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  1. An update. Contacted Panasonic Australia, and discussed with them the 2 issues. 1. Image retention/burn -in which as stated in the warranty/manual that it is not covered so therefore no replacement. 2. The green tinge issue. Good news with No 2. They sent out an sd-card and it has amazingly fixed the issue. Highly, highly recommend it for any Panasonic 2011 plasma owners who experience the green tinge. Also the screen is much more brighter at certain viewing angles than before. I guess this has altered the panel's voltage to the phosphors. The real question though is did the previous software version which had the green tinge, cause the phosphors to be excited more than normal hence why the burn-in has occured? I still notice the burn-in at certain times especially when the tv is first turned on and definitely on green slide it is highly visible. It seems to be going away ever so slowly but it's still visible( logo bottom right corner of tv). I have used a special mp4 file, which flashes the screen different colours and this is supposedly the best fix for image retention. I have ran it for a few hrs seems slightly better. Should I run this software overnight? I just wonder if there is case here for a replacement panel? I am sure if I was in the USA there would be a replacement, but here they are suggesting this is normal/part of plasma technology. In hindsight I agree but as an engineer I have my suspicion this factory sofware has accelearetd the IR issue. TIA
  2. Thnx for the reply. I have managed to adjust tv to remove green tinge but I have discovered something more terrible with this Tv. Permanent burn in and it's visible on a white boackground slide and green background slide. My folks would watch for 30min each day the news from overseas on sbs and yup the two logos bottom right and top left are etched into the screen. Had the scrolling bar on overnight for several hrs, butno fix whatsoever. Also played burn-in-slides for several hrs and still no go, it ain;t going nowhere. Such a shame to see this on a Panasonic. I thought permanent burn in was a non-issue on plasmas in 2012. I guess I was wrong. None of these issues exist on my 2010/2011 Samsung model thank god. Panasonic 2011/2012 plasmas = inferior product and I have contacted them about this but so far no reply.
  3. Need some expert advice. I purchased this plasma tv for my folks earlier this year around march. When I purchased it I noticed that there was a visible green tinge across the whole screen which i thought was partly due to new device needed time to burn in, etc. Also what i noticed was something weirder. When looking at black screens against white fast moving objects.. there is this weird yellow flash appearing momentarily on the borders of the objects on the screen and then disappearing made worst when blinking your eyes. I am not sure what this is called but it's apparent... and visible. Only blacks and whites. Changing the gamma to s curve has partly alleviated this issue but putting it back to 2.2 and other numerical values the issue is always present. Since then I have not had any other issues- no fan noise, no buzz just a solid good little plasma tv. However, and this is the big issue I also have a big Samsung PS58" plasma and there is none of these issues apparent on the Samsung tv. Actually, the Samsung demolishes this smaller plasma in colour reproduction and detail. I bought this tv online from a reputable place. Is it best i contact them first about this issue or go straight to Panasonic and get them to send an engineer to look at it? Furthermore, does anyone know or have experience if there is a fix for this whole screen green tinge, without replacing the tv? and what about that momentarily yellow flashing effect on black/white screen..not sure how I would go about describing that to them and if they could see it.. Again the tv works and works well. I have had to make drastic changes in advanced settings with most settings to -30 R gain, B gain ,etc to compensate for this green tinge but is there something more deeper at fault with this panel? I also noticed when I purchased it going into other department stores that the Gt and Vt series all had this entire green tinge like filter on the screen. So is this normal and I should just let it go or should I pursue it with retailer or manufacturer? Very confused... I just wanted a tv that worked for my folks and everyone was saying go panasonic they are the best but my eyes say it isn't, especially when comparing to my samsung. PS- there is no new 42" plasma from panasonic anymore so I guess there is no chance that a new one could be issued, but can this issue be fixed? Comments soughted..
  4. Ok did some thorough quantitative testing today with a variety of firmwares. The gist of it is that I have concluded that 1016 is the best and have data to prove it on my screen. This may not be the case on your screen so be aware. I used the video mp4 file to test 3D from this website: http://www.avforums....3d-tv-test.html Basically, it's a video and you pause it and close left eye and record numbers down with the higher the score the better. I did this with fw's 3011 the latest from Samsung website followed by 0000 and then 1016. Here are the results: 3011 2,7 6,2 0000 1,4 4,1 1016 1,7 7,1 I haven't tested 2004 but conclusively the 1016 is the best for 3d. Some interesting observations: * fw0000 has serious issues with 3D you need to swap left right before 3d even works. Also the colours are subdued badly on 0000 firmware with 3d, so totally advise against this fw...but importantly this allows the testing to be done * fw 3011 has a very good 2d picture but 3D is poor as others have noted and my scores prove. Actually, I can now conclude all 3xxx firmwares are bad for 3D viewing on this series Tv. * 2004 has yet to be tested to compare the values of 3d performance. I will do 2004 over the next week or so and update this thread with it's results. Enjoy
  5. Interestingly, just curious but do other ps58c7000 users notice with 720p content i.e. ABC 24 and SBS HD there is a noticeable amount of noise around text and numerals? Somehow, I cannot get rid of this. Curious if other users have this as well. However this does not happen on sd content and one HD, 7mate and Gem content. Is the scaler poor on the samsungs?
  6. Ok... Been a while since I have written back in this topic. Have been on 2004 for quite a while and noticed a slight lack in 3D effect. Will test 0000 and 3011 over the next several days for 3D and 2D. Stay tuned on feedback..
  7. Just a further update I paused two black scenes one in blue ray 2d 24hz and one in fta and definitely the fw2004 has blacks which are equal in darkness in both modes. There is no question about it the 1016fw on fta is not anywhere near the blacks of 2004... As for 2d blue ray I have left it on dynamic and that's it this is now done.. I won't bother with 0000fw. Ps - use dennis thomsen settings put colour around 44 and dynamic contrast at medium for fta enjoy everyone.. I also use movie mode for audio and don't use auto volume I find when using auto volume it raises the bass excessively so just leave it off.
  8. Yeah sure... it's all default no changes at all... Wow... I guess I have to test 0000 now.... that will be interesting..
  9. The colour is definitely blue with standard but in 3D its fine. Funny thing is that with dennis thomsen settings in movie mode the only 4 options that compares is relax settings which is more red in temperature. When watching 2D blue ray with dennis settings you lose some of the detail as compared to dynamic which literally blinds your retinas.. I need either a tweak on dennis settings for 2D blue ray or just use the dynamic which blinds me but reveals more detail in background scenes. My fta tv, dvd and blu ray settings are set just need to fix blue ray 2d settings.. Curious what others find works best with 2d blue ray.. ps - I do like the dynamic contrast setting and use it on medium on fta.
  10. Yes that is very true... Use the standard for 3D and in the 3D options turn everything in there to off.. I think it's 3D Auto view turn that off and anything else. The Dennis Thomsen settings are spot on for FTA Tv and I have placed the colour setting at 44 as its so much more neutral in colour and not saturated as it is in his settings of 47. I have his settings for FTA, use standard for 3D and for Blu-ray 2D I use dynamic it has extreme pop factor and for DVD's upscaled use Dennis Thomsen settings all on Fw 2004. I have yet to try 3009 but as per many other replies the 3D settings with 3xxx series were a flop and I can only imagine the same to be true with 3009. The blacks on FTA Tv with 2004 are fantastic and so much more darker than 1016 which I was using for a good 2 months or so.
  11. Awesome work op. To me its between 2004 & 3009. I was on 1016 and upgraded to 2004 and had amazing blacks on fta tv. Actually, there was posts on these forums showing the 2002+4had fixed the blacks on 50Hz to be the same as 60Hz and 24 Hz. Dennisthomsen.dk said he couldn't see a difference but I and others on dtv can see it. And 3d on 2004 is superb. Now to finally test 3009 and see how it goes against 2004. Thnx U op we now have 0000 fw finally...
  12. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=20786657 D series owners reporting brightness pops on their d-series tv. Feel free to report your findings.
  13. ^^^ Out of curiosity how did he fix the black lines? Was it a hardware or software fix? Curious..
  14. Correct rising blacks. It's such a shame such a great panel has these other flaws. Looks like Samsung try to fix one thing in the new series but invariably affect/cause another. Maybe next years generation will be spot on?
  15. There is also info coming in that the black levels become worst with time: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet...amp;output=html Looks like this years samsung is suffering from last years panasonic floating blacks.