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  1. I just found this Imparja to replace popular programs with local content Popular television programs The Bold and the Beautiful, The Simpsons, Neighbours and House are no longer running on Imparja. The station removed all Channel Ten programming on Sunday and is now airing Channel Nine shows only. Imparja has previously acquired the full programming from both channels Nine and Ten. In a press release issued on January 30, Imparja CEO Alistair Freehan said the station could never use all the shows they were paying for. “This change means a 50 per cent saving in program costs for the station,” Mr Freehan said. “We will plough as much of that money as possible back into local content, sourced from our viewing area.” The station covers much of remote Australia with 60 per cent of its audience based in Queensland. Therefore, they are committed to re-positioning their news service to cover this. Broadcasting to such a large area from Alice Springs meant the news service could not cover the vast range of the region and news crews were limited with their travel. It is hoped that this will now change and journalists will be able to access more places within the viewing area. Along with broadcasting the Queensland edition of the news each evening, Imparja has employed another journalist who will produce regular local news updates. A new, locally produced, weekly current affairs program will also begin in March. This program will be based on issues which are important to the region “This is a great new opportunity for Imparja,” Mr Freehan said. “We have an enormous viewing area that reaches much of regional and remote Australia, and now we’ll have the ability to get out and really cover our own backyard,” he said. Although the changes will see the loss of some popular television shows it will not be a problem for sports fans as channel Nine is already a major sports broadcaster. Imparja hopes to bring back Ten, but this will not take place for a while. “In the next few years we expect the Government to rule on a third commercial TV licence in our area, and we’ll be playing an active role to get Ten’s shows back on air,” Mr Freehan said. Started in 1988, Imparja is an Indigenous enterprise that now covers 3.6 million square kilometres spanning the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. Source: The Ridge News, NSW
  2. Thanks for the review, I may look into that box now
  3. It was 6pm for Perth tonight