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  1. Lets stay on topic everyone. And saying that..................we were supposed to be getting NBN later this year...........now it's been pushed back to H2 2019...............
  2. I have the same subs and they're brilliant. I also have only good things to say about Peter at DeepHZ Audio.
  3. It's there, just a little hidden. Go to the Interdyn support page http://support.interdyn.com.au/support/solutions The either click on the UDP-203 heading or at the bottom of the list under the UDP-203 heading where it says "see all 8 articles" It's then the last in the list on that page. Very counter intuitive setup.
  4. He may have actually meant HDCP 2.2 not HDMI 2.2, but it does show he didn't know what he was talking about.
  5. Sony have now entered the 4K UHD player market with the release of the UBP-X800 player which hits the shelves in the US in March at $299 USD. Sony UBP-X800
  6. Usually a bit of a pat to get the majority of the water off and then finish off by wiping from centre to outer edge. 1. Some people have noted issues when connected to the internet (and not only on the sammy) 2. shorter cables seem to be more likely to be ok even if not high speed certified, however there was some discussion on AVS about lengths shorter than 2m causing some issues with 4k. 3. Some issues can be temporarily fixed by powering down a player, any brand, and not only 4k players. So tracking down the culprit may not be an easy exercise. Totally unrelated to Bernievink's issues with his Sammy, I'll be ordering this Celerity Fibre Optic HDMI Cable in the morning. I emailed Radioparts today to check that they will take it back if it will not pass full bandwidth 4K (as their site says no returns as it an order in product) and they've assured me that will not be a problem. So although it' not cheap I'll give it a go.
  7. Just pop it under lukewarm running water and then dry it with a microfibre cloth.
  8. I have the Oppo 203, I have a US copy of Sully, I had one tiny audio dropout but no other probs. Is yours a local copy? You could always try a swap of discs where you bought it, but also another tip is to give the disc a wash, even if it looks completely clean as there have been reports of a thin film of residue on the disc after manufacture that are causing issues on all of the UHD players.
  9. Banned here too as of yesterday.
  10. Al, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk was filmed in HFR, something which I've not been too keen on in the cinema, it'll be interesting to see how it goes on home displays. I preordered from Amazon because of the delay in release here, although the lack of a 3D disc doesn't affect me, it's just another case of Australia getting the short end of the stick once again.
  11. The question of which HDMI cable will work at 10m for 4K is a slippery slope into hell. What works for one setup doesn't necessarily work for another. I'm pretty sure THIS is the one Al is using, also pretty sure it doesn't do full 18gbps but is working as so far movies aren't needing this. ** I'm using THIS ONE from Kordz, quite pricey, also doesn't cope with 18gbps, so have had some issues with Oppo 203 homescreen, but is working as so far movies aren't needing this. ** Some in the US have had luck with THIS Clerity cable, however it is also quite pricey and not everyone has gotten it to work in their setup. ** I did say they are working with movies thus far, however I also read this morning that Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 4K UHD runs at 4K/60 and people are likely to have issues with cables that are currently running 4K/24 with no issues due to the increased bandwidth needed. I have it preordered at Amazon, due for release next week so I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  12. I've never had a Denon that runs hot, do you have plenty of space around it for it to breathe?
  13. This thread has run it's course (and beyond). The rules are quite clear, no group buys are allowed, we now have commercial members who are the only members allowed to organise group buys.