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  1. I do this but over wifi, very flaky if the bandwidth is up to it on a day or not. I think I have more wifi traffic around me now as when I originally set this all up it usually worked but now not so much. I'm going to be getting an electrician in shortly to run a cable to the bedroom and be done with it. It's a great feature so annoying that it's not reliable at this stage. HD was never a hope though so no idea about the menu issue or not but I typically did that in any instance. I also record to my pc which both can play off so that's a pretty convenient option as well. Rob
  2. Comment to those struggling with reception, had mine working a treat for a couple of months and then like a switch, one day the reception was terrible. When I say the reception, the picture would freeze more than play and audio was mere bursts or random sound. Swapped in my old Beyonwiz H1 and reception is perfect, picture rock solid with no break ups and perfect audio. Weeks later I get around to trying it downstairs and it works flawlessly! So what's the deal? As a random thought I hooked it up as the secondary pass through from the H1, it's now rock solid as well! Turns out the signal must have been too strong for it. Pretty sure I'd read that elsewhere in another thread years ago for another device so probably not a random thought just my brain working slowly. Hope that helps a couple of people with their reception woes, it obviously won't be the only solution but something to try with your troubleshooting. Rob
  3. I replaced my toppy 5000 with an Beyonwiz H1 in my bedroom. Reception was marginal but hung in there most of the time, but the Beyonwiz is struggling badly. Added a kingray amp and that's helped a lot but still not getting SBS. Mainly got the beyonwiz H1 because of the streaming capability off the main unit (which has a proper antenna point so no reception issues) and because the USB on the Toppy seems dead so couldn't get EPG anymore Still have to try the H1 downstairs on the proper antenna but currently the Toppy looks more sensitive... Rob
  4. If you can find a sales guy who can add more than just read what's printed on the box but agree in principal when you find a good one!! Rob
  5. Ask him if he thinks they're paying similar rent as the city stores? I think not! Rob
  6. You can resume a file copy if the connection has dropped for some reason so it's not too bad if the connection is unstable...
  7. I'm aware of that but if the router is 1.1 then you aint even going to get the approx 20mbit that the Toppy can manage so just curious if you could get the 'maximum' speed via an ethernet cable connection. Rob
  8. Out of interest does the router do USB1.1 or 2.0 to the Toppy? I suppose if you want to do file transfers this option will allow wired ethernet networking over a longer distance than USB is capable of... Rob
  9. Nope no idea. Suck and see? Doesn't it have folders? Rob
  10. Why only 120GB? Glad to hear you could fix it yourself for a couple of bucks, but from what I've read you can still push for a repair under warranty if it is very close to the warranty end date, especially if it is such a short warranty. Someone else may be able to elaborate but it's a bit of a irrelevant issue as you fixed it yourself! Hmmm maybe I should learn how to you use one of those buggers! Rob
  11. Sorry, good question. Yeah I had to take it in to their office and they performed some hardware modifications. Other people have couriered their's to them from memory... Not firmware Oh I would have to say I do see the improvement in picture between s-video and component too...so if you can make the effort... Rob
  12. Understand but I guess I was saying that they technically can claim it's not broken just a useless output and perhaps misleading depending on how it is marketed. I haven't read the actual specs in a long time. What I can tell you is they altered mine to be YPrPb compliant, well appears to be in any case. Colours look great now, and no colour banding effects on hight contrast areas. Rob
  13. Ahhhhh so it aint broke technically just a not so uselful format! Great link thanks. Rob
  14. So no more pixelation after turning off the 'picture enhancements'? Gee either they were terrible filters or flat broken to have that amount of difference. On my Sharp LCD the damn noise reduction 'feature' introduced ghosting. Not a terribly good feature considering the industry's efforts to remove that particular negative problem of LCDs! Makes you wonder how we are supposed to evaluate displays when we don't know how they're set up in the stores... Rob
  15. Sounds like a reception issue...or interference from another device perhaps