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  1. Cool, will keep my eyes peeled. Do any members here have speakers built into the roof for their rear speakers?
  2. I have a PS3 + Xbox One for Blu-ray and probably up to $1500 for amp, I hadn't looked at a particular budget. After purchasing the projector and receiver, there probably won't be too much money left over. I will have until July to save, but need to work out something to work towards. Eg 2 speakers next to projector screen, in built speakers in the roof behind the lounge. Apologies for being so ambiguous. My current home cinema is a Sony home theatre in a box setup. Currently looking for some options to research and explore.
  3. Anyone wanna get the ball rolling with a recommendation for a receiver or speakers?
  4. Hi all, it's been a while since I posted to this forum. I have been a member for many years now. Initially collecting DVDs and then moving on to Blu-ray. I would now like to hear some advice on building a new home cinema. I am currently building a new house and have a downstairs rumpus room on the plan that is 6m x 9m. I have a large pinball and arcade collection and will be devoting one half of the room to that and the other half to the projector. I would like advice on what receiver to purchase, as well as speakers and their locations. Both my partner and myself don't want a lot of clutter with speakers and wiring, so we are also looking at the option of in roof speakers. Due to the cost of building a house, I would like to rein in the budget as much as possible. I will be purchasing a Benq W1070 projector and a 150" screen. I would also like to hear feedback on questions to ask the builder when we meet again or suggestions on wiring on a different circuit and insulation (timber floor boards upstairs and downstairs). I have attached the plan for reference with a box indicating where the home cinema portion will be and a box with a red line around it under the stairs where I will have a custom built trolley with the receiver, Blu-ray player and game systems. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers! Adam.
  5. I'm headed to the U.S. In October and someone mentioned that the b&m stores weren't real good for Blu-ray pricing. As I'm traveling to Europe after the states and want to keep my suitcase weight down, I'm gonna try and limit my blu-ray spending (to pay back the credit card when I get home also). Where are the best places to buy blu-rays in the U.S? Cheers! Adam.
  6. I installed this on my Japanese fat PS3 and my region locked The Crow from the UK wouldn't play properly. I tried playing my region locked UK version of Doctor Parnassus and got success. I then tried installing on my U.S. fat PS3 and everything installed the same, but when I went to play The Crow and Doctor Parnassus, they wouldn't play. Anyone else have these issues or a possible fix?
  7. Hmmmm just wondering if you buy a U.S. 3DS will you still be able to Purchase online content or be locked out due to location in Australia and locked out of Australian store due to an American system ID or similar? Thanks, Adam.
  8. Wow...that is pretty good....hmmmmm to throw caution to the wind and pre-order now and assume I'll have the cash to pay off the credit card at the start of March.
  9. haha, I thought I'd be scare-mongering when I was going to type $400, so I typed $300......yeah, I love new technology, Nintendo and all that, but I think it would be CRAZY to pay $400 for a handheld system in this day and age....I can't remember what I paid for an Atari Lynx back when they first come out. I just remember it being expensive in the mind of the primary school kid that I was. At the time of release, I thought the DSi XL was expensive for a handheld and looking at the $299 price now, I still think that's pretty expensive. On top of the console price, you still have to fork out for a game with your new 3DS. A bit too much. I'll stop my whinging now....
  10. Hi all, with rumours of the Australian Nintendo 3DS pricing being over the $300 mark, who'll be importing from other countries? If you plan to, what retail sites will send a gaming console? With the dollar so good at the moment, I'd be looking at the U.S. Cheers! Adam.
  11. hmmmm what happened to the JB HiFi briefcase edition? Was in my local store yesterday. Asked at the counter and the girl had a look on her face like I was inconveniencing her by even asking the question. She pointed me to another salesperson and said they were busy and if I wanted to find out, I'd have to wait. I wondered what the computer in front of her was good for....
  12. I don't care for pirating games, I'd rather have a nice collection of originals....what really bugs me and makes me want a hacked PS3 is the loss of other OS and the constant badgering to update the system all the time. I put a newly purchased region A Blu-ray (Youth in Revolt by Sony Pictures) in my U.S. PS3 tonight that I haven't updated in months and planned on installing Linux on it. The PS3 wouldn't let me watch the movie until I updated the firmware. I searched far and wide for a work-around, but in the end got fed up and clicked the update button. I hope something like this USB hack lets me put another OS on my PS3 down the track. I love my PS3, but sometimes I think back to the days of the SNES and the NES where you bought a game system and just played it from day 1. No software updates. The double-edged sword is that with more updates comes more exciting new features. What do we do? Cheers! Adam.
  13. does anyone know if this release will work in a region A player? Thanks, Adam.
  14. Nine Inch Nails - Beside You in Time. Cheers! Adam.
  15. Wanted to buy: Jennifer's Body If anyone has an extra copy of Jennifer's Body or finished with their current Blu-ray, could you please PM me? Cheers! Adam.