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  1. Watchmen AUS for trade for either Narnia or the Golden Compass, Bolt or something ....
  2. A few to sell includes postage Region A Chicago $22 Apocolypto $25 3:10 Yuma $25 Pearl Harbour $ 22 Region B Alien Vs Predator $22 Hellboy 1 $25
  3. Other titles include: Hitch hikeers guide to the galaxy We were soldiers Reign of fire Cinderella man Crimson tide flight plan The rock King Arthur directors cut Finding neverland Alpha dog Scary movie 4 Bruce almighty Air force one
  4. Ultraviolet Region A, but unlocked for trade or $20
  5. I'll dig around for it and PM you when i've found it.
  6. Anybody looking for a 5000 should ring around David Jones store. I got a masterpiece for $238 doing this. They will send it to your local if you find one in another state.
  7. Silent hill traded all ready, sorry.
  8. Sorry not a fan of that movie, will trade hd dvd as well.
  9. Bump Silent Hill Region A, but is Region free for sale $22 or trade. Region B
  10. Enemy of the State and The Prestige sold and posted. Silent Hill Region A but is Region free for sale $22
  11. Done deal Yorac. pm sent back.
  12. I have, The Prestige and Enemy of the State. Never opened . Region A Sell for $25 (includes post) each or Swap for region B Blueray or HDDVD. PM if interested.
  13. Underworld for Into the Blue? on its way from Amazon arrive around 5thDec. Ordered 2 by mistake.
  14. I'll look into that thanks peter. Always found your tips useful. cheers Dean
  15. Shopping cart is up and running again. just bought tfp20 pmp.