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  1. I hope someone can help me with this, I currently have 3 X foxtel outlets (all normal) I rang up to negotiate free IQ install , still have to pay $10 a month for the unit BUT will my multiroom now be 2 X $15 rather than 2 X $20 as on the foxtel website thats how it reads ?? So if this is the case me bill wont change ??
  2. ((((((((((((((PRICE DROP ))))))))))))WIll take $370
  3. Up for sale is 1 x sony ps3 40gb with sixaxis , i got this on these forums in august last year and it has bearly been used i still have the original box and all cables looking at selling to someone local so they can pick it up rather than posting , im located in melbournes west looking for $420 offer away Not intersted in trading for anything i already have a 360
  4. anyone selling their un wanted ps3 in melb area i will pay $550 and pick i up . pm me
  5. as above boxed 2 x sixaxis ,plays ps2 games and 4 x usb . i have seen these on ebay recently for around the 1k . pick up available in melb west or cbd
  6. 300 low??? they are 380 new at big w???
  7. melbourne $300
  8. Im after a nintendo wii basic pack with wii sports anyone got one they dont want anymore????
  9. bery interested i will give you a definate answer tonight
  10. how much to post to melbourne???
  11. i have had my 50" Q91 for 10 weeks now and i must say it is a Sensational tv for the price , even my mate who has a 13mth old Pioneer 43inch mind you , cant believe how good the pic looks i highly recommend
  12. i just spoke to my TV's service centre and he thinks my HDMI port is rooted even though my STB works on this???hmmm he said they can fix it free of charge within 2 days if i drop it off . Now my prob is should i A) take it back to be repaired 2 days and i have to drive 40mins to drop off and 40mins to pick up , the good thing about this is i will use my ps3 via HDMI @1080i Buy a component switch (cheapy $30 ebay) and share the component port between my ps3/360 what to do????
  13. yeah my hdmi port runs at 50hz and i have 2x component 1 runs @50 the other @60 so i got it running at 1080i through component now i will have to run my 360 via vga oh well thanx for the help guys
  14. i just got the component cables and it wont let me run anything above 576p yet my 360 runs at 1080i????why would this be???