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  1. Deepest apologies peeps. This is the case that came with the Limited Edition of Dark Knight. Total brain fade last night...
  2. Google is your friend
  3. EOI: Batman Begins - Ltd. Edition Batpod Case (Japanese edition) As stated, an EOI if anyone is interested in purchasing the Batpod display case from the Japanese BluRay of Batman Begins. This is for the case only. I will keep it if I only get silly offers Pls PM if interested.
  4. Anyone interested in swapping PS3 games and/or Blu-Ray (Region A/Region Free) for a ticket to the Big Day Out in Melbourne tomorrow? Will meet you before the event and do the handover there. Advise by PM if interested.
  5. Some of these cheaper prices are at or occasionally below cost. Remember that most retailers work on min. 30% margin, and then they get a rebate from the manufacturer for $ sales over a set period of time. Selling at low prices doesn't hurt them as the key with mass retail is volume. Yes, you're quite right, 20 people trying to buy from the same shop, the same unit will most likely be knocked back. But then we don't all live in the same geographical area now do we? For the record, I'm quite happy to send my 600A receipt ($4300 with 5 yr warranty) for anyone who PMs. I've blacked out my personal details and AFAIC, if anyone wants to use it to get themselves a better deal, then good on em.
  6. I also joined the club today, the 50" 600A with 5 years warranty for $4300.00 from my local JB Hi Fi, and they had stock so I took it home straight away. Also picked up a Yammy 1700B for $1670. All I can say about the Panny is OMFG! It is huge! I just upgraded from a 68cm CRT with the highest res being a SVHS video deck! Can't wait to get the amp sorted and a Panny S97 upscaler until the whole PS3 and XBox 360 battle is sorted.
  7. Are these being sold anywhere in Australia? Are the equivalent brands also available? (I read somewhere about same components, etc, but different brand name)