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  1. Yes i cant get mine working either. When we had the storms in perth my tv died and now PS3 works with the RYB Av cable but not over HDMI on the new TV. I've tried every combo on the net to get it to recognise the HDMI.
  2. im more than happy with my LG 60PK550. But it is the base model, and it is way better than my 42 LCD Philips that just died
  3. guys thanks for the interest but i think i'll keep it and maybe save it for big sporting events etc.........cheers
  4. its got 1422 hours on it. and ive only used theatre 2 mode. Yeah i agree about selling it for so cheap? but i'd rather have some money towards a new tv then just letting this one sit here and not get used.....
  5. $1250? anyone
  6. no offers yet? $1350 anyone? i've got a 10m HDMI cable and 10m Component cable i dont need either?
  7. Hi selling my Epson TW-1000 projector. just over 2 years old now. Needs to go as ive sold the rest of my theatre equipment. Still have original Box. Prefer Pick up from Perth. But can post at buyers expense & responsibility. Looking to sell in the next 2 weeks.
  8. So Jealous! I assume you are in ellenbrook!? I'm in Charlottes vineyard. Can't believe what you have done. Very nice. We have a theatre room but quite basic by comparison.....
  9. far out. I'm removing my subscription to this thread. Get over yourselves.............
  10. i wish perth Sat viewers got FTA channels! only get SBS and ABC.........boring.
  11. i can understand where you are coming from. I switched houses with iq2 and they house had iq already and i plugged it in and everything worked so i thought i'd worry about swapping after i sorted everything else out with the house. When i rang to say i shifted house they said i had an illegal connection and turned it off till the technition came out to set it up and charge me. So i made him put in extra point while he was there. They didnt end up charging me anything anyway so even though i lost a week atleast they charge me anything.
  12. search this forum. I'm pretty sure there is a backup to external drive option which will back everything. Then put in your new drive, format it, then restore your files. There is a more detailed write up somewhere
  13. Hi, Selling my Wii for $500 ono. Friend was gonna buy it but fell through. Contents. Wii Console - Chipped - play your backed up games so originals stay brand new. Wii Fit & balance board Wii Sports 2 x controllers 2 x nunchucks Charger for 2 controllers 1 x component cable GAMES: Mario Kart Mario & sonic Olympics Big Beach Sports Sports Island Winter Sports Wii Ski Fitness Coach Wii Sports Wii Fit Topspin 3 cheers for looking. I'm in perth so pick up available in perth or postage will be $30-50............
  14. yeah i sold my 60 gig on ebay for $1065 plus postage. I then bought a US 40g for $550 del. I didnt have any PS2 games and import alot of movies
  15. catch of the day has a sharp 37" full HD for $1299