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  1. Hi, can anyone please tell me, how much money does foxtel charge to move a box into another room. Thank you
  2. Hi, I did not know the dvdpacific website was closing down. I wanted to get a few dvds from them, they website is still up and running Also, when I tried to order a few things, a message popped up on my screen on their website, saying something about "third party". I didn't know what to do or leave the website quick LOL. So, if it's still up and running....what's going on. I got no such email from them saying it was closed. I'm now confused.
  3. I call it the 7maLe channel LOL
  4. I call it the 7maLe channel LOL
  5. I think it's wrong to charge everyone for the racing 2 channel. We have horses who race and now....we had to upgrade today for "ALL sports channels" to get Racing 2 channel. We don't watch all sports channels, come on Foxtel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If anyone has a Facebook account Channel WTV has a page/group. There's trying to fix the problems.
  7. Found this -
  8. I saw the tv ad on "go" the other night, about it coming to Foxtel. No word when it's coming.
  9. Hey, I'm thinking of upgrading to a IQ1 box. Do I have to use my netline/phoneline to have it? We don't have the Full package and I won't ordering the movies and I won't vote. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a HDD/DVD recorder, single HD tuner....Panasonic if I can. For my dad's birthday, he wants to be able to Record his Horses when they're racing. Thanks
  11. I'm a bit annoyed about not recording 2 channels at the same time when I'm not Home. It only does it when I'm home :S
  12. Hey I was wondering if this works when you're not at home? My HDD only records 2 channels and watch a 3rd channel when I'm home. :S and I work a few nights a week so I'm missing out on a few shows now. Thanks!