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  1. While we're at it, any recommendations for Melbourne?
  2. Yeah, I hear you. After reading around the big forums most of yesterday, it seems the upscaling is fine. Generally on par, very occasionally slightly worse, so I can live with that. Seems the One Connect box with upgrades to HDMI 2.0 will be out soon, and that's a pretty great idea with regards to future proofing the TV a bit, so that's a tick. Your point about not many people owning it, so support and settings advice will be lower, is a good point and one that I'll have to consider a bit more. I'm swaying more towards the F9000 though at this point,. mostly because I'll soon be building a theatre room where I'll spend most of my time I imagine (when watching media). So I'm thinking I can have the 4K in the living room, as more of a secondary TV, that I can fiddle with and experience the 4K material as it rolls out. As it won't be the main TV, I'm not so bothered about it being absolutely perfect.
  3. Hi all, I wasn't really expecting to be considering a 4K TV, but I find myself doing so anyway, mostly for future proofing. Anyway, I currently have an ST60 (Plasma), which is great, but it's developed an unfixable fault and there's no stock to replace it. I've basically got store credit to get something else, but either way I'll be paying more than I did for the ST60 due to the available options. The VT60 is an option, which I know is a fantastic TV, however I just want to weigh up all the options. My main concern with 4K TV's is the upscaling. I watch a lot of 1080p content and want it to look as good as it should, without some upscaler getting in the way. From a couple of reviews I've read it seems this is handled adequately (due to the wankily named 'Quadmatic Picture Engine" ), but I'd like to read more comments on that from owners. I bought a plasma on purpose originally, and didn't even really consider LED/LCD, however I must admit I don't enjoy worrying about burn in/long retention, especially as I game a fair bit (which I did suffer from on the ST60. I still have a faint Assassins Creed 3 health bar visible from about 8 months ago. Granted I should have been more careful with it, but it's still something that's always on my mind when I fire up a game. It'd be nice not to have to worry as much). I'll also be renovating soon and there'll be a large window adjacent to the TV when that happens, so LED will be better for the glare. Now, to the usual complaints: 1. There's no content - I know, but it'll come with time, and being ready for it won't hurt. 2. By the time there is content, the TV's will be cheaper - Sure, but TV's last a long time, and I'm not really in a position to buy a new one every few years (OK, I am, but the wife would kill me ). 3. Why pay more for a 4K TV - Well, while granted it's more compared to a VT60 (by $500), the 4K F9000 is actually $200-$300 cheaper than the same sized F8000 which is interesting (I assume due to lack of demand). TL;DR: I know Plasma is better, however I don't want to worry about burn in and will be in a bright room shortly. What's the consensus regarding quality of 1080p content on a 4K TV?
  4. Hi all, Just to follow up, had a call from the tech just now (AWA) who basically said to take some photos of the issue, email it through and if it's what he thinks it is then they won't even bother coming out, they'll just order me a replacement TV. Sounds good to me I'll let you know how it all goes just for anyone else with this issue in the future.
  5. Aaanyway. Anyone else who's had the same issue (no not IR, but you knew that ), let me know and I'll be able to reference it with the tech when he visits.
  6. For the third and last time, the IR occurred originally, and still does, at a contrast level of 50. Now, how about we move on. Any comment on the vertical banding issue at all? Perhaps tell me if your VT does or doesn't have it and then that won't help me at all either
  7. Ok, perhaps you should stop typing now. I'll follow the advice of a trusted calibrator over some random on a forum with a completely different TV if it's all the same to you. I didn't just pick a name out of the phone book, I chose a company, and specific person, recommended on this forum and others. I'm sure your VT is lovely, however a contrast setting of 90 for an ST is hardly some amazing new revelation. These are just the first few links from a google search. http://reviews.plasm...e-settings.html http://www.heforums....-settings-1391/ http://www.avsforum....isplay-pro-help And I'm perfectly aware, and was also advised accordingly, regarding day and night settings, athanksverymuch. Now, how about we get back on topic, which is to do with panel defects, DSE and vertical lines appearing from nowhere. For anyone interested, seems it's fairly common with the 2012/2013 Panasonic Plasmas: http://www.whathifi.com/forum/tvs-and-projectors/panasonic-tx-p50gt50-plasma-tv-vertical-banding?page=1
  8. I don't necessarily "feel the need", I'm just following the advice of a professional.
  9. Well they were set to 50 before the calibration, and that's when the burn in happened Since the calibration he gave the optimal settings (which has contrast at 90) and a paranoid setting which has it at 60.
  10. I recently had the set professionally calibrated so the contrast is up higher now, however it still did it (and the "burn in" happened) in the months before I had it set up (and the contrast was lower). I suspect I just have a crappy panel. I must say, while I prefer plasma, this is something I won't miss when it's phased out.
  11. I also have this issue with a P65ST60A. 3 vertical bands down the right hand side of the screen. It's only visible on a bright white screen, but that's often enough to annoy me (and I know it's there so I'm always looking for it Literally just got off the phone with Panasonic and they're having AWA contact me to send a tech out. If they want to take it away I might kick up a bit of a fuss as I don't want to be without a TV for weeks. Honestly I'm kind of regretting the purchase as the image retention has been shocking since I got it. Worst I've seen it on any TV I've owned. Only needs an image to be on the screen for a few seconds and it sticks around for a while. I'm pretty sure I have some permanent burn in in one section of the screen as well as it's been there for a good 6 months now. It's faint, but it's there.
  12. Had the 65ST60 delivered last week, very nice so far Considering getting it professionally calibrated but would be interested in any recommended settings people are happy with
  13. Thanks I'd probably try to end up spending less than that one way or another (and probably not $30k on the equipment as I wouldn't be going for super super high end speakers, and probably only 2 recliners for starters, with 2 more added down the track (which I know works out the same in the end, but you know ). Just another thought regarding the door, I might not even need one leading to outside, as the plan is to have this garage attached to the house via the top level. So we'd walk in to the top level of the garage through the house living area, then down some stairs to the theatre room below. So maybe I'll just remove the door altogether and brick the whole thing up. I may not worry too much about the extra ceiling insulation you mentioned, as the majority of the time I'm in the HT, the wife will probably be with me (aside from those late night gaming sessions obviously ). If I could build the room for $25,000 I'd be happy (and then equipment and seating on top of that).
  14. Hi Hopefully we'll get some quotes back for the house soon, so that'll help with the budget. I do have a bit of an investment that I'm planning to sell to go towards just the HT as well (you know, priorities). Can anyone give me a bit of a ballpark for a typical HT fitout like this though? That'd really help so I know what I need to come up with at least... As far as "You'd be better off using resilient mounts and channel on the walls and roof.", I've no idea what that means. To google! I'm thinking I probably do want the front speakers behind the screen, so when the time comes I'll probably spring the extra $500 or so for the Acoustic material. It'll make the place look cleaner as well (I'm a bit of a minimalist generally). As far as acoustic treatments, again I'm clueless in that area so any links or suggestions would be awesome. I appreciate all the replies people, friendly community this one