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  1. Bring on the next gen of PVRs! Have to say I'm still impressed with my BW S1 and what it can playback, only have to use my PopcornHour media player occasionally. User wise, BW beats the PCH hands down. I actually avoid using the PCH because it's just crap. Not sure what the other media players are like, I've played with a couple here and there and always find the interface to be really slow. What I would like in the next BW is better networking between BW devices, killer feature for me would be to be able to remotely turn on and off the other machine. More refined media player, like better playlist creation/support, mp3 tag support, random play (please!) etc. On the topic of playlist creation, should be able to edit while still playing, why does a song have to stop if you're cueing up the next song? Apply to videos as well for all my...err timeshifted Rage music clips. Rob
  2. I do this but over wifi, very flaky if the bandwidth is up to it on a day or not. I think I have more wifi traffic around me now as when I originally set this all up it usually worked but now not so much. I'm going to be getting an electrician in shortly to run a cable to the bedroom and be done with it. It's a great feature so annoying that it's not reliable at this stage. HD was never a hope though so no idea about the menu issue or not but I typically did that in any instance. I also record to my pc which both can play off so that's a pretty convenient option as well. Rob
  3. Comment to those struggling with reception, had mine working a treat for a couple of months and then like a switch, one day the reception was terrible. When I say the reception, the picture would freeze more than play and audio was mere bursts or random sound. Swapped in my old Beyonwiz H1 and reception is perfect, picture rock solid with no break ups and perfect audio. Weeks later I get around to trying it downstairs and it works flawlessly! So what's the deal? As a random thought I hooked it up as the secondary pass through from the H1, it's now rock solid as well! Turns out the signal must have been too strong for it. Pretty sure I'd read that elsewhere in another thread years ago for another device so probably not a random thought just my brain working slowly. Hope that helps a couple of people with their reception woes, it obviously won't be the only solution but something to try with your troubleshooting. Rob
  4. How well does this handle timer/viewer conflicts? ie if someone on the network is watching tv then a timer is due to start on another pc, what wins? Assuming both tuners are busy Thanks, Rob
  5. You also can't shift your recordings to external storage for extra space if it's a freeview model. Robert
  6. I'm guessing something was not fully understood...
  7. They did this for compatibility reasons, many installers check for version numbers, if the big one changes they won't install.
  8. If there's a problem I doubt it's because of hdmi 1.3
  9. Doesn't look like it supports pc which I'm using but interesting that in theory you can get cover art on the PS3 I couldn't find anyone willing to move on price much but they would include a game. Rob
  10. Had a quick go at photo's, music and video on the PS3 last night. Didn't have a DNLA (or is it DLNA?) server set up, so set up windows media player to do it. Bit annoying because I never use it so no ratings or playlists. Found an app called MusicBridge that can copy your iTunes playlists and ratings (album art as well I think plus other stuff) into WMP. Gave it ok and played well, no cover art which was a shame. Photos were quite fast across the network, very fast if you went back over some photos you just viewed so I imagine it would be extremely fast if the photos were copied to the PS3 itself. Video played back fine but didn't spend much time on it, ie not sure how well it organises the videos. On a bad note, I compared some MP3's encoded at 192kbs to the CD original and I can hear the difference damn it...not keen on re-ripping my music to either a higher bitrate mp3 or lossless... Rob
  11. Do you have the older PCH A100? Wouldn't mind comparing the C200 to the A100. While the A100 had great HD playback ability (for it's time) I found it's interface pretty crap, pretty much use the Wiz exclusively for video playback be it for PVR or video files. Thanks, Rob
  12. I did but haven't really checked it out beyond games so far. I'll post back once I get round to the other features. Rob
  13. I was slow in posting my last message so missed this one. Did consult the manual but it provided no further enlightenment than it switches between 8 and 4 ohms. I'll see if they respond to emails. Thanks, Rob
  14. Ok that helps, I was thinking lower impedance meant better efficiency and that did make things confusing. With your point on the speaker design, I guess that's what I'm wondering, have they designed these to be run at 4 ohms and the 8ohm switch is something to make them 'work' with lesser amps... Thanks for you patience with this, I just want to get my head around it properly. Thanks, Robert
  15. I guess my last question is if you had the right amp for 4ohm speakers would there be a sound quality benefit over running them at 8ohm with an amp rated for 8ohm?