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  1. I recommend that you split the Guitar Hero stuff away and sell in two lots. The extra controllers and few games will appeal to a certain buyer and the Guitar Hero stuff has enough going for it to sell easily on its own.
  2. mcduck Probably overkill for what you want, unless you're planning to be editing seriously high res pics on photoshop or similar. My advice is expand RAM if both of the slots are not filled. It's a 5 minute job that you can do at home cheaply.
  3. I beg to differ. I have a Japanese slim and it works fine, you can buy the $5 CABLE from Jaycar and you'll be fine. This is verifiable here (look for universal PSU (or google it)): Please do a smidgin of research before making such claims. As others have noted, the only drawback in buying an OS PS3 is that the DVD and Blu Ray region is locked to A for Blu Ray and 1 for DVD. With the pace of development of custom F/W and general "hacking" of the unit, it looks like this won't be much of an issue either in the near future. The online play is affected by the region of the game you are buying not the hardware. I say, take advantage of the high US dollar and save yourself some cash.
  4. Always helps to add WHERE one would be picking up from, don't you think?
  5. I'd like to share my experience. I recently purchased an 8100 from the US. Originally I was planning to use Price USA but after searching for the best deal online and indicating my choice, I was advised on two different occassions that the US seller didn't have a great reputation and thus a transaction couldn't go ahead. I started to get a little peeved as there was better pricing out there and it was 3% commission for Price USA on top of the higher price. I then stumbled upon For $7.50 USD per shipment they will UPS or Fedex anything. The projector was too big for UPS so I went the Fedex route. Shipping details as below: A March 31, 2010 28.10 lbs 24"x22"x18" FedEx Int'l Economy® Insurance: YES $228.92 details Mailout fee: $8.50 Discounted Postage: $211.33 ($519.43) bank fee 4.3%: $9.09 TOTAL: $228.92 I purchased my unit from "Electronics Expo" based in New York. I rang them to confirm they had stock and then made the purchase which is via Amazon Payments. I found a coupon online for $75 off for purchases $1499 or more (convenient that) and this included free shipping within the US. So, after 2 weeks the unit was in my hot little hands. The "cloverleaf" plug is available from Jaycar for $7. Yes, I don't have Return Insurance but then again, I didn't pay 3% commission and I didn't pay for the Return Insurance either. I'm willing to send the unit to Epson here and just pay for the repair outright if something bad happens.
  6. I used Electronics Expo. Google around for $75 off for $1499 and over. I used to forward it. I put down $650 for the unit on the customs declaration and it sailed through
  7. Am in the same boat. I recently purchased an Acer Revo 3610 and setup XBMC. It is awesome
  8. I recently purchased an epson TW3500/8100 from the States. Cost was USD $1499 - $75 coupon - Bing cashback $85 = $1339.00 ($1500 AUD) Used to forward it on $270 USD ($300 AUD) So, for $1800 I got an LCD 1080p projector. Very happy so far and thought the risk of a warranty issue was worth it to save $600-$1200 (depending on retailer's pricing).
  9. It's about $200 to do it via someone on ebay, so I guess you're looking at similar for a local repairer. The lens assembly itself runs about $70, so the rest is labour, know how and warranty.
  10. Hi y'all, I've just pulled the trigger on an Epson 3500 (importing through Price USA) and now need to source a fixed screen. Anyone have one kicking around that they're willing to sell? Please PM or pop it in here, others may be interested. Cheers
  11. Just wondering what the pros are of this older unit vs a similarly priced entry level unit like the Benq w1000?
  12. That'll teach me for being tricky and using the "Insert Special Item"! Info on the architecture of the unit: Some firmware resources:
  13. I was looking at this player also. Some further info here Blu ray forum link Firmware updates available here
  14. You' hardly spend the $80 for better "graphics", surely? It does seem to keep the original flavour and is a great return to the old school Mario. Seems fun so far but only an hour or so into it since picking it up last night
  15. iNinja All but 1 of my games are imports and that's only because I traded with someone here. The only dud I've had is Metal Gear Solid (Japanese version) which works perfectly but cannot be changed to English. Buy from the UK or the states and it won't be an issue. All games for PS3 work but as per some of these really old posts, some of the multiplayer games only allow you to access the servers from the country of origin.