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  1. Not too sure why you are getting hung up on the warranty of a cable. Of all the components in my system, the cables would probably be the least of my worries as far as the warranty goes. Besides in what instances are you likely to claim on the cable warranty? When the cable core starts to break down with age? For cable I would have thought the most likely failure is if you damage the connectors or somehow cut the cover..in either cases, I don't think the warranty would cover this. For short cables 3m and under I would suggest www.hdmioz.com. Run by Keith (foxtail) one of the members here. Top notch cables at a good price. For longer cables 5m+ check out www.selbyacoustics.com Selby has a return policy if you are not happy with the cable. Can't ask for better than that..Top notch customer service from them too.. Good luck. Ray.
  2. Hi Ian and all, Thanks all for the great information provided. You almost need a Bachelor of Home Theatre to get through (and understand) the theory behind everything. I am sure there will be many nights of reading and posting of questions ahead! I will be on vacation for the next month, so will catch you guys when I get back. At least now I have some really good ideas on what can be done to square off my room. Cheers, Ray.
  3. Thanks a lot for your great ideas. Yes is a bit sad that even though the room is mean to be purpose built to be a HT, we needed access to the stairs somewhere to access a cellar below. And we can't excavate too close to the house, so that is why it ended up there it is. I do like the idea of the curtains. Not too savvy in regards to acoustics though. So as a rule, its better to have a curtain that would absorb sound waves as opposed to a hard surface like a shelf that would reflect waves (hence possibly causing issues with dead spots??) Hmmm...might have to install my equipment rack at the rear of the room then....drooling at the thought always. Cheers guys.. Ray.
  4. Hi Guys, After many years of saving, I am finally planning to build an extension to my house with a dedicated thearte room in mind. But I need some suggestions for a design problem I am facing. Please find a diagram of the planned room here http://rzk.smugmug.com/gallery/247436 As you can see the shape of the room is a big irregular due to the location of the stairs (one set going up and another set going down). Taking the stairs out of the equation, the room is roughly 5.5m wide and 9.5m long. The west side of the room I plan to put large glass panels that will provide a nice view of a feature garden when the HT is not in use. I plan to use heavy drapes to cover this wall when the HT is being used. On the east side of the room, I didn't plan to put any windows there at all, as the view is pretty ordinary, but the architect has put a window in the corner. I believe this is for ventilation purposes. I plan to put a fixed screen (not sure on sizing yet), on the north wall (top of diagram) and have a projector mounted appropriately in the middle of the room (will work this out later depending on what projector I get, image size etc..) Here is my problem. I am finding the placement of the front speakers very difficult. I think the irrregular shape of the room will provide an unequal distribution of the sound. With the staircase jutting out like it is, it will probably reflect a lot of the sound from the NE speaker. I have throught of installing shelving in this corner, but it is quite deep (1.1m). And there is also the problem with the window in that corner. I guess at this stage I am looking for any ideas. As this will be my first HT (it was a case of all or nothing for me ;-) ) I need as much help as I can get. I don't think the architect that I am speaking with has much experience dealing with the basic requirements for a HT room, which is why I am hoping to get some ideas if I can. I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Cheers, Ray.