me stripping the plaster and putting in batts? And the same for the ceiling? May as well just not worry about any sound proofing and just hope the baby is a solid sleeper? 😄 Maybe I'll just get a really solid door for her and put a seal on that?
  4. Already sorted as per a few posts up
  5. Ok nice. Thanks a lot for your help, this stuff can be pretty daunting to come at from scratch so good on you.
  6. Would you be able to expand on this a little? By proud mount the power points, do you mean just cut a smaller hole in the plaster and have the power plate sit over that? I assume that's how the majority of power points are installed though (rather than flush) so I'm missing something, but google isn't helping me here
  7. Ok great, thanks heaps for that. And that's just something I can fit myself when the door is on presumably? Something like this: https://www.bunnings.com.au/raven-8-x-15mm-2m-rubber-grey-multi-use-sealing-strip_p3970014, or this https://www.bunnings.com.au/moroday-grey-econo-weather-seal-tape_p4061864 Ok, so if I'm doing that then I should probably strip the wall plaster and install some batts and plywood as you mentioned. Don't worry about Fyrecheck? And any recommended batts?
  8. Ok, well I've worked a bit of magic with the wife and looks like we might be able to go for option 2, a single solid door. In that case, what's the best way to go as far as sealing it?
  9. New thread for this as it seems to be its own beast, hope that's OK? So, room attached, and the dimension are 5.5m x 3.7m with a 2.7m ceiling. Right now, the ceiling is off with just the rafters exposed. We're having double cavity sliding doors at the entrance out of necessity unfortunately. On the plans, that room behind and down from the theater is going to be the baby's room, so I'm basically right next to it. Ideally I'd like to be able to crank things a respectable amount without waking her up if at all possible (and maybe it'll turn out that's not possible). No work has started on that room really, so at the moment there's old carpet which I'll be replacing (probably with 50z carpet with an airstep underlay as advised in my other thread) and the old plaster is on both side walls. I do have the option of stripping those (at a cost obviously) and replastering with something like Fyrecheck with insulation behind it if that's going to be worthwhile. Any suggestions for insulation and plaster for the ceiling? Just the same? I'm guessing I should build a bulkhead around the sides for downlights to avoid sound leakage there? With the door, is it possible to seal cavity sliding doors in a useful fashion? I'll get solid core doors but I'm not sure what I'd need in terms of the cavity itself or seals? Would really appreciate your advice, it's much appreciated as always!
  10. Ok, Any thoughts on racks? I've decided to just have the gear in a rack behind me in the room as it's just less hassle should I need to get at it (which I inevitably will as I'm a tinkerer). I'd like room for expansion but not sure how large to go. Maybe 18RU? Right now it'll have the Amp, PS4, nvidia Shield, harmony hub and ATV. Down the line probably another couple of consoles and who knows what else, maybe a HTPC, maybe a poweramp, etc. Looking at these two amongst others, but I'd be interested in any thoughts. http://www.4lan.com.au/f18ru600-p-46.html?cp=43_11_49 https://www.dueltek.com.au/collections/19-racks/products/18ru-free-standing-cabinet-1
  11. My lineup has been refined a bit more I think. Now looking at: 3 x flat megaphonix 2 x flat phonix 4 x atmospherix AS 1 x Volcanix Slim (with the option for another down the line) Ever evolving
  12. Thanks Mikey. I did have a chat with a Michael and he's suggested flat Phonix over Megaphonix due to size, so I'll likely go with that. The sub I agree is the one thing that (and I feel weird saying this) might actually be too much I'm demoing some Krix gear on the weekend but I don't think they have the Cyclonix, rather the Volcanix (and slim) so I'll see how I go after listening to that
  13. I'm definitely open to suggestions for alternatives. They're certainly expensive.
  14. Do you find you need to get behind it much?