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  1. the bandwidth better used on a proper channel increasing data rate
  2. strathfield still has stock of larger HDD toppys still advertising on radio in brisbane $499
  3. when you eventually need to replace STB it may be to your advantage to buy one that is sensitive to weaker signals like the healing (Hantrex has web site and do mail orders) in the mean time rg6 cable should help, cheers alan
  4. dont see why it would different manufacturer but same distributer, but maybe no longer same distributer . possibly topfield cart closed as all old (small HDD )sold and now they are out of system the newer versions can be marketed but sounds like DPG is no longer seeing eye to eye with topfield so maybe a change in distributer is on cards, with upgraded HDD and lower price. DPG didnt seem disposed to some price competition I seem to remenber them being fined for price maintenance. cheers alan
  5. the antennas in the catalogue have no indication of gain. cheers alan
  6. I didnt buy it but Coonan is the biggest dud in communications. cheers alan
  7. I am going to show my ignorance here but even after reading a few threads I dont know what a TAP is I presume that it a user work around a software problem. cheers alan
  8. it surely depends whether there are any unique parts or ICs, capacitors etc easy to source , by the way strathfield NSW only or have a presence in Brisbane I want one as wedding present but it will be located in Briz. thanks alan
  9. if it is repair by replacement while under 12 month warranty it may mean no repair facility in place out of warranty period. cheers alan
  10. double post
  11. I personally will go with a significantly lower price but there is an extended warranty available from strathfield at extra cost if you are worried about after the first 12 months just check the terms and coverage. any problems apart from dried capacitors in power supply are likely to show in first 12 months, capacitors any tech can source and replace but in the end it is your decision and bear in mind the non strathfield toppies would appear to have the smaller HDD which makes toppies from strathfield effectively cheaper than they first appear. cheers alan
  12. after the HDD , power supply and motherboard what else is left except for the tuner?. cheers alan
  13. think I will eventually go through strathfield the price difference is too significant to ignor but sounds like no one else will stock SD topfield if wholesale from DPG is more than strathfields retail. cheers alan
  14. not quite found out before I bought, think I will still buy but want to reflect and consider the position. Strathfield would be selling with a 12 month warranty whether through whoever imports or a third party, there are statuary requirements that goods are of merchantable quality so some protection. what is a worry is what happens after the 12 month warranty expires. at least the software should be stable as they are older products and been debugged the only change being a bigger HDD and there are significant price savings. it is tradeoff and each has to make up their own mind on which way to go. cheers alan