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  1. YES ! MANY THANKS, all is good when Peppa Pig is on the right channel.
  2. Hello guys, long time. Okay about an hour ago 10am 17th May 2013 my TV had a strange reception problem. The picture blinked out and the ABC logical channels 2, 20, 22 etc etc changed to logical channels 350, 351, 352, 353 etc. Normally you see this crap when you are in a cross over area where you have multiple transmitters. I am in Blackburn South Melbourne an area where you do not expect this crap to occur. The newer TV's are locked ( say dumber ) to their logical channels. The older TV which this occurred is a Sony KDL52x2000 with a true DTV compliant tuner unlike later models. So anyone else noticed this ? All my gear is still locked up in a post retrenchment office so can anyone else check what the logical channel streams are in melbourne ? cheers
  3. Correct. Unfortunately firmware in some brands makes the settings hard to find. I did find that the PC input often isnt available for tweeks as you are suppose to use teh PC for that.
  4. Call Sony tell them its failing . It should last at least 5 years ...............
  5. It's something that has happened before - optical o/p's do fail.. btw if you hadnt noticed the TV stations arent always playing dolby like they are suppose to - when the TV says DOLBY and the SONY says PCM. No such thing as OUT OF WARRANTY <5years : call them and ask.
  6. Sony now only sells their OLED in 3rd world markets like Australia - no one else wants them
  7. I did notice both the larger HX and NX series TV's were all leaning oddly on their stands. Obviously Sony couldn't afford to use real engineers to design stands - that do not lean and bend forwards and most often sideways. Checked out a 60" NX and it was 10mm lower on one side and leaning forwards. The HX was the same ( in three seperate stores too - JB HiFi, Good Guys and Sony Center )
  8. With end of line products often the manufacturer will protect the retailer from price corrections - i seriously doubt whether the store lost any money.
  9. Sony said in 2008 that they would be using Sharp panels in the 2010 series - but i expect it to only be the 55's and 60's . Anyone know?
  10. Spot on. The full range of new Sony's didnt hit our shores. I was impressed by the new ( US ) backlit fluro tube and backit LED's we didn't get here.
  11. Best $$ will be from ebay When a model like the 4000 series is only out for 3 months people tend to steer clear.
  12. Take a picture and post it here
  13. Call Sony - they cover everything no questions asked for 15 months - if not - call Sony and ask for assistance
  14. the older Sony's used a seperate Australian tuner - the new TV's are pure Sony , integrated and now "software " controlled. I have found the new TV's really need a near perfect signal to work. My KDL32v5500 will not work where my old 3100 series did. If you are concerned either try to get Sony to test your antenna or get your own antenna man