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  1. Being an old fart I can still remember the original Star Trek in the sixtys being moved, not broadcast due to sport etc. nothing changes! BSG is being treated the same. The excuss the networks usually give for this "its not rating" to move to a late timeslot, if this true why over 20 years did Nine/Win keep the Star Trek rights which cost a far amount for a show being broadcast at midnight or later. The answer to this is simple they want a show they know has a moderate fan base who will stay with the show in this timeslot, which most of the other rubbish they broadcast can't do. Whille this might have worked a few years ago, given the tech savy of many sci fi fans and things like bittorrent which I understand from many of my friends already has the first 4 or 5 episodes of season 3 why would anybody wait till January. Stopping a show that is building to a clifhanger ending ( for two or three months ) is treating the audience with contempt, and as for Joker Poker (damn I've just been sick in a bucket) This seems to be B grade comedians with the Z grade unemployed ex host of that late bigbrother rubbish. Several previous comments talk of buying the DVD set for season 2 why not rent instead My local vid shop has had this for a month (and thats in TAS)