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  1. I cant manage to permanently switch off the blue light effect on the exterior of the F8. I have selected OFF from the menu and it stays off until the next time I switch the unit on. There must be a better way than revisiting the menu every time you start it up to keep the blue light off. Anyone managed to keep it off?
  2. The package came regular post so no signature required. I hope yours turns up.
  3. I've finally taken delivery of the F81 46" on thursday 10th after a 6 week wait. Games & BD via HDMI (thx Foxtail) are incredible. FTA is dissapointing having watched a 100hz crt for 10 yrs(this is my first lcd). I haven't spotted the wave yet but overall Im stoked to have a kickass tv! btw my 3 free BD from Sony's PS3 promo arrived yesterday.
  4. Got the discs yesterday, cant remember exactly when I sent the form but it was definately less than 28 days ago. Great timing as I received the Samsung F81 46" the day before which was ordered on 2.12.
  5. After placing an order for a 46F81 on the 2/12/07 ,today I finally got the call to tell me that the unit is ready for pickup! I guess this means others who have also been waiting may have their sets arrive shortly also. Hopefully I will get a chance to get it tomorrow. Anything I should now about initial installation and setup?
  6. For all the QLDer's Joyce Mayne has a mountain of PS3's for $578!. Still doesn't beat JB's $598 with 3 BD via redemption (allegedly-still waiting).
  7. Received email aswell. Claim was from 2nd Dec. I'm not ruling out the possibility that we'll see the bonus LCD TV before the F81's!
  8. I dont get this question? Do you mean "Soho" Table
  9. I got one of the Kmart Soho tables yesterday after checking at least 5 other furniture shops. For $150 these are unbeatable!. Took nearly 3 hours to assemble (solo) but sure if it would take me half that second time round. All parts seem to fit precisely and seems to be quite sturdy. Perfect solution for the PS3,X360,Wii plus all discs. All set for the arrival of the Samsung 46 F81 which has been ordered for over a full month! Thx for the heads up ozpanda!
  10. Are these wired, wireless or the ones for the PC's?
  11. Got this yesterday and is fantastic so far but I am stuck very close to the start in the first cave. I pulled on that chain thing-now what!. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Complete newb question but do the white/black dual shock PS3 controllers for sale @ play-asia work on AUS consoles?
  13. You certainly can 1)check my location 2)Nup, have to send off the redemption form to get the 3 sony titles and allow 28 days (not really a big fan )
  14. I just purchased from JB and got the blu ray redemption form at the checkout. Tried HN (Electrical section) but they say no go.
  15. So BigW has PS3 @ $598, JB has PS3 + 3 Blu Ray Discs @ $687. I wanted to get a PS3 + 3 Blu Ray discs @ $598. First Tried HN = $610 with 1 Blu Ray- Close but no cigar. Then tried JB - they rang Big W to confirm price and instock. After waiting for 10 mins they told me that Big W had NO stock and weren't even selling PS3 for that price! Went to Big W to get a catalogue and check on stock levels-Plenty in stock! Went to EB- They wont match the + 3 Blu Ray Deal even @ full price. Went back to JB and explained and showed the catalogue and got it for $598 + 3 Blu Ray Discs!= 1 happy boy.