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  1. Even with my Samsung B850 being run-in (and probably nearing the end of that), I'm still debating whether to get an LCD or LED for gaming, or not. :S
  2. The Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton, not the Eric Bana travesty!) on Blu-ray looked quite decent despite my low settings on my B850. I also zoomed-out the black bars and the movie was still very watchable. The run-in disc has been running almost non-stop since I got the TV back, so I'm going to give it a break from that (and my PS3 too), whilst still keeping up with full-screen imagery and a lack of playing video-games.
  3. Yes you should turn Dynamic Contrast off. Black Tone could be set at Low if Off is, as you say, too muddy.
  4. Samsung has claimed that its latest line of Plasmas do not need to be broken in. So either they don't want to admit the truth, or they've done wonders on the design process. In any case, I'm running my B850 in right now, and I have the contrast and brightness both below 50%. Aside from the break-in DVD, I've only been watching Family Guy.
  5. There is a program that uses Javascript and it can allegedly cure both IR and BI. Could it also theoretically cure the residual charge/shadow problem with my 508XDA Plasma? If it can't, then no problem. For some reason I've even been considering that it is my brain picking up on something most others cannot see. We see things differently - all of us. I just thought that maybe I am one of those whom are more susceptible to picking up on stuff like this.
  6. My Pioneer PDP508XDA has had about 600, MAYBE 700 hours of use now. I've gamed, watched DTV, and played my black-bar movies w/o those bars (the TV's Zoom function) - done the latter for a few months now. In the first 100-200 hours, I used a break-in disc and "Movie"-like settings. I still use those settings even now. I've recently been wondering about not zooming-out the black bars anymore. Taking into account the hours of usage above, and the fact that I don't watch black bar movies all the time, will displaying them again be that bad? This Plasma may not be Pioneer's latest, but it certainly isn't one of their worst either.
  7. My previous post is now invalid. The repair shop rang me and said that Pioneer want my unit brought in for inspection, and I will be getting a new one for the time being. Lucky me! It is all happening this afternoon. EDIT: The replacement 508xda is all set up now. I turned the settings down immediately after tuning the DTV stations in. Currently, the TV is being broken in with Ten's and Win's HD channels.
  8. I'm not getting IR or BI as such, but that cloud phenomena is still on my 508xda screen!! Extremely noticeable when in the dark, which is how I like to view my plasma telly. It's darkish pink and shaped like a mushroom cloud, sitting in the top-center of my display. My local electronic repair shop nor Pioneer have gotten back to me about the issue, and it's been nearly two weeks, and I'm becoming bored. Surely they cannot be that busy as to not call me to say anything. I haven't even heard a "sorry, we wont do a thing about your problem". I'll ring the repair shop tomorrow and see what is up.
  9. Perhaps. AVSforums gave this defect a name - uneven residual charge. Pink is just the colour of the hazy cloud thing. Whatever caused it probably wasn't pink at all. Nevertheless, I will be going to HN to find out what I can do IF the break-in dvd (obtained from avsforums) doesn't work. That new 50" panny coming in the end of July is looking very attractive right now.
  10. Someone on AVforums had a theory that my pink stuff problem may not be image retention or burn in at all, but something else. They recommended that I contact the local electronic repair shop (so they can examine it, i know plasma can't be fixed) or Pioneer Australia. Should I do this? The fact that the pink-stuff cloud even exists on my panel, despite how I've cared for it (settings wise), is what is annoying me.
  11. I have a PDP508XDA as well. I have pink stuff which I believe is image retention...or something. It is only really visible up close (<1m distance) and is not visible at all when fullscreen images are being displayed. It is sort of noticeable when there are dark scenes with little to no light though. I've customized the contrast and brightness so they are both at 30 (their max is 60). Energy Saving Mode 2 is on as well to further reduce them. I also run the video pattern regularly and always switch to something fullscreen when I'm away from the TV. Everything still looks great though - beautiful TV really! I watch HDTV in Full screen mode, but on some programs still use the 4:3 ratio with black bars. This is also true for some DVDs and Blurays. Is there anyway at all to force those black bars to turn grey? I've found no option so far. :-( EDIT: Forgot to mention this. The main source of this IR/pink stuff seems concentrated in the top-centre of the screen, and looks like an explosion of said pink stuff. This is only truly noticeable when on an untuned input channel (input 4 for example). Whenever fullscreen content (bar certain dark film scenes) or a grey or white screen is displayed, this pink stuff is not visible. 2nd EDIT: "White-washing" the screen (full white screen) - would that help me any?
  12. My 508XDA Kuro is still showing occassional signs of IR. However, none of it is seen during actual channels or movies, even ones that have side masks (black bars). Someone asked me about my Kuro's settings. Well, pretty much everything has either been set to medium or standard, or left at their factory values. Screen Size has been set to "Full" with auto size at "wide zoom". Side masks and their brightness sync are active. Likewise for the Orbiter thing. Energy Save has been set to "mode 2". Despite all those settings being made towards the prevention of IR, I still see it sometimes. Mostly when switching between channels or just after turning off my game systems. But I never see it on a full-screen image, or even with side-masked movies, or 4:3 TV shows via the DTV signal (its unavoidable as they were made that way I guess). Fortunately, nothing has ever burnt into the screen, and this IR does go away after a while of diaplying full-screen imagery. Does anyone have any advice for me about the settings or further reducing the chances of IR/IB? EDIT: At time of this edit, I've got the Video Pattern function running. I looked up close and saw no IR at all. The VP is still running even now.
  13. Mine is a 508XDA by Pioneer. It is still in it's break-in period, and has only been in operation for 2 weeks (not even all of that though). I've set all the panel-life-preserving options as I can. This includes Energy Saver "Mode 2". Just now after watching I Robot DVD on the PS3, I powered the PS3 off and when it completed, I noticed image retention of the XMB bar. This worried me! I turned the panel off and then back on, and it was gone. Re-created it by using another DVD and repeating, and it appeared again. This is when I turned the panel back on again and switched on ES "Mode 2". But am I just being paranoid? Surely I have nothing to worry about right? I do my best not to keep static images too long, even to the point of only playing games for short periods, and playing the pretty-imagery on the Ten and Win HD channels.
  14. No HDMI = not worth it
  15. I'm having a similar problem, although much less serious than those I've read here, and it's with my Samsung CRT. A tiny bit of the top-left corner of the screen goes a bit redy-orange the more present a blue blackground is (ie. daytime sky, blue mood lights, etc). But when the screen is almost any other colour, or black, it does not show up. Although it may seem minor, it shows up a lot. I just want it to go away, and I really hope it does not consume more of or the whole screen.