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  1. This note has been placed by SBS Transmission Services to ensure your continued viewing. SBS is reconfiguring the transport streams to its digital transmitters in the Wyong and Newcastle areas. These changes may cause some digital receivers to cease recognising SBS services, if this does occur, then the receiver should be rescanned. The digital transmitting sites, at which the changes will occur about midday Friday 24 October 2008, are 1. Mt Sugarloaf covering Newcastle and Hunter River (Ch 38) 2. Cooks Hill covering Merewether (Ch 38) 3. Centenary Lookout covering Kotara (Ch 38) 4. Wyrrabalong Trig covering Wyong (Ch 38) 5. Gan Gan Hill covering Port Stephens (Ch 31) 6. Rossgole Lookout covering Upper Hunter (Ch 64) 7. Coorei Hill covering Dungog (Ch 61) 8. Mt Douglas covering Vacy (Ch 30) Enquiries call 1 800 500 727 Regards, SBS Transmission Services
  2. SBS wishes to advise Wollongong viewers that due to planned maintenance work, that there will be interruptions to the SBS digital television service from Brokers Nose on Sunday 14 January 2007 between 6 am and 11 am. SBS Transmission Services
  3. SBS is currently investigating these issues. We would appreciate any information from viewers who are experiencing the intermittant dropout of their SBS digital service. Pls call 1800 500 727 and ask for the transmission department.