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  1. I'll give it ago tonight, i still get audio on PS3 games though from the HDMI cable to amp and then on to projector. Thanks for your reply, nice to know sort of that it has happened to somebody else as well though. Thanks Dean
  2. After an update at some stage, i think...., we lost sound for PS2 games, checked all obvious settings to no avail. Does anybody know how to rectify this, factory reset maybe? Thanks in advance for any replies. Dean
  3. Is the Aus version now compatible with all areas of reception? I had the UK one but it didn't work in the Bendigo area, is this now fixed with updated firmware?
  4. Go

    Channel 9 and GO dropped out in the Bendigo area this AM as well. Toppy was saying scrambled service. hope it is fixed tonight.
  5. I paid online on the 2nd Nov and got it today, great service, why does Amazon take so long when this can be done?
  6. ebay has a lot of 3D glasses from memory.
  7. Just watched episode 3 'Air', great to see anything stargate up and running.
  8. Can they source from another store for you? Heaps in Bendigo BigW. Heaps of Gladiator as well.
  9. Has been sold. I've been meaning to leave some feedback here, I bought these items from Tiger King for my Dad very happy with price thanks mate. Great to deal with. Cheers Dean
  10. Great service from foxy splitter worked great on a 10mt and 15mt run of cable to projector and tv in bedroom. Foxtail due you have more info on this, could not see it on the website. The matrix 4x2 switcher turned up today Keith ; great packaging again .
  11. Anyone want to buy my Playtv, ordered from Game, I live in the not compatible area and it can not scan in channels (wish i had of checked this before hand). $125 firm. Cheers Dean, pm me
  12. I cleaned my lens with my sunglasses cleaning cloth which removed a finger print quite well. no problems thus far.
  13. Watchmen AUS for trade for either Narnia or the Golden Compass, Bolt or something ....
  14. The package of movies received today with many thanks to jmone. Cheers Dean