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  1. I called Topfield today asking if it was safe to go ahead and activate my IceTV trial and they said with the latest firmware (on the USB stick included in the box) everything should work. Sounds like Topfield are giving us the run around...
  2. Which retailer did you get yours from? Which state?
  3. Just put an order down for one at Retravision Brighton, $655. I'm not complaining
  4. In the market for a 7000 at the moment. Don't really need the features offered in the 7100, so I was hoping to pick up a bargain on the 7000. Best price I can get at the moment is $599. Do people think that this price will drop much once more stock of 7100 hit the shops? Not too sure what has happened in the past when a new model comes out. Any predictions on the price and availability? Will it be the case that suddenly no one has stock of the 7000 as its the obsolete model. Thanks, Ray.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the comparison sheet. The pricing for the Topfield 7000HDPVRt seems to be all over the place. Ranging from $550 to $800. In the spreadsheet it says the price is $550, where can I find this pricing? They best price I have at the moment is $599 from Retravision. Thanks, Ray
  6. HI, I am interested. Having trouble PMing you. Still up for sale?
  7. Thanks for the photo Chris. Nice finish on the Krix speakers Can I ask what is the distance from the base of your projector screen to the floor? Are you planning to put the lift on the back of your entertainment unit and have it lift it about the cabinet as well as above the Epicentrix? Seems like a long distance to lift...
  8. HI Chris, I am thinking of doing the same setup as well. You have the epicentrix centre right? Is it inside your entertainment unit, or on top? Any photos? Cheers, Ray
  9. Not shielded, as per this review http://www.avhub.com.au/ProductReview.aspx...uctReviewID=186 It’s very important to note that none of the drivers in the Epicentrix are shielded, so you cannot use the speaker close to an ordinary television set (one with a cathode ray tube, or CRT), because the powerful magnetic fields would result in severe picture distortion due to them bending the electron beam.
  10. Not too sure why you are getting hung up on the warranty of a cable. Of all the components in my system, the cables would probably be the least of my worries as far as the warranty goes. Besides in what instances are you likely to claim on the cable warranty? When the cable core starts to break down with age? For cable I would have thought the most likely failure is if you damage the connectors or somehow cut the cover..in either cases, I don't think the warranty would cover this. For short cables 3m and under I would suggest www.hdmioz.com. Run by Keith (foxtail) one of the members here. Top notch cables at a good price. For longer cables 5m+ check out www.selbyacoustics.com Selby has a return policy if you are not happy with the cable. Can't ask for better than that..Top notch customer service from them too.. Good luck. Ray.
  11. I amin the process of building a HTPC. I went with the Abit F-I90HD mobo. It has onboard HDMI. I also bought a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H which also has onboard HDMI output. Both a microATX boards.
  12. Which HN did you enquire at? At that price, I will put down a deposit today!
  13. Hi Chris, I am happy to report I've paid for and collected my 42" PX70a yesterday. This is the 4th DTV GB I've been a part of in recent months (got to stop reading these damn forums!) and I must say has been one of the smoothest. The screen looks great and I can't believe my luck in being able to still secure one that is made in JP. I am very happy. Cheers, Ray.
  14. Hope I am not too late. I am interested in the 42" model. Thanks.
  15. The TW2000 is on the front page of PJ now. So it seems they are open for orders. No mention on warranty though.