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  1. Ah, I had an encounter with elesoul too, he responded to my wtb ad from a while back. I had a bad feeling when I saw how long he'd been a member and no posts to his name. Very soon after I told him I was not going to proceed I got a similar thing again, another brand new member, hours old, responding to the WTB ad from me in mid January. My gut feeling proved correct I see.
  2. Looking to buy a amp module , 1000 watt version for the Submersible. My second HPi amp has broken down overnight, same problem as one replaced 2 years ago, 4 red light blinks followed by single red blink. Want a spare amp to use while the replacement gets organized if it is not too expensive for the older 1000 watter. Run my 2 Seatons in Master/Slave config, but can suffice with one amp/sub for a while if you have one and looking to sell, pm me please with price Cheers
  3. Hope Peter from Deep Hz picks it up
  4. Perhaps from the bad press he gets on this forum and shears all Aussies over the same comb? Only thing I got.
  5. I know what the price is for a slave unit, $1195 US. Not sure what the HPi+ is priced currently at as I have that already. All I wanted was a slave unit and had my eye on a used unit Mark was selling for $895, but did not get any reply on a full qoute on that, and the 2 he had as used slave units have now been sold. Did not get quotes either on as new unit with current shipping costs. Without getting a firm quote from Mark I estimate shipping to be around $600 to $650 at a guess.
  6. Nah, just got home, came here to have a look and the for sale ad had just gone up, and was right what I was looking for.So right place and right time for me, that's all. Sale was made within 5 minutes of the post probably, not a half hour. That's just when juddy posted it that it was sold. I was after a slave Submersive, and Seaton himself not responding to requests for quotes, would have bought from him otherwise.
  7. Just checked them, they are indeed 1000 x 700 single sided posters. Think they all are for movies that were advertised as Coming Soon in the cinema. Just noticed Lord of the ring ones go for big bucks, had like 5 of each, but think i threw them out hehe. 5 poster of each of the 3 movies iirc, 3 grand in the recycle bin lmao
  8. Handy post, got rolls and rolls of movie posters all of the Coming Soon variety. In the printing trade, so that's why. Think they are a bit bigger though, may'be 1000x700 mm, can't remember offhand. Should do something with em hehe
  9. Nah, am not interested in shipping, sorry. Shipping a little problematic for me and don't want to deal with it Re vinyl listening, I personally have not used it with a turntable.
  10. Selling in vg condition a UMC-1 and a USP-1 and a UPA-2 UMC-1 price=$325 7.1 pre pro USP-1 price=$300 2 channel analog pre amp UPA-2 price=$275 2 x 125 watt power amp Added a UPA-2 due to my acquisition of a pair of XPA-1L's This amp use to drive my rear speakers after initially serving duty as an analog combo with the USP-1, pleasant enough sounding combo Throw the UMC-1 into the mix, add 3 or 5 channel power amp and have a very respectable set up for either 5.1 or 7.1 and an analog system with the HT bypass feature. If buying everything $800 Gear has never given me any grief Pick up only from postcode 3170 ( Mulgrave)
  11. I gotta mail it back when new one arrives.
  12. I have no idea what a Crowson kit is lol Must use my google fu
  13. Matter is resolved, new amp on the way. Mark was flat out and Kelly was sick. did not have to join any forums. Going to have to think of getting another Submersive, was intending always to get a slave unit , hence the upgrade to HPi+ last year, but now with my XMC-1 can do stereo subs. So will have to be a Submersive with HPi+ to match the existing one.