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  1. Just Telladega Nights Left..........
  2. Last Samurai SOLD to Adelaideltpc
  3. Ok i have Planet Earth $60 - hardly watched Last Samarai - $20 watched once Telladega Nights - Region B $30 watched once. postage included
  4. hey ttn i thought you wanted to trade into the blue with me?
  5. i'll trade sky high for it??? its region A...unwatched
  6. ok ive still got sky high region A locked. Will swap for anything region free or region B or take a reasonable offer for it.
  7. Still have Sky High Region A Sealed New for Sale or trade $25 ono delivered.
  8. i now have Gone in 60 seconds region A and Sky high Region A. Will trade or sell. both are new and sealed
  9. Big Hit sold to Curious
  10. Sorry Goodguy i thought you weren't interested after i posted the price.
  11. Swordfish sold to Quansta.
  12. Gone in 60 secs wont play, thats why i am selling. I wouldnt be selling it if it played
  13. $20 for big hit inc post $30 for TN. in Post
  14. Yes Blu-ray. Watched Once. $25 inc postage
  15. i just oredered gone in 60 seconds and sky high from amazon but i forgot to check region coding and i think they are both region A. Too late to cancel now so i will be trading when i get them. Also have Swordfish Region free = SOLD Scooby Doo region free The Big Hit Region Free = SOLD Telldega Nights Region B. Will trade or sell.