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  1. Still considering this (EX500) over a Plasma. People say Plasma will have better blacks, but the Sony is a very impressive TV in its own right. However, I haven't read anything that suggests the EX500 would suck in low-light conditions (the kind movies are usually watched in).
  2. I just watched the Youtube videos. I actually didn't see much of a problem though. However, I only saw it on a PC monitor, not in real-life. I need more information, starting with an explanation on the floating blacks (doesn't have to be long), and any other problems the Panny G20s may have. Seems to me no brand gets it just right: - Pioneer: blotch/uniformity issues on the G8 that they think they can wash their hands off now that they no longer make Plasma!!! - Panasonic: rising blacks and floating blacks - LG: can't tell, but if no one is buying these ones much... - Samsung: not as good as others for varying reasons - Sony: these look great in stores, but allegedly CCFL and edge-type LED still get crushed by Plasma tech (shame too, I had my eyes on the KDL55EX500)
  3. It is true about the B850. The screen is quite impressive. Avatar looks freaking awesome!, for example
  4. Thanks John. Sorry to hear the C550 is giving you trouble. It does sound like it would be a good step-up from the B850 though. The comparison sheet on the Samsung AU website isn't too helpful though. That's why I came here - to understand the differences better. User input is infinitely more helpful than some incomplete web page comparison.
  5. Is there any impacting differences between this TV and the PS50B850? I own the latter, and the former is interesting me, after reading about it.
  6. The 55" EX500 panel is interesting me also. I'm not too keen on plasmas anymore, due to their BI/IR flaws. But this panel of Sony's seems to be highly recommended.
  7. I was unaware that Sony's CCFL-LCD panels were doing an excellent job at displaying practically everything (movies, games, etc). I was informed recently that LED-LCD panels are not as great as everyone is being lead to believe. Before this, I too was keen on the EX 55" Sony panel. I did a comparison between it and the HX700. Didn't find many dramatic differences except for what MotionFlow is capable of. I won't miss the DLNA features. Black levels and details are something I look for. If the EX 55" panel could do well at this, then I will reconsider it. I mean in regards to movies that have a fair bit of darkness, like Doom and 30 Days of Night. It does seems like a good TV. Actually, most Sony products I've owned have never become pieces of junk. Even my PS2, first used back in Xmas 2001, has still gone strong to this day. I would hope the same can be said for their Bravia panels.
  8. Really? That is a shame then. But I suppose thanks are in order mate. You've saved me from needlessly spending money.
  9. If anyone owns one of these TVs, I'd like to know what you think of it. With LED slowly pushing in on Plasma's and LCD's territory, I'm considering looking into getting one. To me, it seems like LED has almost all of LCD and Plasma strengths, but almost none of the weaknesses. This combined with the reduction in weight and other good features is quite appealing. I couldn't care less about 3D capability right now - it is not on my priority list. Just having a TV that is near-immune to IR and BI is a good thing. Prices would be good too, if anyone has them. $4000 is a decent RRP, but I'd prefer to get it for less if at all possible.
  10. ger mate, you may have just saved me from needlessly spending more money. The PC in question that will in time be hooked up to the PC, will be entirely for gaming. The taskbar will be set to autohide, and I can also set the wallpaper to change continuously (like the AVS break-in dvd). Moree importantly, the PC will have JScreenfix Deluxe installed. This will replace the screensaver.
  11. Burn in and image retention
  12. Thanks. I've also spotted a KDL32EX700. The comparison between it and the 5 series shows one thing in particular: the 32EX700 has an edge-lit backlight, as opposed to the EX500's CCFL. Would this be important for gaming/PC usage?
  13. Thanks for the reply Kayar. Good to know that your Sony hasn't let you down. Funny how Sony products rarely do (I once owned a PS2 that never stuffed up in the 8 years that I've had it). I don't have to replace my PS50B850 anyway. I just would like a separate screen for gaming and PC use, since despite all the precautions I can take, the plasma flaws could still occur. I don't suppose Sony have any decent 32" screens out there, do they?
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this TV"s performance. Movies, games, FTA - doesn't matter. Black levels, screen issues, that sort of thing. The TV has gotten my interest so I'd like to know about it. There doesn't seem to be any decent reviews on this TV anywhere on the Internet. (FYI, the Sammy PS50B850 is still going strong, but even so, the flaws of plasma still concern me).
  15. Just wondering if anyone know what good settings there are for this TV once it has been run-in properly? Would be greatly appreciated.