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  1. I caution about disclosing too much even on pm about detailed pricings until we have received formal replies to a request for quotation / tender which should cover all prospective suppliers and have the same deadline a couple of days after 1080p pricings released and like the idea of no dutch auction make your first pitch best you can as no second chance, then compare and review price including street prices. cheers alan
  2. some people like myself want the 1080p but want to see it in flesh and the price and could go 720p(unlikely) so stats a bit wonky on this matter. we nqw have 84 interested so its looking good
  3. the 1080p screens may not be out for a month but pricing will be out in two or three weeks at the latest and we can request sub missions and have broad discussions with suppliers before then to iron out any problems so they can respond quickly after pricing released and we have both series priced to compare.
  4. thank you for your helpful input gives some guidance about how to have successful GB, cheers alan
  5. could not agree more and agree we should have one person doing the negotiation others may provide point of contact and and suggested suppliers but one point of contact means every supplier is asked the same info and provided with the same info and whole process tighter cheers alan
  6. it might surprise what price may be achievable over the next 2 to 4 weeks
  7. I dont think we should even hint at other group buy out comes on the forum. perhaps GruG could on a peer to peer basis approach to leader of sony/pana GB for some info on experiences and likely results on a strictly confidential basis and that info used by him to progress this group buy, BUT this information is NOT communicated to members of this GB. I for one trust GruG implicitly to advise of what the out come of negotiations are and whether he is of opinion we may do better, he would not get full info about sony/ pana GB as not to breach confidentiality undertaken by leader of that GB. just a thought and may expedite our GB when 1080p screens released . any thoughts cheers alan ps we may need to break into two GB if 1080p suppliers dont handle 720p screens
  8. maybe he should get a job working in a more important area of life then
  9. is Prime DTX on air now?
  10. I am lead to believe that while 720p screens are out in a week its about 5 weeks until 1080p screens are released for sale so little lost in waiting for release of full hd screen to finalise GB
  11. I am with you here think we should wait until 1080p are out , I to want one but $6000 a bit much compared to other pricing. it looks like this may be set up earlier than I expected but if we get good prices dont see that early nov should be a problem for most people. certainly looking good.
  12. I think you will find it is the normal wholesale price from manufacturer - what it costs to have it on your floor to sell. BUT there are rebates, 11 for price of 10, special promotions which are hard to quantify and are totally at discretion of supplier. bear in mind we want a good price but supplier needs to cover costs and make a"reasonable" profit to remain in business but it is up to supplier to decide how low they are prepared to go. cheers alan
  13. I think they will do very well if they live up to there reviews when seen in flesh, but this group is not typical of public at large think compared to this buy general sales will be higher in non full HD models but it will be interesting. I do agree that sat $6000 for what I want is a bit steep being almost $1500 dearer than non full HD model. GB looks promising particularly as 70 expressions of interest. cheers alan
  14. inbuilt tuners no, I presume that you might need 110 volt transformer also