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  1. Is it just me or does this look very similar to How to Train Your Dragon? Thought Pixar where a little more original than that. Will no doubt end up being dragged along by the kids anyway. Cheers CJ
  2. I'd class myself as a one of those prequel dislikers, (haters is a bit too strong), but I think Adywan's version of ep.IV is the best version of the film, possibly better than the original. I have no problems with the film being tinkered with so long as it doesn't reduce the film to a pre-school level puppet show. Nothing wrong with adding some intelligent changes to bring the films up to date. Cheers CJ
  3. Looks good. Cheers CJ
  4. G'day FMB, I recently installed my 3500 and had to clear a ceiling fan. I bought this ceiling mount from the epson web site. It's a little more expensive than some of the other options but seemed like a sturdy bit of kit. I had more than enough lens shift to get the picture on screen, it was really easy to set up. I'll post a pic if your interested. Cheers CJ
  5. G'day Scotto, just stumbled across this thread. My GK-1 is still working beautifully in my system, i'd be happy to arrange a listen for you if your interested. Send me a PM if you like and I try and arrange something. Cheers CJ Added a pic of my "elektra" AKSA pre here
  6. Yeh, the delay issue is not such a problem if only using the LFE output from an AVR, but I thought Drizt was trying to integrate <40hz from his mains to the subs as well (something I'm looking to do as well) and thought the delay might be an issue for 2ch listening. Cheers CJ
  7. Ahh, I guess that's a benefit of using an AVR for a pre. Cheers CJ
  8. Hi Drizt, if your your sending <40hz from your mains to your subs but your only putting the EQ in circuit with the subs are you going to have problems with a delay being introduced by the EQ? I'm considering doing something similar to you, I'm using a cx2310 to send <60 hz from my mains to a sub but am worried about introducing delay times if I add an EQ in line with the sub. Cheers CJ
  9. Congrats on the new gear! The Ergo looks like an interesting bit of kit, it got some high praise from users over on SNA. I'll look forward to hearing your impressions of it. Cheers CJ
  10. G'day Lyle, I think the Focal factory is in Saint-Etienne, in the south of France. Not really close to Paris. google map
  11. Thanks Chui, that's satisfied my curiosity. Cheers CJ
  12. Thanks Al, I'd guessed the Velo's auto EQ would be more comprehensive while also being more user friendly. I've heard a lot about the Fathom subs in terms of it's volume and extension but not so much about it's musicality or 2ch abilities. Cheers CJ
  13. Yeh drool indeed! Unfortunately no budget for such nice toys at the moment. Cheers CJ
  14. Has anyone had the opportunity to do a comparison of the Fathom subs with Velodynes DD subs. The DD15/18 would be a similar price, I wonder how they would stack up. Cheers CJ
  15. Well done broke. Shame about the Soniques not quite meeting expectations. I hope to go have a listen to those after chrissy. Cheers CJ