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  1. Thanks Kassan It sure is Buffy, I think I'll hold off for now.
  2. Thanks Will current HDMI over Ethernet solutions (adapters etc) handle 4K though? Most I've seen mention up to 1080p only, so that might be where HDBaseT comes in I guess?
  3. Had a guy over today who'll possibly be doing the network cabling for our reno. He does some home theatre as well so I had a good chat with him. Basically (if we go ahead with him) he'll be able to lay the cables I need and then I'll be free to take a breather and think about equipment a little down the track when things have calmed down a bit. That sounds pretty good. He did mention potentially running ethernet to the projector as it's possible to run a HDMI (or video and audio at least) signal through the ethernet instead. Does anyone have any experience with that? (EDIT: HDBaseT).
  4. Oh no Honestly I'm starting to wish I could just buy a massive 100+ inch OLED TV (without a second mortgage) and be done with it. I know TV's (and I'm starting to play around with 4K and HDR which is very appealing) and it's just so much easier, but it's all about the size I guess.
  5. Thanks mate, very helpful Love that couch... Did you (or has anyone) hired an expert/consultant to help out with the design? Normally I'd just research the hell out of things and do it myself, but there's a LOT going on at the moment That's why I'm thinking I'll just get the wiring in place and I can worry about equipment later. I guess though (and correct me if I'm wrong) that in order to know where to place the HDMI/powerpoint etc in the roof for the PJ, I'll probably need to know screen size to work out where the PJ needs to be?
  6. Thanks again! Room height is 2.7m by the way. With the calculator above, I guess I also need to think about screen size (as in Cinemascope, 4K, 4K scope etc). I know 4K projectors are super pricey at the moment but I guess that's not going to last forever, so are people generally planning ahead with that, or is a CinemaScope screen still fine/compatible?
  7. Thanks for that, I'll have to work out how big a screen I can fit on that wall, and then I guess seating position, speakers and PJ placement are worked backwards from that? As for paint colours, dark I assume? What's typical? A darker blue or grey maybe? Needs WAF Thanks I spoke to the wife and apparently we scrapped the sliding doors already, the plans are just wrong, so I guess that's good. She wants double doors opening inwards now (is that going to be OK?). When you mention the downlights and leaks, is that just noise related? What's the alternative to downlights, sconces or something similar on the walls? As for the false wall, it might just be easier to be honest, as our builder can just throw up a false wall I suspect, but as he's a bit old school he'll likely look at me blankly if I start talking about acoustic material Many thanks, I'll do a lot of reading for sure. I guess I just want to future proof a bit and have amazing sound, so I'll certainly spring for something that does both if I can. Good question, I'll have to measure it, but I suspect you're right at 2.4.
  8. Riiiight, that's the part I was missing with regards to Atmos. Interesting, I'll have to look more into that, but I imagine I'll probably feel like I'm missing out if I don't spring for that now, as I imagine it's probably "the way of the future". Won't hurt to get the wiring ready for it regardless so I could even upgrade to those point speakers down the line, if not straight way. To google! I'm in Essendon. I was considering popping into AudioTrends in Ringwood unless anyone has any better ideas. Also is it generally worth hiring someone to help out with the build? Despite my lack of Atmos googling I'm a pretty techy type and am fairly up with things, for the most part, but certainly not when it comes to speaker placement, type of speaker wire etc (I know digital is digital when it comes to HDMI and toslink, generally, but speaker wire isn't something I've had to worry about until now), laying cables in cavities and building false walls, let alone acoustic treatments etc.
  9. Many thanks Michael I should have mentioned, on that back wall at the moment is a fireplace. We don't use it (though it could be functional if desired), so a false wall would actually help to just hide that without having to remove it (which was the original plan). I did consider in wall speakers but everything I've read seems to indicate that larger dedicated speakers are generally a better option if possible, so I'm probably swaying more towards that to be honest. With regards to hiding the sub behind the wall, it would need to be in a spot that's covered by the screen would it not, which would mean the screen would need to reach down to the floor? With the sliding doors, it's not too late to change those (and we're not necessary sold on them, there just happens to be sliders there at the moment), however I guess I need to do some more research around the benefits of 5.1 vs 7.1 Obviously it'd be more immersive but is a 7.x setup necessary for Atmos or DTS:X? I'd probably rather not have the lights etc visible on the equipment if I can help it, so maybe put the equipment rack behind the wall with a false door as well so I can play with it if needed? I guess I'd need an IR extender in that case. Many thanks for commenting, everything helps at this stage. I'm in the "I've been thinking about this for years, but I'm now overwhelmed anyway" phase
  10. Hi all, I think I've posted a few times on this forum over the years saying "we're just about to start renovations" and it never happened, but they've actually started now for realsies As part of this I'd like to start my theatre room build. It may turn out that I just do the wiring now (and maybe the painting and carpet) and finish up the installation of everything a bit later once things have calmed down (we have a baby due in 2 months as well, so perfect time for renovations!), but regardless I'd love some advice about placement and just technical things I should be considering now. I've attached a portion of the plans (I've cut a lot out as I'm just going through and adding powerpoints etc to it now for the electrician) showing the theatre. It's approx 5.5m x 3.7m. That rectangle in the middle is an approximate location of the seating (just one row I think), but that is absolutely flexible with regards to optimal positioning for sound and viewing (one of the things I'll be picking your brains about). We'll have our back to the entrance when sat down, and I'm thinking I'll go projector with an AT screen and the speakers behind it. I'm guessing I'll need a false wall for that to mount the screen on, and if so (pardon my dumb question) are the speakers just mounted "in" that wall (flush) with the screen over the top?. I'd love an Atmos setup (any thoughts on 5.1 vs 7.1?) so I'll mount speakers on the side walls in the appropriate spots. Sub I imagine is just on the floor in a corner (not really possible to hide that?) and not really sure where to put, or how to store, the equipment I'll be using (amp etc, TBD). Is it worth having a small hidden door in the false wall and having the rack behind that so I can access it when I need to? So with all that in mind, I guess I should be thinking about running speaker cable through the roof/walls, HDMI for the projector, and a sub cable? I also need to think about suitable screen size for the room, which I also need help with I haven't bought any equipment yet so I'm totally flexible with regards to projector and screen. So yes, lots of questions, hope that's OK!
  11. While we're at it, any recommendations for Melbourne?
  12. Yeah, I hear you. After reading around the big forums most of yesterday, it seems the upscaling is fine. Generally on par, very occasionally slightly worse, so I can live with that. Seems the One Connect box with upgrades to HDMI 2.0 will be out soon, and that's a pretty great idea with regards to future proofing the TV a bit, so that's a tick. Your point about not many people owning it, so support and settings advice will be lower, is a good point and one that I'll have to consider a bit more. I'm swaying more towards the F9000 though at this point,. mostly because I'll soon be building a theatre room where I'll spend most of my time I imagine (when watching media). So I'm thinking I can have the 4K in the living room, as more of a secondary TV, that I can fiddle with and experience the 4K material as it rolls out. As it won't be the main TV, I'm not so bothered about it being absolutely perfect.
  13. Hi all, I wasn't really expecting to be considering a 4K TV, but I find myself doing so anyway, mostly for future proofing. Anyway, I currently have an ST60 (Plasma), which is great, but it's developed an unfixable fault and there's no stock to replace it. I've basically got store credit to get something else, but either way I'll be paying more than I did for the ST60 due to the available options. The VT60 is an option, which I know is a fantastic TV, however I just want to weigh up all the options. My main concern with 4K TV's is the upscaling. I watch a lot of 1080p content and want it to look as good as it should, without some upscaler getting in the way. From a couple of reviews I've read it seems this is handled adequately (due to the wankily named 'Quadmatic Picture Engine" ), but I'd like to read more comments on that from owners. I bought a plasma on purpose originally, and didn't even really consider LED/LCD, however I must admit I don't enjoy worrying about burn in/long retention, especially as I game a fair bit (which I did suffer from on the ST60. I still have a faint Assassins Creed 3 health bar visible from about 8 months ago. Granted I should have been more careful with it, but it's still something that's always on my mind when I fire up a game. It'd be nice not to have to worry as much). I'll also be renovating soon and there'll be a large window adjacent to the TV when that happens, so LED will be better for the glare. Now, to the usual complaints: 1. There's no content - I know, but it'll come with time, and being ready for it won't hurt. 2. By the time there is content, the TV's will be cheaper - Sure, but TV's last a long time, and I'm not really in a position to buy a new one every few years (OK, I am, but the wife would kill me ). 3. Why pay more for a 4K TV - Well, while granted it's more compared to a VT60 (by $500), the 4K F9000 is actually $200-$300 cheaper than the same sized F8000 which is interesting (I assume due to lack of demand). TL;DR: I know Plasma is better, however I don't want to worry about burn in and will be in a bright room shortly. What's the consensus regarding quality of 1080p content on a 4K TV?
  14. Hi all, Just to follow up, had a call from the tech just now (AWA) who basically said to take some photos of the issue, email it through and if it's what he thinks it is then they won't even bother coming out, they'll just order me a replacement TV. Sounds good to me I'll let you know how it all goes just for anyone else with this issue in the future.
  15. Aaanyway. Anyone else who's had the same issue (no not IR, but you knew that ), let me know and I'll be able to reference it with the tech when he visits.