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  1. Yes it was nice while it lasted but now it's back to Amazon orders for me.
  2. To be honest it's not a great loss, at least with Flixter there is the option to redeem in HD, that option was not one I could find with the JB HiFi Now app.
  3. Did you also set the remote code in the Oppo setup menu? Setup menu -> Device Setup -> Remote Control Code
  4. Ah ok that's a pain then, they're not the quickest at getting the website updated.
  5. Just turn on the player, assuming you have the Oppo connected to internet it should prompt you to update, it's been available for player update since last Tuesday.
  6. Item: Telstra TV (Roku2) Location: Yarra Ranges Price: $75 + Postage if required Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal - Postage only Extra Info: This has Plex installed on it so can be used for streaming from a Plex server. Pictures:
  7. Works out at just under $26 shipped from Zavvi and includes 7.1 DTS-HDMA.
  8. Yep same here. This feature, (which was actually introduced with the previous beta) makes it simple without having to fire up the PJ Revised the VFD text during a firmware upgrade that allows customers to upgrade the firmware without connecting a display
  9. Pete, it became available via player online update last night, haven't seen it on Interdyn's site yet though.
  10. Just got notified that NBN in our area has been pushed forward to H1 2019, so still a long way off.
  11. Great idea Bernie, have started (and pinned) suggested thread here.
  12. This was suggested in the Official 4K Ultra HD - Blu Ray Thread and I think it's a good idea, so fire away all with release dates as they become available. This post by Cevolution can start us off.
  13. MY bedroom BW T3 bit the dust during the week and I've replaced it with a Fetch Mighty, seems pretty good so far. I like the fact that it has an app for setting recordings as I'm used to that with the BW's and Ice.
  14. Lets stay on topic everyone. And saying that..................we were supposed to be getting NBN later this year...........now it's been pushed back to H2 2019...............